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Artemis-cellaneous: Memorable whatevers from The Borderlands

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On 3/7/2023 at 12:32 AM, Yalu said:

This bit from @Genkos Adea has totally not been taken out of context.


Also, thanks. I know can't shoot anyone a smile for risk of getting put here....


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I loved this from @Hiro Jones, a description of Osuna's reaction to Hiro's bit of science:


Hiro looked at the Lieutenant, expecting to see a puzzled expression. The one Osuna now wore WAS in fact puzzlement, but less "That is odd behavior," and more "Your hiccups sound weird."

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@Addison MacKenzie gets the slow burn comedy award here. 



Erbil: And [the Human race], Commander, has managed to overcome a violent and fractured past to be a standard-bearer for peaceful coexistence.

Her gaze shifted back to Erbil, wondering exactly where the line of questioning might be going.

MacKenzie: It would appear so…


I imagine she’s like, “Whelp darnit, if I smack him around now, I’ll make us look bad…”

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