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PNPC Lieutenant JG Wyla Avae - Twibble Quest: The Search For The Spine, Part I


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Great sim from @Toryn Raga. Prepare for laughs. 😂


((Surgical Suite 1, Deck 12, USS Astraeus))

The moment was finally here. Her surgery. It had been a week, or two since both she and the Chin’toka had been broken. Many days of fear, sadness, brief flashes of anger, depression and a refusal to accept her fate. She didn’t want to be, no, couldn’t be paralyzed and the love the crew had shown her had kept her from falling into that dark pit of despair. And hope. A flicker of light in the dark that her best friend Liz had given her. 

But now, staring down at the floor of the Sickbay knowing that in a few minutes once the sedatives kicked in, that she’d have her spine removed was terrifying. At least, until everything went black. 

(( A Dark Place ))

Wyla sat on the floor. Or what she thought was a floor. It felt like stone and was cold. Her legs limply laid across it with her back up against the wall. She shivered and rubbed her arms with her palms. 

Avae: Why is it so dark? 

Don’t worry! We’ll protect you!

Aye, verily you shall have my strength and my fists!

And my blade!

And anything we need, I can get it for us!

And I can guide the way. We’re family, Wyla, we’ll look after you!

You are strong and tenaacious! 

The voices emanated from the darkness and she startled at their abruptness, but there was something soothing about them all. 

Avae: Hello? Who’s there?

She called out, slightly afraid because she couldn’t move. She was paralyzed. Even in her dreams now, it seemed she was useless. 

Then there were eyes. Several eyes. Softly shimmering like little black beads. A faint flicker of light backlit them all and Wyla’s eyes widened in surprise for standing before her were Twibbles! 

Libble: Don’t worry! We’ll protect you!

Twibbles she had in her quarters or that had been standing watch over her in her isolation room. The first one that had spoken was in medical teal uniform from the Kirk era of Starfleet. It even had an old medkit hanging from it like hers did. But the voice sounded feminine. 

Ribble: Aye, verily you shall have my strength and my fists!

The second was two plushies in one? Or so it looked. It was the Twibble she had with the 2398 uniform. Red collar. But at first glance it had wings, which it wasn’t supposed to have. Then she realized the Sylara plushie was sitting on its back. 

Swibble: And my blade!

Another Twibble in red, but with long, dark hair on its head and the fur on the sides of its cute fluffy little face was slightly pointed. Wait, so was the last Twibble too!

Kwibble: And anything we need, I can get it for us!

This Twibble was in gold, 2398 version as well, with a cute little toolkit slung over its body but it had bright, ocean blue fur on the top of its head. 

Pwibble: And I can guide the way. We’re family, Wyla, we’ll look after you!

This Twibble was also in Gold, but had a tiny little Runabout hovering in front of it that seemed to be wanting to fly away in a specific direction. 

Twibble: You are strong and tenaacious! 

This Twibble was identical to the very first Twibble she’d ever seen and collected. . They stood with the others as adorable as she recalled when she first saw it and it had a warm smile.

They all were smiling. 

Avae: You’re all Twibbles? ::She asked hesitantly:: 

They nodded in unison. 

Avae: Oh…well, um, why are you all here? 

Twibbles in unison: To help you walk again!

The Antosian blinked and stared at them. This was definitely one of the weirder things she’d ever experienced. 

Avae: How?

Ribble: By with an epic quest, of course! 

Pwibble: Yes, follow me. I can guide us to the ancient ruins where the artifact lies!

Avae: A..artifact? 

The same Twibble nodded. 

Pwibble: Yes! The Spine of Paralysis Removal!

The Antosian giggled at the silly name and looked at each of the adorable fur covered beings. It was certainly surreal. An epic quest sounded like a lot of fun. And for a moment the light in the room brightened. But as realization hit and she glanced down at her legs, unable to move them she frowned and the darkness started to oppressively push back in towards her. 

Libble: Wyla you mustn’t let the shadows consume you! We can help! We just need to get moving. 

She looked up and still frowned. 

Avae: But how? I can’t move. 

The original Twibble stepped forward.

Twibble: Then I’ll be yourr legs. 

The Twibble stepped forward and that cute ball of fur in a red uniform changed, growing much, much larger until she was face to face with a massive lion. The face looked more like the new Twibble that Liz had gotten her, but it towered over her on all four, powerful legs. Part of its mane and fur around its front legs was the same red as the uniform save for four perfectly spherical patches of gold where pips should be. 

She couldn’t help but stare at the big cat. And had to fight back the urge to give him scritches. He leaned his front half down in front of her to let her grab onto him. 

Twibble: Cliimb on, Wyla. 

The Antosian nodded and nervously grabbed fur. It was so soft! She eventually managed to pull herself up, with the help of the other twibbles who moved around to help push her up onto the lion’s back. She took a moment to lay there and nuzzle the fur. 

Avae: So soft. 

Twibble: Of course. The real thiing is much better. 

A soft giggle escaped Wyla and she noticed the room got brighter, or more specifically, the light emanating from her pushed back the shadows. It was then that she looked down and saw a heart shaped medallion with an image of the Chin’toka inside of it. At the moment it was glowing as brightly as a warp core and she could see the whole room. An empty stone room with one door. 

As she settled the lion looked up at her and she nodded. The Twibble all gathered around them with the one with the shuttlecraft in the lead. 

Avae: So, uhm. What do I call you? 

Twibble: Whateveer you want. We’re your guardiians. It’s up to you to name us. 

She looked at each of them in turn starting with the one with the medkit. The voice sounded so familiar. Actually, they all did and some were feminine and others masculine. 

Avae: Libble. ::She pointed at the one with the medkit:: 

Libble: Libble it is!

She noticed the twibble with the dark hair and fur pointed like ears also had a dangerous looking blade on their side. She grinned and pointed at her. 

Avae: Swibble. 

Swibble: Fvadt. Sure, Swibble. 

The other twibble with pointed ear like fur and the wings on their back laughed at Swibble, so she pointed to him next. 

Avae: Ribble!!! 

He immediately stopped laughing and looked at her, then received a punch from Swibble, who’s turn it was to laugh. 

Ribble: Verily? Well then fine, but I betteth though hast a worse moniker for mine companion! 

He gestured to the large owl that climbed up onto his head and looked at her. She grinned and shook her head. 

Avae: Nope! She already has a name. That’s Sylara! 

A soft, but powerful hoot sounded like a laugh and Swibble was literally rolling on the floor. It was entertaining seeing the round twibble laughing like that. 

She looked to the next twibble, the one with the ocean blue fur  and gestured. 

Avae: Kibb….Hmm, no. Kwibble! 

Kwibble: Oooh, thanks!

The Antosian had two left to name, so she looked at the one with the tiny runabout and giggle. 

Avae: Pibble! 

Pibble: Oh, okay. 

And lastly she looked down at and curled her fingers into their fur. 

Avae: Easy for you! You’ll always be the original Twibble! ::she giggled softly:: 

Her only response was a rumbling chuckle and a roar that echoed in the whole room. 

Avae: Well, I’m ready. Let’s go!

The Twibbles all assembled, though it took Swibble and Ribble a moment to stop nudging each other before they filed in beside the lion and Wyla. 

Libble: Oh, one important thing Wyla. That medallion is your light. No matter what, we can’t let it go out. 

Avae: ::She looked at Libble with concern but held the medallion in her hand:: What happens if it does? 

Twibble: Then the daarkness will claiim you. 

As ominous as the lion’s deep voice made that sound she managed to hold it together and nodded. 

Avae: Okay! I guess, let’s go. 

With that the door opened. Not into some bright light or some wide open expanse or whatever she might have expected. But pure darkness, that was only pushed back a hundred meters from the group thanks to her light. A ten foot wide corridor of stone, worked in a way that reminded her of starship corridors. She felt an uneasiness welling up inside of her but the presence of the thick, but soft fur between her fingers calmed her. She sat on the back of Twibble, her legs hanging useless behind her on his back. 

Let the quest begin. 

((ooc: I decided on something silly, but oddly appropriate for Wyla, given her nature and obsessions to show her side of things during the surgery. Expect more parts as I can manage to write them.))


Lieutenant JG Wyla Avae

Chief Nurse
Keeper of Twibbles

as unconsciously simmed by 

Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/Chief Tactical & Security Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652

Astraeus Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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