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“Mighty Gorn” Glirash Voorsh to challenge Champion V’Nar in Round 5 of Jenatris Cloud 500 Speed Racing

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Gorn Shuttlecraft

TRINITY CITY, STARBASE 118 — The galaxy’s top speed racers are gearing up for Round 5 of the Jenatris Cloud 500. However, with rumors of engine upgrades installed on Glirash’s craft, the competition is sure to be fierce.

“I am confident in my abilities to claim the championship title,” declares Glirash Voorsh, also known as “Mighty Gorn,” as he sets his sights on dethroning last season’s champion, V’Nar. The straight-faced Vulcan V’Nar is a Jenatris Cloud 500 ‘Ace’ having won his fifth title in 2394. He followed this with further title wins in 2396 and 2397, missing out on the second half of the 2395 season due to spinal surgery after a horrific crash in Round 7.

V’Nar will be looking to claim his eighth title this season but will have to keep a close eye on Glirash who currently sits securely in second place on the points leaderboard. Having been crowned champion in 2395, Glirash is now chasing his own Ace status this season and is well-positioned to do so with rumored engine upgrades installed by his team now being put to the test.

“I can’t disclose any technical details about the upgrades yet, but I can tell you that it feels good,” said Glirash when questioned about the engine upgrades. “The responsiveness is greater, the immediate power much smoother. She’s a real race winner now.”

V’Nar, on the other hand, declined to provide any predictions for round five or give any comments.

Tuula Venthar, who placed third in the previous round, had this to say about the Vulcan racer: “I think V’Nar is a formidable opponent, but I believe Glirash has what it takes to take him down.”

Stay tuned for further updates as Thunderbolt Sports Report brings you the latest sports news from around the galaxy, including coverage of Tetraball, Speed-Racing, Ice-Hockey, and more.

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