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Capt. Randal Shayne: Starboard on the Bow (Part III)

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There have been a ton of great sims coming out of the opening dedication of our new crew lounge. But this one by @Randal Shayne here recently really, really got me. Our Cap is a tough cookie, for sure, but every time we get these looks into his warm and gooey center, it's just the absolute best. 


((Deck 6, Starboard Bow, USS Arrow))

Dewitt: Thank you, Commander, for seeing this through. And for allowing me to be part of it. ::raising his glass: To many nights we will spend here, remembering all the good and the bad times and figuring out what the next kitchen appliance will be that we make better.


Shayne lifted his spare hand and balled into a fist as more applause fill the air. Not just building something, the captain realized. Continuing the build something. Making something better. A legacy. That’s what they were creating. A legacy. Leave it to the scientist to look at the present, and an engineer to look at the future. 


Serinus: And now, we will hear a man who will speak to us in three roles, as our final design contributor, someone who helped us acquire quite a few resources from the Excalibur and Deep Space 224, and as our current First Officer. Please give it up for the Triil, the beard, the Legend. Commander Karrod Niac!


The captain smiled to himself. Who better to look at the past than someone with lifetimes of experience? It was momentarily remarkable, he realized, to look at what they were doing from an exterior perspective. Depending on how this evening ended, and what happened with it, and what came after, the symbiote within his crotchety XO might remember this night for longer than any of them. Making history, even in a small way, was humbling. To watch it being created before your eyes was… compelling. 


Niac: Thank you, Mr. Serinus.  And my sincere thanks to both Mr. Dewitt and Mr. Collins for speaking so passionately and openly about how they feel about this crew.  It's a testament to the depths of the bonds that form between us that we can come together with such zeal for a moment like this.  Now, I've learned a secret about giving speeches years ago that always served me well and I'll share it with all of you tonight.  


Shayne couldn’t believe he was doing it, but as he brought his hand to his mouth to cup it, he yelled out. 

Shayne: Be careful, commander- that’s a mighty powerful secret you’re sharing! 


As Niac’s face became warmer than even the captain had ever seen, Shayne couldn’t resist the smile that crept up his unprepared cheeks as well. 


Niac: The secret to a good speech...is brevity.  ::As the polite laughter faded Karrod raised his glass with a flourish::  Raise a glass...to Starfleet...to one another...and to the Arrow!  


The bar filled again with the huzzahs of a ship well crewed, and Karrod exited the stage respectfully. Now it was time for the captain. Shayne looked around momentarily before remembering with a bowel-cleansing jolt that said honor belonged to him. 


Shayne: oO And I haven’t even been drinking. Oo 


Serinus: And now, the man who’s seen all of us through our jaunts across the Alpha Isles. To many of you he needs no introduction, let’s hear it for the CO of the good ship Arrow, Captain Shayne! ::Once again, Artinus lead the applause::


Shayne grimiced once more and made his way to the stage. For once, it felt less like a formal engagement, and rather more like a comedy club. He wasn’t sure if that was better or much worse. 


It was also at this time that he realized he’d not prepared remarks. Normally he was studious when it came to preparing, but writing words generally eluded him. Well, it hadn’t been a problem before… except that one time, or that other time, or… 


Shayne: Someone once said that the captain of a starship has your problems, my problems, his problems and the problems of 430 others. Yeah, that might be the case, but where I see problems, I also realize the unique position I’m in. You see, I get to observe each of you; your strengths, your courage, your conviction, your resolve, your ingenuity. I get to watch the tapestry that is this crew, in all its beautific and occasionally insane grace. For that, I am grateful. 


He accepted a small goblet of wine from one of the waitstaff who had observed the potential for awkwardness, and he lifted it. 


Shayne: To each of you, and to us all. 


Niac:  Three cheers for the Captain!  Hip Hip!  


Shayne downed the wine and held his hand over his chest as the final hips and hoorahs were offered. The vigor surprised him momentarily; he’d forgotten just what kind of volume was possible when nearly eighty people were shoved into a small closet. He dismounted the stage swiftly and tried to return to MacKenna’s side, but the chief of security had different plans. 


Serinus: ::turning to Shayne:: Please remain here, sir. ::turning to the crowd:: I’d like to call the rest of our speakers back up please. But please join me in one last round of applause for our Captain.


Shayne glowered at the Magna Roman, but allowed it. MacKenna’s encouraging eyes kept him from saying anything uncouth. 


But as he stood there, taking it in once more, he realized that someday, if he was very fortunate, he would look back on this, and smile. 




Captain Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer

USS Arrow
NCC 69829

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