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[2005: APR-MAY] Taia and Kaia...

Alana Devar

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Where am I?

A set of blue eyes fluttered open, though it was subtle movement to get used to the light glaring from above. A swirl of vertigo hit the young woman as her vision adjusted from the obscure, transferring to distinct objects after a few blinks. A whiff of something then hit her. It was a sterile smell, causing her nostrils to flare just slightly, and it affirmed her initial response to what was observed just a few seconds before. Monitors, beds, medical evaluation systems… this was sickbay. When she tried to move, a hand gently pushed her back to the ruffled sheets of the bio-bed.

“Lay back, relax.”

The voice was masculine, smooth and firm. She moved her head to the side to get a better look at the figure behind the words. He was tall, dressed in frumpy medical whites.

“I’m Doctor Cyr. It’s good to see you finally awake, Taia. You had us all worried.”


It took the young woman a moment to realize that he had referred to her as Taia, though the name did not seem familiar. In fact it seemed completely alien and that made the woman’s blood grow cold. Noting the confusion on her face, Cyr tapped a few controls on the console attached to the bed.

“Tell me, Taia, what is the last thing you remember.”

Taia gulped and replied softly, “I… can’t remember anything. The name Taia does not seem familiar…”

Wetting her lips with her tongue, Taia paused, reaching for the glass of water the doctor offered her. He helped her into a comfortable sitting position on the bed and watched with interest as she downed every single ounce of water. Her mouth was certainly parched and Taia wasn’t sure that a second glass would quench that thirst.

“Do you know where you are at?” Cyr asked after Taia’s last swallow.

She nodded slowly, wiping the back of her hand along her chin to smear away drops of water. Who would’ve thought the simple act of ingesting water would be so sloppy?


Nodding, Cyr pointed to one of the nurses.

“And who is that?” he asked again, searching her pale-eyes for any spark of realization… though, regrettably, there was none. Taia just looked away, her cheeks flustering bright pink.

The conversation turned into a downer at that point. Cyr had come to the conclusion, after running several tests that Taia suffered from a mild cause of amnesia. She recognized her immediate surroundings, knew what medical instruments were called (which added to the fact, with her soaring knowledge, that she was the Chief Medical Officer of this ship, the USS Fury) and everything else, except details that would directly identify to general concepts of *her* life. Specifically, things personal to Taia herself.

Doctor Cyr was optimistic, though, which made Taia smile just a little. Given the limited trauma of whatever happened (the doctor was hesitate in going into detail), she should restore her memories within the next few days.


“I don’t think this is a good idea, Kaia.”

It was like looking at the mirror image of the same woman. Both were tall, lanky and built somewhat athletic. Their eyes were the same almond shape and were matched in the same hues of exotic blues, and their hair matched the same color of honey-blonde mixed with wisps of brown. Sometimes Taia was happy she had a twin sister… there was no bond stronger in the world, but with Kaia things almost always fell into a world of disaster. Taia worried for Kaia.

What was Kaia thinking? This is absurd!

“It’s not for an eternity, Taia. I just need you to do this one thing for me is all,” Kaia plead, her hands overlapping her sister’s. Taia looked down at the touch before meeting her sister’s level of sight once more.

This is not a good idea!

“I have obligations, Kaia. I have commitments, oaths and pledges. I don’t think you’ll be able to handle the responsibility. I don’t think I could ever….”

“You think too much!” Kaia spat, quickly pulling away her hands and regarding Taia through narrowed eyes.

How can you even look at me like that?

Taia’s soul dropped as her sisters gaze shot daggers throughout her form. It melted the woman she was inside. What kind of sister would deny helping her family, especially if she had the means? But, what Kaia was asking was morally wrong, not to mention unreasonable. There had to be other methods.

“Had you really thought this through, Kaia? I mean you put yourself on the line, not to mention my job and me. I want to help you but not at the expense of other people.”

“If there was another way, trust me,” Kaia started, desperate sounding, “I would have done it. But this is the only way I know how… Please do this for me Taia. My life depends on it. I wouldn’t ask you if I weren’t in dire need and I love you. I promise nothing bad will come from this. It will just be our secret, kind of like it was when we were children. Please, Taia, please.”

Sighing, Taia knew she should’ve gone with her gut instinct but how in the world could she say no?


Click, click, and click.

Flipping through her personal logs in her quarters was on the top of Cyr’s list. He said maybe it would help surface memories but so far Taia wasn’t recalling or gaining anything, other than a massive headache.

Her quarters revealed nothing out of the distinct interest. A closet full of scrubs and uniforms with an occasional dress or two but even those were ordinary. Nothing flashy. Her clothes were on the range of a moderate existence.

The couch was hard and a bland shade of off-white, which suggested to the girl that coupled with the undertone of décor, she had little to no taste. What kind of life had she led? Perhaps her life was just all work and no play? Awards decorated the walls, noting her expertise in medicine and marking her voice in the Federation. It was from the plaques Taia learned her last name was Laurock. Among all the hangings, however, there were no pictures… no faces to familiarize, no images to provoke her thoughts. It was at that low point did the human woman plant herself in front of her personal monitor, examining through her logs.

A familiar face had popped up. It was her face, actually, smiling widely. Her lips were flawlessly done in a deep shade of mauve and silverfish-blue smoky shadow colored her eyelids, her complexion perfect. It was almost like she was looking at the shadow of herself.

Personal Log Stardate 236305.23

Captain Fox is still having problems with his back, but he’s been a good sport throughout his cortisone treatments. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary has happened… I look forward to training my new assistant of the medical department, Doctor Cyr Renae. He’s been an incredible help and it’s hard to believe he’s only been on the ship a week, it’s like he already knows the Fury through and through. Well, I have some appointments and I better close this early.

The screen flickered back to the Federation logo with the black backdrop. Taia sat there, staring for a moment and digesting the small details… the way her face moved, the information she had to say. It still seemed shaky. Who was Captain Fox?


People watched her as she walked down the halls in the most peculiar way. Was it because Taia was supposed to recognize them but had no idea who they were? A voice called from behind, startling the woman at first but when she saw Cyr strolling up to her, some relief washed away the feeling of dread.

“Why are they looking at me like that?” Taia asked, her eyebrows arching a little. Cyr just smiled, though she knew it was fake.

“I guess they are just a little curious on how long it will take for you to regain your memory. A lot of these people have grown to depend on you and your skills. Like me, they hope you have a quick but healthy recovery.”

Taia frowned. “Cyr, you’re holding something back from me. I went to my quarters and went through my logs but I could find nothing that would jog my memory. Tell me, what happened? I feel fine, physically, but emotionally I’m lost.”

Cyr didn’t say anything but just gave a look of sadness. Taking her by the arm, he led her into a secluded space in the corridor and began to whisper softly.

“I know you don’t know anything now, but give yourself time. It will come, I promise.”

She wasn’t satisfied with the answer, but Cyr promised to meet up later with her on deck 12 during after-hours. A man named Adam had met them at the door and allowed them into the room. Blue lights striped the walls… It was the brig. Inside was the spitting image of Taia. The woman behind bars, who was obviously crying, bolted up and screamed wildly.

“Why did you do this to me?!?”

Taia narrowed her eyes in suspicion. What was this? Was Cyr trying to get her to remember more things by sophisticated holo-emitters?

“Is this a joke?” she asked, looking back to Cyr… he was grinning devilishly.

“No, this is no joke…”

Cyr gave a brief, eerie pause before continuing.


Looking back at the woman crying in the brig, Taia started to become misty eyed herself. What was going on here?

“You switched places with your identical twin, Kaia, and there she is in that brig. Don’t you remember?”

Cyr’s grin deepened, sending cold vibes down Taia’s… no… Kaia’s spine. So her name was not Taia? It was Kaia?


It was their dream… the three of them. Cyr (the Bajoran), Adam (a human), and Kaia (another human). To take necessary steps for the Maquis as needed.

Kaia and Taia were estranged sisters with very different perspectives. After their parents divorced, the twins were divided amid their parents. Where Taia stayed with her mother on Earth, Kaia had moved to Bajor with her father, who was a scientist that was very interested in Bajoran culture and beliefs. It was on Bajor did Kaia meet Cyr, who would later become her husband.

Kaia knew that Taia was assigned to the USS Fury, who was entering the Deep Space 9 region. It was there, Kaia made her move and plead with her sister to exchange places. Taia reluctantly accepted, though Kaia gave a false reasoning as to why she wanted the switch. She told her Federation sister that she was in need to change places for one day. Kaia would take Taia’s spot and vice versa. Kaia needed to obtain some medicine for the Bajoran people from her husband’s village who were suffering a deadly epidemic brought on by the Cardassians.

Little did Taia know her new assistant was her sister’s husband, assisting Kaia with the cause at hand. They needed weapons from the ship, in which Adam was able to assist discreetly as he had been on the Fury for approximately two years. It was through Adam, Kaia watched her sister carefully for the opportune moment and it was also through Adam that they were successful in acquiring medicines needed for their mission.

Taia, after having went to the village, discovered nothingness. The village was deserted.

When she came back to the ship, she found Kaia and Cyr pillaging through the medicines and objected. Kaia told her the truth, trying to reason with her that because of this ploy, many of her husband’s people would survive. Many of their group in the Maquis would survive, but Taia would have none of it.

Adamant in telling Captain Fox, Kaia swept from behind and knocked Taia out cold. Cyr would later inject Kaia with a memory loss serum to invoke a valid reasoning, knowing full well the Federation would be suspicious. Being twins had its advantages and Taia was going to be the fallout guy. Cyr would make sure people would accept Kaia as Taia. Kaia had her share of medical experience from her father and the people on Bajor.

Kaia would assume Taia’s identity to protect the Maquis, providing medicines here and there as needed. Cyr would eventually move off the ship while Taia, assumed as Kaia and a trickster who had ‘tricked’ her sister from medicines, would be sentenced to a luxury lifestyle behind bars on Earth. Taia would not die, but Kaia knew in Taia’s sacrifice many of the Maquis would receive the weaponry and medicines they needed for their cause.

The Federation would never be the wiser. The loss of the one would equal the benefits of the many.


Kaia smiled at her crying sister, offering her a tissue, which her twin ignored.

“How can you do this to me, Kaia?!? I know we haven’t had much time to spend together but you can’t do this to me!”

“Taia, listen to me. You will have an easy life. You may be sentenced to some time, but you’ll have freedom and a life away from the Federation. I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.”

Taia shook her head and replied hotly, “No, Kaia, this isn’t going to work! I've worked so far for my life! MY LIFE! Someone will know… someone will know! You can’t do this…”

“Please,” Kaia said softly as Adam hefted his weapon from behind. Taia’s blue eyes grew wide. “If you don’t go with this, Taia, I’ll be forced to do some things I wouldn’t be proud of doing. Trust me, this is the best for the both of us. Many people will benefit from your sacrifice.”

“No!” Taia proclaimed.

Kaia’s heart sank. Through her sister’s cries and pleas, Adam had shot Taia down. She wouldn’t comply. Her loss would be the gain of many, Kaia reassured herself again, through red eyes.


“You wanted to see me, Captain Fox?”

The man behind the desk simply nodded, regarding the woman with soft yet old eyes. After a sip of his steaming mug of coffee, he asked thoughtfully, “How are you, Taia?”

Kaia hesitated a moment, still finding it hard to assume her sister’s identity.

“I’ll be fine, Sir.”

“Are you sure? You’re sister was killed trying to escape the brig… she attacked Lieutenant Adam Stone. She raided our inventory for cash among pirates.”

Kaia sighed.

“She was a sociopath, Sir, and a maniac. I mourn her loss, but we have to move on… for all of us…”

And, in Taia’s death, Kaia had found guilt… but, in that loss would come life for many. She would see to that.


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