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PNPC Lieutenant JG Wyla Avae - Twibble Quest: The Search For The Spine, Part IV


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The continuing adventures of Wyla Avae and the Twibbles....

(( Bay of Sickness ))

The black sand beaches of the Bay of Sickness seemed to span on forever as the small troupe of theirs traversed it still, Wyla had lost track of any semblance of the passage of time. Since Nibble joined their group, they’d had it a bit easier, despite there being more fights. 

Almost a dozen since they had first set furry paws onto the beach and more of those formidable skeleton mages had accosted them. Or maybe it was the same one coming back, she couldn’t say for certain. 

The tallies for Swibble and Ribble was in the hundreds at this point and the two were quietly bickering with one another as they walked, eyes focused on the sands ahead and around them for any signs of movement. 

Swibble: It doesn’t matter how many zombies were on that walking pile of fish bones. That still only counts as one! 

Ribble: Methinks thou dost protest much because thou knowest thou art losing!

The pair nudged one another, which annoyed Sylara enough to hoot while Pibble kept them on course. She was grateful they were so skilled otherwise she knew they’d have gotten lost a long time ago and that thought terrified her as much as any of the monsters that were trying to get her. 

Libble now stuck closer to Twibble, who’s massive paws left deep imprints in the soft sand and made the loudest squeaks. Both Twibble and Wyla were looking worse for wear. As everything seemed intent on getting to her, which meant Twibble had been fighting the hardest. 

Kwibble and Nibble covered their rear, quietly conversing from time to time. 

Wyla looked the worst of them all. Bags under her eyes had started to appear on her face and the more of those monsters that got to her and drained her life force, the weaker she felt. Libble’s healing seemed to have diminishing returns the longer they journeyed. 

Pibble called out from ahead of them anxiously. 

Pibble: This isn’t good. 

The group quickly joined Pibble who stood in front of a towering cliff that rose up above them. There was a slender path barely wide enough for a normal sized twibble, with solid, jagged rock on one side and a drop, who knew how deep on the other. Wyla groaned seeing it as there was no way that poor Twibble was going to be able to cross that, with or without her on his back. 

Avae: Hnn..what do we do? ::She murmured and squeezed his fur:: 

Ribble: We climb up! Verily! ::he looked around at everyone and deflated a little:: No? Fine. 

Twibble: We’ll fiigure something out. Maybe Nibble has some magic that caan help us?

Nibble: I can certainly try. Let me think for a moment. 

The sage moved up to the narrow path and surveyed it for a moment while Twibble laid on the sand to rest a moment. The others took up watch around them. 

Kwibble: Be wary everyone, last time we stopped those things came at us. 

She said confidently, sword in hand, whilst looking back the way they’d come from. 

Swibble and Ribble stood at the ready to their left while Pibble and Libble covered the right. 

A few minutes or moments at least passed and Ribble seemed to be staring at a spot on the mountainside further away from where they rested and the lone, precarious path. 

Avae: Ribble? 

Ribble: I dost believe I see something. There. ::He gestured with one of his climbing axes::

After a brief discussion the group decided to investigate Ribble’s finding and Nibble studied it for several moments. 

Nibble: I believe, yes, there’s a passage behind this portion of stone. 

Nibble took a moment and gestured, a soft glow formed around her hand before it illuminated a faint crease in the stone that eventually flared and rumbled as the stone door shifted back and to the side to reveal a dark passage. 

Swibble and Ribble exchanged glances, grins and both tilted their heads back and proclaimed. 

Both: Secret tunnel!!

Wyla couldn’t help but giggle softly at their silly outburst, as the passage was revealed and noted the not so subtle head shake from Twibble, followed by a lengthy feline sigh. 

Twibble: And theey’re my second aand thiird in command because? 

She giggled and nuzzled against his mane. 

Wyla’s light filled the passage, for several meters, to give them a view ahead. The ground was solid stone, which was something at least. Zombies and skeletons couldn’t come at them from below. She hoped. But she remembered the last time they were in tight spaces. She hoped there wouldn’t be anymore fighting. But part of her knew better. 

Twibble: If you’d be so kiind, Pibble?

Pibble took the lead once more and they all followed, with just enough room to walk in their usual formation but much closer than before. It was almost uncomfortable. So Ribble and Swibble moved to the front with Pibble. While Libble went to the back with Kwibble and Nibble. 

Nibble: We’re getting close. Up ahead should be the ruins where the Spine of Paralysis Removal is located. It was made long ago by the Replicator of Gen’tronic. An old kingdom that used to exist here. The Replicator was their greatest smith. It is logical to assume that the great smith may have created defenses that may still be functional. We should proceed with caution. 

Wyla nodded as Nibble spoke of the ancient ruins they headed towards and possible dangers.  

There was a loud rumbling behind them as the stone moved to once more cover the entrance to their little passageway that started to ascend slightly. 

A final echo of Ribble and Swibble’s voices emanated from the closing stone door before being silenced completely. 

Secret Tunnellllllllll!!!!

To be continued….


Lieutenant JG Wyla Avae

Chief Nurse
Keeper of Twibbles

as unconsciously simmed by 

Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/Chief Tactical & Security Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652

Astraeus Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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