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Ensign Obsius Sill-con - an honest attempt

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I am enjoying watching the character growth and development of Sill-con in this mission!  Great work, Ensign, keep it up!



((Trinity City Country Club, Conference Room, StarBase 118))


This situation was not ideal, not ideal at all, well at least the start of it. It seems Sill-con has made a well meaning misstep in his information relay. He was not oblivious to the tone of his superior. He did what an officer is to say… yet he did not do it right in this situation. Sill-con did not find this misstep to be acceptable. 


Only now does he realize the diplomatic complexity of the situation, and he knew the bitter experience of completing a task successfully but not completing it within the expectations of his superior… he knew this was not his battle, it was the battle of Lieutenant sera.


Lieutenant Sera began things by introductions to ease everyone, or that is what Sill-con deduced.


Sera: Although I am willing to continue calling you Sir and Lady…are you willing to provide names in which we may call you by? 


s'Rehu: Assistant Councilor s'Rehu. ::his gaze slowly turned towards J'Lynn:: Havran, you can call me Havran. 


Willow: Lovely to meet you Havran.


J’Lynn: J'Lynn.


Knowing the wisdom to let those who hold the power with words and people skills, Sill-con would take a step back away from the conversation, always being there but not engaging as that was not in his parameters, it was Lieutenant seras. He instead made sure that entry points are not compromised and that he is able to scan efficiently for those who pass near the door. If this was what made him… unease.


Sera: There was an attack at the meeting. 


Sill-con jerked slightly when he was working, Of all the times to be right…



The Vulcan put her hand up in a halting motion.


Sera: Although I respect your security insights, Ensign Willow and Ensign Sill-con, our guests deserve to know what has occurred. There is nothing more…provoking than to be purposefully excluded from information that is relevant to all. 


Willow: I highly agree with you Lt. Sera. 


Well the statement is designed to be agreeable, so it served its intended purpose. Giving validation to the guests worries and concerns at the expense of the ensigns inexperienced approach. At the same time it elevates Lieutenant seras position with her pretending to act out of some sort of duty parameters to present herself as someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to give them the truth, which gives her more credibility in this situation… Sill-con was learning a lot here. He began to grasp the battle tactics of diplomacy, it was without mercy.




J'Lynn: Who was the target of the attack?


Sera: I do not have much more information. I know the station has been locked down, which is why the both of you are here…with such company in attendance. What information I have obtained is that several sonic devices were detonated, which was followed by weapons fire. There have been no reports of casualties…such information will be slow to be disseminated, I believe.  


Willow: With what information we do have, and the slow delivery of new information, I suggest a distraction. 


J'Lynn: A distraction?


Sill-con turned his attention to officer Willow, a distraction that could prove useful to stall and keep the guests occupied until further information is revealed. 


Willow: We could play a game. ::Haukea was always up for a game::


He blinked a few times, slow blinks as the room was silent for a few moments. These moments prolonged to the awkwardness threshold.


Sera/s’Rehu: Response 


J'Lynn: Is this Starfleet's response to a crisis situation? Sit around a table and play games?


Willow: Well it would be a great way for us all to get to know each other. 


J'Lynn: I am not here to make friends.


Something about the way she said it reminded Sill-con of someone…


Sera/s’Rehu: Response


Willow: Well, word games are always fun.


Sill-con appreciated his fellow officers' attempts at trying to engage the guests, but silicon did not need to be skillful with people to tell that J'Lynn had no interest in this. Perhaps she is thinking about her father.


Sera/s’Rehu: Response


J'Lynn: You will excuse me if I do not participate. 


As Officer Willow was trying to engage the other party, Sill-cons' eyes remained on the guest who had decided to isolate themselves from this activity. 


Sera/Willow/s'Rehu: Responses


After giving it some thought Sill-con began to understand why his actions made an undesirable result. A cold approach to the possible endangerment of one's family can cause great distress… feeling responsible for that Sill-con made a decision to approach her.


Sill-con: Miss J'Lynn, may have a word with you?


J'Lynn: Response


Sera/Willow/s'Rehu: Responses


Sill-con: it is not that… J'Lynn. I came to apologize.


J'Lynn: Response


Sera/Willow/s'Rehu: Responses


Sill-con: for acting on my duties without the consideration of the personal stakes at hand. I understand now that you are worried for your father… I should have accounted for that. And for that I am sorry.


J'Lynn: Response

Sera/Willow/s'Rehu: Responses



[Ensign Obsius Sill-con]

[Security Officer]

[StarBase 118 Ops]




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