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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

  • July 1st, Monday: PRESENTATION: Introduction, General Awards
  • July 2nd, Tuesday: PRESENTATION: Special and Length of Service Awards
  • July 3rd, Wednesday: PRESENTATION: Staff Awards
  • July 4th, Thursday: PRESENTATION: Duty Post Awards
  • July 5th, Friday: Finale/Acknowledgments
  • Fashion Red Alert! Red Carpet Thread
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PNPC Wendy - She Ain't Heavy...

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OUTSIDE Mason’s Office SB 118

He was gone. As if he had other places to be… he was gone. And it felt great. The shooter was gone.

Wendy: Oo I’m going to be all right. I think... oO

And she had another thought. Oo I wonder if someone is going to get me to sickbay? I have some holes that need filling… oO

And another thought. Oo This floor feels so nice. And quiet. I should really be going after him, but I just don’t feel up to the task right now. Besides, he’d just shoot me again. And what am I? I’m not the Black Knight. Bum arm, a bum leg, a bum foot, hole in my chest. oO She lifts the hand of her good arm and feels her chest. Oo Ha! He missed my heart! What a loser! But wow that is a lot of blood. No wonder I’m feeling a little light-headed. oO

Wendy: :: musters as much strength as she can to try and speak.:: Ensign Mason? I need a medevac. When you get a second?

She was tired, so tired. Oo I need…a nice little nap. Fifteen minutes and I’ll be fine…oO

Moments later Ensign Théo Levesqeu rushed towards her, checking for her vital signs.

Levesque: ::calling out:: I need help here!

His voice did not wake her.

But it was not like she could have helped him anyway. If she could have heard him and responded she might have said “Hey! I’m the one who needs help here!” But she was out of consciousness and could not tell him that or anything.

She was out.

There was nothing.

No pain.

No thought.

But a drum.


A slow steady beat.

Sixty beats a minute.

Oblivious to the world around her.


Body surfing, off Newport, the California coast, coming into shore, the wave bowling her over…

On the beach, sand between her toes, running to her spot, where her blanket and beach chair and umbrella and towels are… She grabs her towel and wraps it around her shoulders, which are wet form the ocean. She’s thirsty and looks for the chest with drinks, but doesn’t see it…

She’s walking along the sidewalk between the beach and the condos that front the ocean. She has a limp. Her left leg feels weak, and her right foot hurts like she stubbed her big toe.

She looks down, and her foot is looks mangled, and she looks away. She takes a breath and looks back, and her foot looks fine. Leg too. And she feels no pain. She thinks Oo That was weird. oO

She hears some music playing and thinks it must be coming from one of the condos that face the ocean. Several have windows open, and some have people sitting in chairs on the patios, drinking bottles of their favorite beverages, or eating slices of pizza, all wearing shorts, and barefoot, guys bare-chested, girls wearing bikini tops, everyone happy and smiling between bites of pizza or drinks from their bottled beverages.

She picks up some lyrics form a song; she mishears the name in the song. She’s always misheard the name in the song. Always heard it as her name…

“Who's trippin' down the streets of the city smilin' at everybody she sees?
Who's reachin' out to capture a moment?
Everyone knows it's Wendy”

She stops and looks around. She’s not at the beach now, the surroundings have changed. She’s at an arena. On the stage. People are cheering loudly, she thinks maybe for her?
And then she is crowd surfing. Being carried off the stage, into the crowd… that leads her to...who knows where, who knows where?

PNPC Wendy
SB 118 OPS Security


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