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Gentle Bespoke Mental Healthcare

Hiro Jones

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I really love the way Seta Jinean has taken on the recent flood of counseling sessions she's been fielding. Several of us have sought her out, and in a couple cases officers have been "summoned" to the counseling suite for post-incident check-ins. While Seta can be a bit prickly at times (a creative choice I thoroughly enjoy), her care for her patients is evident in the gentle, guiding methodology that would certainly put me (OOC) at ease and provide a non-confrontational, safe environment. The sim linked below is the end of a session with Commander @Addison MacKenzie and encapsulates nicely the sense of healing patients tend to feel by the time they leave the office.


Well done, friends. It's an honor to serve (IC) and write (OOC) with you both. :)

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