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MSNPC Jurog Ka'ala - People from the stars


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This sim from @Esa_Darkkdust is a great picture of some of the challenges facing one of the classes of people on the world Lanaxa that the crew has gone to assist. It is very well written and I felt it deserved a mention here. Great job, Esa!

(Trigger Warning: Some parts of this might be triggering for some people as it deals with indentured servitude and forced poverty and the issues that arise from that. We hope this won't trigger anyone, but please read with caution.)

((Indentured Servitude Slums, Meranta City, Lanaxa))

A morning mist had fallen on the slopes of the mountain that played home to Meranta City. Few of the residents scurried their way around the streets, making their way into the castle or out into the fields for work. For Jurog, her morning consisted of splitting what little food she had left between those under her care, portioning out more for those that had caught the illness and those that were younger than she.

She had only turned seventeen a few weeks ago, finally able to get her own food packages from the stores, but the her parents had gotten sick with the illness, and it wasn't long before they were both gone, chun an taobh thall… To the beyond.

Today, however, word from one of the Seirbhiseach who worked in the Talla a 'Bhaile had reached her that the people from the stars were arriving. Eager to be on time, she hurried through her routine, tending to the small ones, who would only go out and cause trouble on the streets the moment she left.

Once outside and on her way from the lean-to she called home to the Capitol, Jurog saw a shimmering blue light in the distance and moved closer to investigate. When she saw people where the light once was, she ducked behind one of the buildings. They had just appeared out of thin air!

Trembling, she crept closer, her curiosity getting the better of her. She almost jumped out of her skin when one of them spoke to her - it was a voice she recognised. The one that had spoken to her on the video screen! But then, she couldn't be sure. The screen was old and had been repaired by whatever means they'd managed to pull together. Sometimes the voices wouldn't be so good.

Levinson: Jurog Ka'ala, I presume?

Jurog peered at the figures, squinting almost, her poor eyesight letting her down in this most crucial of moments. Her parents had never been able to afford the corrective procedure, or the fancy eyepieces that the Uasail wore. It wasn’t until she crept a bit closer that their faces began to come into focus. There were two blue ones, both with pointy ears, and four yellow ones. One with spots, two small purple ones, and one with something that looked like a big water wing on his wrist. Inside she giggled. Perhaps he didn't know how to swim?

Ka'ala: ::Meekly:: Yes, are you the people from up there? The ones that call on the video screen?

Levinson: Indeed. It is good to speak to you face to face, and your agreeing to help is appreciated.

T'Prana : Greetings.

101: Hello!
000: Hello…

Kiax / McKnight: Responses

Jurog shrank away slightly, intimidated by the smartly dressed space travellers. The masks they wore were frightening, like the ones the guards wore when the air grew acrid. They seemed friendly, but their exuberant salutations were not something that she had ever experienced before. She couldn’t help but notice that none of them looked the same, except for the two small ones… Though one of them looked to be more assertive than the other. 

Ka'ala: Hello…

Levinson: Ms. Ka'ala has agreed to assist us with our search for the source of the virus. I believe having a local guide to the area will be beneficial.

Jurong nodded, earnestly, strands of her matted hair falling across her face.

Ka'ala: A great many of us are sick, and many more are dying… We are desperate. People say you are the ones who stopped the ground shaking. If I can help you, maybe you can help us.

101 & 000: Responses

McKnight / Kiax: Responses

Levinson: Could you show us around, perhaps? Knowing where and how the food and water are kept and distributed, as well as knowing the areas where people usually socialise around might help us rule out likely sources and ways of transferring the virus.

Ka'ala: I can show you the taigh-stòir bìdh ((food storehouse))… But the guards might turn me away. I have already had my weekly food package… The river is nearby, which is where we get our water. After that I can take you to the square, and the market.

Levinson: Response

101 & 000 / T'Prana: Responses

McKnight / Kiax: Responses

Jurog smiled weakly, and started leading the group down the hill toward the fields where the Agri-hangars were. They were several, large, dome-roofed buildings that separated the slums from the fields. Each one had two guards with pike-shaped weapons stationed by the entrance - their purpose simply to dissuade any of the Seirbhiseach from breaking in and stealing the produce.

The food that they were given was strictly regulated by the Uasail, and only provided to them once a week in a boxed package.

As they approached, Jurog slowed slightly, moving closer to the one with the pointed ears. She couldn’t remember her name from the conversation on the video screen, and was too afraid to ask again.

Ka’ala: The guards are there to stop us from taking the food. Can you talk to them? They are often unkind to us and I… don’t wish to receive a’ bualadh ((a beating)).

Levinson: Response

101 & 000 / T'Prana: Responses

McKnight / Kiax: Responses

As the group edged closer, the guard closest to them turned aggressively toward them. The physical bulk of the man was capable of snapping Jurog’s comparatively brittle frame into many pieces if she strayed any closer. She moved closer to the pointy eared one, and the one with the spots. They seemed to be the ones in charge - hopefully they would be the ones to protect her if the guards got angry.

Guard 1: Halt. No Seirbhiseach are permitted to enter the taigh-stòir bìdh outside of the harvesting hours.

Levinson: Response

101 & 000 / T'Prana: Responses

McKnight / Kiax: Responses

Guard 2: And how do we know that you’ll keep your word? That little thief was in here last week, pilfering extra grain for her little band of lowlifes.

Jurong shook her head, defiantly.

Ka'ala: No. You lie! I was never here!

Levinson: Response

101 & 000 / T'Prana: Responses

McKnight / Kiax: Responses


MSNPC Jurog Ka'ala
Citizen of Lanaxa

Simmed by:

Lieutenant Commander Esa Kiax
Chief of Operations
USS Astraeus

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