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1St Lt. Isaac Green - Touch and Go

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((Starbase 118, Commercial Sector))]


CRACK… CRACK… CRACK… Three rounds zipped at him in rapid succession, exploding against stone rubble only inches from Isaac’s position. He had gotten as small as possible for his 6’5” frame, hunkering down behind a pile of debris caused by the bomb blast. The third round hit the stone, and he stretched himself around the side of the pile and unleashed a volley of phaser bolts into the window. Three glowing orbs of hot plasma sped through the orifice, likely impacting on the ceiling of the sniper’s nest. Another sonic crack answered him, making it painfully obvious his rounds were only superficially effective. They were keeping the sniper’s attention, which was the best Isaac could expect.


The skiff was almost at the base of the tower, and within a few seconds Wes and Sera would be making their entry. It was up to them to stop the rain of terror, and it was Isaac’s job to keep the shooter occupied until they were able to silence him. Leaning around the pile, Isaac fired two more shots, both zipping into the window and impacting somewhere inside the room. Another reply from the shooter came again, coming dangerously close to him.


Ducking behind the pile, Isaac checked his rifle. The power meter was in the red. He had three shots left before the rifle would be useless for anything but a club. He knew his pistol would be woefully ineffective at the range he was at, so he didn’t even consider it. It truly would be up to Wes and Sera to finish the mission.


Peeking around the pile, Isaac saw the skiff was parked at the entryway and he thought he saw a flash of a green and a gold uniform inside the doorway before disappearing into the darkness. They were in.


Taking quick aim, Isaac pressed the trigger once, sending a single bolt to the target area. A crack came in reply, followed almost immediately by an impact on the stone nearby. He counted to five, giving Wes and Sera time to get deeper inside the bell tower, then leaned out and fired another round. The immediate reply came, and another hot projectile zipped past the edge of the pile, impacting behind his position. The sniper was zeroing in on him, and one error on Isaac’s part would mean his certain death. Changing positions, Isaac took a new vantage point for his final shot and as soon as he was there, he knelt up and shouldered the rifle. The sights leveled on the window, dark as night, and Isaac pressed his trigger. The glowing orb sped through the air and slammed against the window opening in a bright shower of sparky plasma. He ducked back into the protection of the rubble as a reply came almost immediately. This time, the round hit just over his head, blowing a hole in the corner of the stone he was hiding against. A chunk of the rubble flew against his cheek and he felt the sting. Thankfully it was the collateral effects of the impact from the projectile, and not the projectile that hit him.


Looking down, the power meter on his rifle was dark. He was done… It was all on Sera and Wes to finish it.


Another round came from above, but this one zipped past him and hit something beyond his position. Taking a second, Isaac found a spot he could peer through without exposing too much of himself. He could see the window through the small gap, and from inside he saw a green flash and then the window was dark again. Nothing… There was nothing from the window; no more sonic cracks came, and no more hot missiles split the air. After the consistency the sniper had been firing at, the lack of gunfire was almost eerily silent. It was done.


Moments later, Wes and Sera emerged from the door. Wes was carrying the strange rifle in his off hand. They had taken the sniper’s weapon into custody, which solidified Isaac’s belief they had eliminated the threat. Standing, he walked toward them and as soon as he was close enough to see they were uninjured, he allowed himself a sigh of relief.


Green: You ‘right?


Sera/Greaves: ?


Green: Well played. We aren’t done yet. There’s still one.


Sera/Greaves: ?




1Lt. Isaac Green

Marine Officer 292 SFMC

Starbase 118 Ops




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