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Lt JG Sera - The Hlai Have Come Home to Roost - Parts 4 & 5

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((Sera’s Quarters – Commerical District)) 


Giellun looked around her small apartment and watched S’Ers-a over to what appeared to be a small kitchenette and she began busying herself with…something.  Her industry gave him some time to look about the small, yet meticulously maintained space.  On a low table next to a couch was a green plant in a stasis unit and he walked over to observe it more closely. 


Giellun:  Is this a Vulcan plant? 


Sera:  It is not.  It was a…gift from my XO…a…housewarming gift, I believe she called it.  A Terran plant.  It is an African Violet, Saintpaulia ionantha.   


Giellun studied the now highly suspicious Terran flora with a critical eye.  It was lovely…and he hated admitting that. 


Continuing his perusal of her quarters, he saw a desk that was filled with equipment in various states of repair.  All the components were lined up perfectly.  She obviously had a most fastidious work habit. 


Giellun:  ::snorting:: Vulcans…   


He looked over his shoulder and saw Sera standing at the replicator studying him in the same manner he had looked over her workspace and he stood tall, refusing to feel self-conscious at what, getting caught looking?   


Sera:  ::motioning to the sitting area::  Please sit, tr’Pardek. 


Giellun did as was requested but wondered why she called him by his family name.  He had given her all of them, and a Rihanha did not give a name for one not to use it. 


The programmed refreshments materialized.  Picking up the tray she silently padded over to the low table that he sat at and got to her knees to prepare a cup of tea for her…guest.   


It was a ritual of sorts, and a most important one.  The measuring and whisking of the crushed tea leaves and herbs, the positioning of the cups, the placement of her hands.  It showed attention to detail, a preciseness which expressed a most focused intent, an honor bestowed.   


With the cup prepared, she picked it up with both of her hands and handed it directly to him, not placing it in front him.  Her cheeks flushed slightly at the act, having never done this before.  A female did not hand food or drink directly to a male unless they were family…or something else. 


Giellun looked at the offered cup and then to her, taking it with both of his hands in a much clumsier manner than what she demonstrated.  He knew somehow this was important but did not understand the cultural nuance as he knew little of Vulcan customs.  He solemnly brought the cup to his lips and took a sip, with the Vulcan woman watching on.   


Giellun: Aesollh!  ::looking down into the cup and seeing a bluish-lavender colored tea::  It is of most excellent quality!  ::with great warmth:: I thank you…  


His voice trailed off in the same manner hers did earlier.  He had been given no name to call her by either.   


Sera:  ::reciprocating::  S’Ers-a M’Lyr’Zor.   


She saw his incredulous look and although she did not express it, his response amused her. 


Sera:  You may call me Sera.  It is easier to pronounce.   


Giellun:  ::shaking his head in a negative manner::  I am honored by your name…Saw-Ertz-eh?   


Sera prepared herself a cup of tea to keep herself busy for the moment. 


Sera:  No.  Seh-Ers-ah.  


Giellun nodded and took another sip.  He hadn’t had Aesollh tea since the destruction of ch’Rihan.  She could not know what a gift she bestowed upon him…could she? 


They sat in silence for a while, enjoying the tea. 


Giellun:  Why did you do it, S’Ers-a? 


Sera was expecting the questions, so she gently placed the teacup on the table and put her hands in her lap. 


Sera:  I…::hesitating::


Sera wanted to deflect as this line of questioning made her uncomfortable.  However, he had asked a direct question, which from what she knew of Rihannsu social mores was rather...unorthodox.  He deserved honesty in this.


Sera:  When you were pulled out of the rubble, you were...dying.  I performed rescue breathing. ::seeing the question on his face:: It is a resuscitative technique.  Regardless, you began breathing on your own, but your injuries were life threatening.  Vulcans are taught a technique to assist others during times of injury - as I am not medically trained, I considered it...logical to attempt this technique in effort to stabilize you until you could receive the appropriate medical attention.  But…my ministrations…it did not go as planned.   


To hear her say that, so clinically.  A Vulcan would think it was logical to try to save him.  Not because she cared…wait.  Why did that matter? 


Giellun:  Obviously.  ::switching gears::  So…ah…your priest…fixed us, then? 


Sera:  ::tilting her head slightly to the side::  Define, fixed, tr’Pardek. 


Giellun:  My name is Giellun, S’Ers-a.  ::leaning forward, putting his hands on the table so that his head was level with hers::  Say…it… 


Sera’s mouth went dry as he stared intently into her eyes.  She felt flushed suddenly, at his proximity, and his command. 


Sera:  …Giellun.   


He nodded and leaned back, more than a little satisfied to hear her say his name.  With a small smile, he picked up his tea and saluted her, taking another draw.  He had more questions but found that he was not in a rush to obtain the answers he sought.  He was rather...enjoying this exchange.


So instead, they sat, drinking the Aesollh in silence.  Once the last sip had been swallowed, Giellun stood, and Sera scrambled to get up from her knees.   


Sera:  I thought you had questions, tr…Giellun.   


Giellun:  I do…but I find there is something else I would rather do in this moment. 


Sera tilted her head again, looking confused.  He smirked at her naivety; he took a step forward, and she in turn took one back. 


Giellun:  Are you afraid, Neiirrh? 


Sera:  Why do you ask that…and what is a neiirrh? 


Giellun kept stepping forward until her back hit the wall and he reached his hands out, so they touched the coolness of the bulkhead behind her.  His hands again framed her face, and the position gave him the opportunity to lean in closer to her.  It was the same position they held in the courtyard…had they found themselves back in the same moment, only with the scenery changed? 


Giellun:  Because you are acting like you are…and a neiirrh is…was a small, brilliantly colored bird of my homeworld.  They are beautiful creatures…and dangerous, too. 


Sera:  ::considering:  So…a compliment? 


Giellun: ::his voice taking on a husky undertone:: Yes.   


How he said that simple word sent a frisson of something through her, even as she took the moment to study his face as it was bare inches from hers.  It was a most acceptable visage.  Symmetrical and strong, sharp cheekbones, and subtle ridges that formed a V of sorts on his forehead.  His eyes were the color of dark chocolate, and they stared back at her in a manner that denoted something important, but she did not have a reference to infer what that might be.  


She could not stop herself.  Sera took a deep breath, using her olfactory senses.  She wasn’t certain what to expect…but this?  He smelled of things that called to the hearth fire, of cedar and smoke, of incense and the tart citrus of sash-savas…it was not disagreeable.  At all.  


Giellun noticed the Vulcan woman studying him again, and he kept his expression carefully neutral.  It gave him the same opportunity, which was most…agreeable.  Wait, what?   


By the Elements, she was tall, but it wasn’t unappealing in the slightest.  He barely had to tilt his chin down to look in her eyes, and that was quite refreshing change if he was being honest with himself.  Her indeterminant length dark hair was pulled back, but tendrils of it had come loose, and part of him wanted to reach back and release it all and run his hands through the silken locks.   


Her eyes, however, were something else.  They were a light blue, an uncommon color amongst Rihannsu, and their hue reminded him of the sky of ch’Rihan.  Fire burns, and air fans the flame, and she was beautiful.  These were indisputable truths to him. 


Giellun:  May I touch you? 


Sera:  ::frowning ever so slightly::  We should not… 


Giellun:  I did not ask if I should…I asked if I could, S’Ers-a…may I touch you? 


Sera shut her eyes, as if it would make what was happening disappear.  She should say no.  She should remind him what Nalaat told them both.  She should tell him to leave.  That encouraging this…whatever this was, was not logical.   


“I did not ask if I should…” His words echoed.   


Sera:  ::opening her mouth to say no:: …Yes. 


oO Traitorous mouth Oo 


Giellun pushed away from the wall, standing upright, and looked down at her, almost disbelieving that she agreed.  Tentatively he brought his hands up to the loose hair which framed her face and ran it between his fingers.  It was soft.  Feeling emboldened, he ran his fingers through hair along the sides of her head, gathering it and pulling it loose from its bindings.  It fell in loose waves about her shoulders.   


Giellun: ::intently:: …emaehe 


Sera raised a brow in question. 


Giellun:  The Elements have given you to me…as a gift…as a curse.  I know not.  But who am I to question their will.   


Sera:  ::lifting her hands and placing them on his chest, in a half-hearted attempt to push him away::  A rather dramatic interpretation of events, Giellun.  We must abide by what Nalaat said— 


Giellun:  Why?  The old man said many things, S’Ers-a, but he is not here.  Just you…and me. 


Sera:  ::mentally scrambling::  You are simply…feeling the residual imbalance, Giellun.  We should return to our respective spheres of influence.  This will settle out. 


Why did she feel as if she were lying to him? 


oO Because you are lying to him.  You are lying to yourself. Oo  


Giellun:  And what if I don’t want to? 


Part of her was thrilled to hear him say that.  That part was quickly beaten down with a mental lirpa.  No.  Bad.  No.  


Sera:  Why would you not want to?  You have been given a second chance in essence.  You can return to your life, your duties.  In time, all of this will seem like a dream.  Of no import.   


Sera was confusing him.  She was parroting what the priest Nalaat said to them both earlier, but he just knew she did not believe it.  How did he know that? 


Giellun:  Is that what you want? 


Sera opened her mouth to answer but found she could not honestly grant him a reply and used the moment to attempt to gain some distance from him. Giellun saw through her tactic and lightly grabbed her arm, pulling her back so she was standing before him.   


Giellun:  Don’t pull away from me. ::pausing::  S’Ers-a, is it truly such an irrational thing to want to learn more about you?  Grant me this.  


Sera said nothing, but Giellun felt her acquiesce.  He smiled down at her, satisfied with this small victory. 


Sera:  Very well.  What do you wish to know? 


Giellun chuckled and smiled warmly at her.  He had won this round. 


Giellun:  Oh, that’s simple, Neiirrh…Everything.  


Sera:  Everything?  ::brows furrowing::  I am Vulcan, Giellun.  We take things quite literally.  I will have to formulate a strategy to satisfy the requirements of your inquiry. That could take some time… 


By Surak she was babbling… 


Giellun:  ::smirking::  You Vulcans talk too much.  There are other ways to learn about each other. 


He saw the subtle shift of expression and the flash in her eyes at his ‘insult’.  There it was…she had fire in her yet.   


And before Sera could issue a reply, Giellun leaned forward and took the words right out of her mouth. 



<<End Scene>>





Lieutenant JG Sera 

Engineering Officer 

SB 118 Ops 


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