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Pirate Captain Faela - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot


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@Gogigobo Fairhug as usual is killin' it over here. I've been waiting for the pirate thing to happen, and I was not disappointed. Yes. I love a pirate. 10/10.



((Bridge, Deck 1, Reaver))

Faela scowled at the viewscreen as she watched an asteroid skip off of one of the platforms that provided day or night for the Starfleet scum on their unwelcome station, creating a hole in it and sending debris hurtling down to the surface.

Another of her asteroids had impacted into a mountain mere moments ago. Close, but not close enough.

Still, there was no way the Starfleeters could stop or avoid all of the asteroids, she had made sure of that. There were too many of them and she had been clever enough to give her enemies more than one problem to worry about.

As well as standard asteroids, she had procured some that were partly composed of Alucanite - a mineral that became radioactive when magnetically charged. All she had to do, was find a way of doing that and as luck would have it, she had discovered a stellar cloud not far from the Ring that would do exactly that, while also providing cover, allowing them to get closer to their target without detection.

Then, just for fun, she had stuffed some of the standard asteroids with with an explosive known as TH-79 - a highly unstable and particularly nasty explosive, at that.

Finally, she had purchased a set of mass drivers, to accelerate her little gifts on the way to their destination.

She had caught the Starfleeters completely unawares. Months and months of scheming had all been worth it.

They had foiled her once before, but now, she wasn't going to make the Starfleeters leave, no…she was going to annihilate them.

The crew on the Bridge of the Reaver stared at the Orion Captain, partly puzzled, partly unnerved by her silence.

Why wasn't she celebrating?


Because she wouldn't be satisfied until that Starfleet base was completely flattened. Razed to the ground.

Yes, she had been known to show mercy to her own kind before, for example to her former First Officer, Kef, who she had humanley marooned on an M-class planet, rather than executing him after his betrayal.

But that was different. She had no sympathy for these people. They were not wanted here and they needed to be shown that they couldn't just arrive and start sticking their noses into places they didn't belong.

The Reaver watched from a safe distance, under cloak, as a Starfleet Ship attempted to eliminate the falling debris. They took out most, but not all of it.

A small smile crossed her lips. If they couldn’t even deal with all of the debris from the platform, they had no chance with the rest of the asteroids.

The Officer at the tactical station looked questioningly at the rest of the crew, but they were all evidently as confused as him. Why wasn’t Faela doing anything about the ship that was trying to scupper their attack?

Tactical: Captain, should we do something to distract that ship?

Faela: That won’t be necessary.

The ship was distracted enough as it was. She had planned this attack to be overwhelming and it was proving to be exactly that.

Tactical: Then…what are your orders, Captain?

Her smile grew wider.

Faela: Enjoy the show.






Captain Faela

Commanding Officer



As simmed by


Marine Captain Gogigobo Fairhug

The Lightning Aldabrans

Denali Station




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soooooo trying not to crack a joke about pirates and parrots. But I agree, I love this sim.

Neshala sighed and looked up at her author... oO Really? Oo

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1 minute ago, Gogigobo Fairhug said:

@Dekas want a cracker? 😜

I mean if you're offering, every pirate needs a bird, right? 😆

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Just now, Gogigobo Fairhug said:

@Dekas is probably a bit too big to sit on Faela's shoulder, though. 🤔😂

I mean he could eccentrically drape himself over her shoulders. Definitely a different vibe but you work with what you have 😆

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