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[JP] Lt. Cmdr Marshall & Lt. Josett - Battlescar Galaxia


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The simple little joys of a child (new) life

🥰 I need more of this 3 @Jo Marshall& @Quinn Reynolds



((Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon))


They normally used the squat table with a rich mahogany-style finish and ornately carved legs as a perching post for Lena's boots while she reclined after a hard day's piracy, only this time it was a sight to behold. 


Scattered upon its surface lay a myriad of half-eaten plates, each one a culinary delight from the far-flung reaches of the galaxy. Savoury stick dishes from Cardassia, spicy-sweet creations from the Klingon Empire, and a few exotic delicacies in bright blues and purples that looked as though they hailed from distant worlds.  


Each plate had been ruthlessly devoured, leaving only a few scraps and crumbs to tantalise the senses of the unlucky soul who had to clean it up later. 


Under blankets on the sofa, Bear, Lena and Jiran nestled in the dim light, watching the stars through the large window. Bear, arms wild and full of gestures, belly half composed of kilm steak and menju nuts, leapt into the next story with abandon. 


O. Marshall: Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a dynamic duo of space pirates, Ollie and Lena. ::He glanced across the boy's dark head of hair to Lena with a grin.:: They were the most notorious and feared pirates in all the land, known for their bravery and cunning. Together, Ollie and Lena set out on their ships, the Swishbuckle II and the Do' joH, into the vast expanse of space, searching for treasure and excitement. 


Jiran's dinner-plate eyes widened as he clung to the small Cardassian stuffed hound, icing from the most recently demolished ikri bun sticking to his child chops. 


O. Marshall: They stole treasure from rich merchants, raided enemy ships, and outsmarted their foes at every turn. But their greatest challenge came when they faced off against the evil, ::he emphasised the word with narrowed eyes and a low rumbling stage whisper,:: space pirate Skipper Scurvy, who had been terrorising Captain Lena for years.


Unable to keep a straight face, and not inclined to do so even if she could, Lena grinned along. Cosy under the blanket, a stomach full of good food breeding contentment, she leaned conspiratorially toward their young charge.


Josett: Captain Lena knew she was going to need help, even more help than the dashing Ollie and his Swishbuckle could provide. There was only one person she could turn to—::she filled the dramatic pause with a flash of a grin toward Bear::—Space Ranger Jiran, and his faithful hound. 


Recognising his name in the flurry of words, Jiran clutched at the plush stuffed Cardassian animal with delighted glee. 


Jiran: That's me!


O. Marshall: You're da—::course correction,:: gosh darn right it is, kid. Ranger Jiran's hound, a loyal and brave wolf, would do anything to protect Jiran and keep him safe. One day, Ranger Jiran received a distress call from Captain Lena, her ship the Do' joH had crash-landed on a nearby planet!


Full of the drama, Bear flew his hand into an invisible planet and blew his hands up and out in a gesture to resemble a fiery explosion, complete with ample sound effects of both the landing and the inevitable crash. Playing along, Lena gasped and threw her hands up in the air, waving them around as though she were falling. Halfway through, arms still above her head, she paused and leaned toward Jiran.


Josett: It’s important to note the crash was in no way a reflection of Captain Lena’s piloting skills—which are excellent, by the way—and entirely down to Skipper Scurvy’s dastardly sabotage of her ship. ::She grinned at Jiran and his nonplussed squint.:: Anyway.  


Resuming her “falling”, she finished her play-acting and slumped back against the sofa, sprawling her arms either side.


Josett: Trapped by the crash, all she could do was wait for Space Ranger Jiran to come and rescue her. Which he did, of course, being the hero he is. Bravely bounding through the forests and across the plains, his hound by his side. He arrived, seeing the smoking ship—and spied Skipper Scurvy landing nearby!


O. Marshall: He saw Skipper Scurvy and some of his crew disembark from their ship, stomping—::he thumped his boots on the floor in time to his huffs,::—down the ramp with their weapons wielded high. Ranger Jiran and his mighty hound had to save Captain Lena before Skipper Scurvy got to her, and he had to stop Skipper Scurvy! 


Grabbing the used utensil from the table, still covered in remnants of cake, Bear brandished it like a weapon, a fierce look in piercing blue and beneath the grizzled blond beard. Jiran jumped, shock and surprise in his Cardassian ridges as he felt for Lena, one hand curling around her shirt. She grinned, covering his hand with hers, and leaned her shoulder toward him in solidarity. 


O. Marshall: Grasping his mighty fork of doom, he and his hound stormed toward the pirate's ship. They were too smart for Skipper Scurvy's crew, using their cunning and quick reflexes to outmanoeuvre everyone on board.


With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, Lena leaned down and whispered in Jiran’s ear, simultaneously slipping the fork out of her husband’s hand. The youngster looked up at her wide-eyed, and she nodded, her grin wide. After a second of hesitation, the boy launched himself at the blonde with a roar, plush hound savaging Bear’s throat with a soft and downy tickle of fur. 


Josett: Get him, Ranger Jiran!




Attacked and not resisting it, Bear caught the boy as he leapt forward, the toy mercilessly ravaging blond stubble and human Adam's apple. Kicking his legs, Jiran laughed through his assault as Bear leaned back on the sofa, accepting his fate with all the drama and convulsing simulated death one might have expected from a Cardassian hound pummelling. 


O. Marshall: Skipper Scurvy… reaches up with his hand… ::His finger pointed at Jiran, eyes wild.:: "You have bested me for now, but I will have my revenge, Ranger Jiran!"


Hooting with laughter, Lena slid off the couch. Crouching, she scooped Jiran up from his fallen foe and established him on her shoulders. With one hand looped behind to hold her charge secure, she planted a victorious fist on Bear’s chest and grinned at her husband.


Josett: With Skipper Scurvy defeated, Space Ranger Jiran and Captain Lena repaired her ship. They lifted off—::she jumped upright, causing a waterfall of giggles from the young boy::—and jetted off into the stars, searching for a new adventure!


Making unashamed engine sounds, Lena wove her way around the room, threading between furniture, Jiran cackling and whooshing on her shoulders. Bear leaned back to watch as the two scoundrels raced around their small quarters, laying waste to anything not nailed down. Fearless in their theatrics and undaunted in their performance. After recent events, seeing Lena's joy return, if only a flicker of it, shot him with a deadeye to the chest, entranced by the smile overtaking his wife's features and their two-year-old charge bringing it about. 


It didn't take long until he was up and chasing after them again. A night of play just the medicine it seemed they needed.




Lt. Commander Orson Marshall

Intelligence Officer

USS Gorkon





Lieutenant Lena Josett

Intelligence Officer

USS Gorkon


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