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Havran s'Rehu - (Prologue) The Future of the Rihannsu

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Epilogue, not prologue, but a great closing for the NPC!

((Rator III))

Havran was excited. Though the excitement was tempered by other feelings. Feelings he was always taught would come through the will of others. Her name repeated over and over in his mind during the whole trip back to Rator III.

I was serious when he told her that someone had to lead their people into the future. He didn't think of himself as some sort of revolutionary or leader. But then again, those that often found themselves in those positions in history didn't aspire to them. Enroute, he had sent out messages all over the planet. He let everyone know what had happened on StarBase 118. He also let them know his opinion on where they were heading as a people. And his intention to reunite the Free State and the Republic. And that he would not stop until it happened.

There was an old Romulan saying that if you wanted to make one's enemy laugh, show him your intentions. But there was another that said to do the unexpected. And this was most unexpected from one of his stature. Few if any in the upper classes of Romulan society would dare speak out like this. He'd even received messages back. Some were hateful. Some were praising his courage. It was the latter that would be his "army" in fighting to reunite his people. Their voices would be their weapon.

As for J'Lynn, he would see her again. And the next time, they would not meet as enemies. There was so much he couldn't wait to tell her.

The shuttle from the orbiting ship to the surface of Rator III landed near the Praetoriate grounds. He had demanded an audience with the Senate and they had granted it. When he departed, he was greeted by his father, a man of great influence. And one he was sure would oppose him. And though it may drive a wedge into their family, it had to be done for the better of all.

S. s'Rehu: I have seen your words, Havran.

s'Rehu: Then you know where I stand, father. My generation is the future of the Rihannsu, and we will take our future into our own hands.

S. s'Rehu: It was not prudent to voice your opinion so loudly.

Havran scoffed at his father. The old man was delusional. Havran hadn't been "loud." He was deafening. Deafening to those who wanted to force the Republic back into servitude.

s'Rehu: Well, now you hear us.

S. s'Rehu: Not just me.

Havran's father raised his hand and snapped his fingers. There was a shimmer at both edges of Havran's visage. Two Romulans decloaked at either side of him. They were dressing in sleek black armor, armed with disruptor rifles. They lunged at Havran, grabbing his arms. He struggled against them but could not break loose.

S. s'Rehu: The Tal Shiar heard you as well. They are still listening, my son. You will go with them. You will be ::long pause:: "re-educated."

s'Rehu: Father, father!

Havran yelled out and his father looked deep into his eyes. He could see that his father was expecting him to beg for mercy. Havran let his muscles relax, he stopped resisting. He chose his next words carefully, for they could mean everything. Whether he lived or died. Whether others would come for him to help him spread the fire he'd lit. Or whether he'd become another cog in the wheel of the Free State.

s'Rehu: You...

His father looking back at him, he could see a hint of sadness in his father's eyes. He didn't know if he felt his son betrayed him. Or perhaps it was that Havran seemingly gave up fighting.

s'Rehu: ...will hear us. Loud. Until the day comes for your empire to come crumbling down. You will hear our screams for freedom.

A green shimmer filled Havran's vision as he knew he'd been transported away. To where he was going, he didn't know. The last glimpse of his father he saw something he'd never seen before in the old man's eyes...fear.


Havran s'Rehu
Praetoriate Council Assistant
Romulan Free State


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