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NPC ch'Taer "Just a usual Tuesday"

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ch’Taer:  We are locking down the embassy, immediately. 


Giellun looked up to his colleague and tilted his head to the side in silent inquiry.  Surely this was some kind of jest, yes?  The security measures that had been instituted were the strictest he had ever seen here…but this new order…something had changed, no doubt. 


What was he expecting, really?  They were dealing with terrorists.  That was what Giellun considered those who joined this traitorous Republic.  Surely the Praetor would bring them back within the fold – to appeal to what sense of honor they had left.  If they had any honor left.  Giellun had his doubts. 


tr’Pardek:  Sir?  ::brows raising, standing up from his workstation::  What’s happened?   


ch’Taer:  ::frowning::  I don’t know.  No one in or out – do you understand me, Errein? 


It had to be serious if his closest associate, Liahn ch’Taer became a man of few words.  Giellun dipped his chin once in crisp acknowledgement.   


Tr’Pardeck:  Of course. ::engaging his personal comm to begin relaying the order to lock the embassy down to his security personnel:: 


He had been recently assigned here as a military attaché to assist with the coordination and daily operations of Embassy security.  Thus far it had been uneventful work, but it had given him a unique opportunity to learn more about the lloann'mhrahel (Federation.)  With these sudden orders, Giellun had oodles of questions – but he had neither the luxury (nor the political clout) to obtain any further information in this moment.   


Footsteps echoed on the polished stone floors and one of the guards he called arrived at the reception area.  She looked at him, her expression a question, but he had no answer to give her.  She too nodded silently and took her position by the entryway, a disruptor rifle at the ready.  Within moments the Romulan Embassy had shuttered itself.  It was most unfortunate that in doing so, this building would soon become the tomb of many within its walls.   


Giellun stood at the console, ensuring that ch’Taer’s orders were executed with upmost speed and efficiency, and his hand hovered over the screen to tap when he felt something wrong.  A sudden vibration that set his teeth on edge, and he looked about in a futile attempt to find the source.   


tr’Pardek:  Do you feel—? 


The embassy guard with him locked her eyes on his with confusion.  The vibration suddenly escalated to a jarring lurch as a loud series of explosions rocked the both of them. 


He reached out and grabbed the stone counter to maintain his balance, drawing his disruptor unconsciously, and his coworker lost her balance and fell as the floor heaved.  He scrambled around the counter and reached out to grab her outstretched arm, but a horrible groaning sound set his teeth on edge, and suddenly she was no longer there.  Her scream was cut short as she dropped through the disintegrating floor.  He scrambled backwards; barely escaping the same fate as she as the floor continued to crumble beneath him.   


Suddenly dust began to fall on to him and he looked up and watched—in a strangely detached manner—cracks snake up the walls and across the ceiling.  


tr’Pardek: Oh, Elements… 


The ceiling collapsed, and he threw his hands up in a futile attempt to protect himself.  Something collided with his head, and he knew no more. 


((Time Skip?)) 


Giellun awoke in a shapeless place.  It had a strange, dreamlike quality to it, and he looked around, trying to make sense of what was going on.  He had been at the Embassy…there had been an explosion… 


Suddenly there was a woman before him, holding out a rough-hewn clay goblet, her eyes beseeching his with a silent request.  He cautiously took the goblet and peered in, but the inside of the vessel was dark, so he could not discern what it was filled with.  


Woman: ::gesturing to the goblet::  Mon.  Mon heh ha-tor.  


Giellun:  I don’t understand.  What are you saying?  What language are you speaking? 


The colors in his dream were quickly fading; everything was taking on a pale, lifeless tone…everything except her.   


Woman:  ::intensely::  Mon!  Kal-tor nash-veh svi'!   


Her hands reached out and situated themselves over his which held the goblet, and she gently tipped it up.  Did she want him to drink?  


Woman:  Ha!  ::looking thoughtful – then in accented Rihannsu::  Daie!  <<Yes>> 


Giellun considered this to be a most strange dream but figured it would do no harm to comply and tipped the clay container back the rest of the way to his mouth and drank deeply of whatever it held.  A single swallow.  A feeling of slight…disappointment.  It was just water.   


oO  Unfortunate…I would have much rathered naraht… Oo  <<naraht – Rihannsu wine (more potent than ale>> 


Woman:  Not water.  Life.  Drink! 


She stared at him, and he shuddered uncontrollably as her eyes bored into his, and he felt…compelled to do as she asked.  Was this the hallucination of a dying brain?  Why would he see a strange woman and not those who went before him if that were the case?    


Woman:  You think to much…wasting time…drink.  Please… 


He brought the goblet to his lips again and opened his mouth to swallow another mouthful but this time, once he started, he could not stop.  


The woman watched silently as he drank, her hands still on top of his – and part of him realized this strange vision was his brain’s way of trying to make sense of what he was experiencing.  Just what by the Elements was he experiencing?! 


Woman:  Enough. Stop. 


But Giellun did not stop.  It was refreshing, vitally so!  With every pull, the colors became more vibrant, he felt more…alive.   


Woman:  ::her voice taking on an alarmed tone::  Please, you must stop— 


But he did not.  He could not.  He was just so…thirsty!  He drank until the goblet was empty and it fell out of his grasp, suddenly no longer important.   


The sound of the earthenware vessel shattering on the stones beneath his feet broke the ‘spell’ of whatever this was. 




He groaned and opened his eyes, confused by his surroundings.  Where was he?  This wasn’t the Embassy…he struggled to sit up and found his movement was being curtailed.   


Medic:  Hey there…let’s ahh…stay calm.  Uh…He’s coming around, we’ve got to get him re-sedated!  


There was a flurry of movement, voices calling out with an earnest intensity – they were fighting him…stopping him… 


Giellun:  ::in Rihannsu::  Vikra aihr susse?  ::fighting arms that were pinning him::  VIKRA AIHR SUSSE?!  <<Where is she?; WHERE IS SHE?!>> 


There was a hissing sound and pressure at his neck and suddenly a strange lassitude swept over him.  He kept fighting but less was making sense—if anything made sense before the strange noise—and finally his eyes shut again as the cocktail of medication overrode everything else. 






NPC Errein Giellun i’Ki Baratan tr’Pardek 

Romulan Embassy Military Attaché (Free State) 


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