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[2005: APR-MAY] The Betrayal of Faith

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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(Posting for Da'Mell Bareil.)

((Promenade, Deep Space 9))

:: A young man stands, staring out the window. He is watching the ships go through the wormhole to and from the Gamma quadrant. They are like a never ending convoy of ants, diligently scurrying back and forth. The traffic has become much heavier since the Dominion fell and ceased hostilities in the Alpha quadrant. DA’Mell Bareil, or DB for short, is a 21 year old half Bajoran and half Cardassian who recently moved to DS9. With his arms crossed, He stared at the wormhole thinking of the events that brought him to the station in the first place::

BAREIL:oO I can’t believe it’s only been six months since I left Bajore. I really miss Keldorn Province. There is no place in the universe as beautiful, with its magnificent tree lined landscape and towering waterfalls that seem to reach heaven. My father’s ranch was a great place to grow up, I enjoyed running and playing with my cousins in the open fields and playing games in the middle of the Socar Valley. There were so many young people that played in the valley, I was never alone.Oo

((Flash Back one year ago, Socar valley; Bajore))

:: A group of young Bajorans are playing what looks like Earth Baseball. The young people ranged from age 17 to 21. At the plate however, the batter stood out like a sore thumb. He was 6’6” over 250 pounds, with broad shoulders and a bat that looked like a tree trunk. He was Bajoran and Cardassian, but he looked more Bajoran. He had the typical neck ridges and Protruding eyebrow ridge of a Cardassian, but he had the signature Bajoran nose ridges and he was nicely tanned with light hair and eyes. The Bajoran pitcher threw a rocket that nearly hit the batter in the head. The batter got up, refused to dust himself off.::

BAREIL: If you throw that ball anywhere near the plate, I will knock that sucker right through your chest. Give it a try if you have the …..

:: The ball was pitched, low and inside then, CRACK!!!!......and anotehr CRACK!!! The ball was hit and like a missile, it hit the young Bajoran in the head knocking the pitcher out instantly. Bareil casually walked over to first base, a Runner scored and the game was over::

CHALIN: What the hell did you do, you killed him. ((He ran from 1st to the pitcher)) Jaran, are you okay man. Get him some ice!!!

BAREIL: ((Standing there with a smirk on his face)) Hey I warned him, he should have never tried to knock me in the head. Is he alive or not???

CHALIN: ((Accusingly says)) He’s alive, no thanks to you!!

SHOVAN: ((Rushing to Bareil defense)) That jerk deserved it, he has been head hunting all game. He nearly took DBs head off 3 times. (( He turns to Bareil and winks)) And if he want s to do something about it when he wakes up, we will be at my uncle ranch. Let’s go DB, come on Telore, we’re outta here.

:: Bareil and his twin Bajoran cousins walked through the valley heading home. They were smiling and imitating the last at bat and the way the pitcher hit the dirt.

TELORE: Half those guys probably won’t talk to you again. You know Jaran knows a whole lot of people.

BAREIL: So……What’s that supposed to mean??

TELORE: It means that he knows a lot of people…..

BAREIL: and……

TELORE: and…..If he wants to get back at you he knows a lot of people who he could recruit to get back at you.

SHOVAN: Well he will have to recruit them from a hospital bed, I don’t think he will be able to talk for some time. Anyhow, the only reason he knows so many people is that his father is a part of the provisional government and the front runner for chancellor in the next election.

((Flash forward, DS9))

oO If we only knew how prophetic Shovans words would become, we would have prepared for what happened next.Oo

((Flash Back, Bareil Ranch; Bajore))

:: Da’Mell Bareil just finished getting ready for services at the shrine. Just as he came downstairs, his cousins walked in, they greeted DBs Cardassian Mother and Bajoran father. Neither of DBs parents were very religious, however the three young men attended services regularly and they all studied the teachings of the profits. Being the nephews of the most revered and beloved Vedic on Bajore, the three young men were expected to attend services::

DA’MELL: Hey fellas, how’s it going. Did you hear anything about Jaran???


SHOVAN: ((Shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head with little concern)) Who cares, lets go we’re gonna be late.

:: Ten minutes later the young men arrive at the shrine. They are just in time and as usual the shrine was packed. As they made their way to their seats the Vedic began preaching the words of the profit. Da’Mell had an unusual feeling, a feeling he has not had since he first came to Bajore. What was more unusual is that Da’Mell had never felt this way during services. They made there way to there chairs to sit down::

SHOVAN:: Why is everyone starring at us? ((He looks at his brother)) Do I have something on my face????

TELORE: No…..I don’t think they are looking at you or me. I think they are looking at Da’Mell.

SHOVAN: Why???? He’s been coming here for years. He’s here two or three times a week. He attends more than most of the people in here. What’s their problem!! ((He stops and stares right at another Bajoran))

:: Da’Mell grabs Shovan by the arms and pulls down toward their seats::

DA’MELL: Forget about it, let’s go and sit down. I don’t want to make a scene

TELORE: Isn’t that Jarans Father??? But where’s Jaran???

SHOVAN: He’s probably sitting home with a head ache, good ridden.

DA’MELL: (( Chuckles)) That is so wrong, on so many levels. I mean we are in a shrine, so cut that stuff out and pay attention Shovan.

:: Shovan nodded his head while Telore kept looking around. As the service proceeded, the look on Telores face grew more concerned. Vedic Karrin began his final sermon::

VEDEC KARRIN: And finally I would like to extend all our prayers to Shakill Jaran, son of First Minister Shakill Tagor. He is at Keldorn Memorial in a coma after suffering a tragic sporting accident yesterday afternoon.

:: At that moment the three cousins turned to each other with a stunned look. Da’Mell looks back at Jarans father. Tagor looked right at Da’Mell with a cold stare, he got up and walked right out of the shrine. About a second later the services ended and the rest of the people made their way toward the door. Da’Mell lost sight of Tagor in the crowd::

:: Da’Mell and his cousins quickly got up and made their way to the back of the shrine. As they stepped in the back room, Vedic Karrin greeted them as usual. It was normal for the three young men to come to the back of the shrine and study as with the Vedic. However, the look on their faces immediately told Vedic Karrin this was not going to be a normal learning sessions with the three::

VEDEC KARRIN: What’s the matter child, I can see something is troubling you.

DA’MELL: Vedic Karrin, the boy you just spoke of Jaran, He is in a coma because of me. I swung the bat and knocked him in the head.

VEDEC KARRIN: Well child, it sounds like you had an accident while playing a game. Everyone will understand. You should not worry too much.

DA’MELL: No Vedic, you don’t understand….. I was taunting him and I told him that I would hit the ball through his chest.

VEDEC KARRIN: Oh my, now why would you do that my child?? That is so unlike you, In the many years you have been attending this shrine, you never showed that sort of behavior.

SHOVAN: That guy deserved it, he nearly knocked DBs head off….. 3 times!!!!

DA’MELL: Shovan take it easy. That’s right, he did try to hit me with 3 pitches, but…..

VEDEC KARRIN: No buts!!! Everyone will believe that you intentionally wanted to hurt Jaran for trying to hit you with the pitches.

DA’MELL: ((Put his head down)) I’m sure that’s what they think. I was not very sympathetic when it happened. Quite a few people saw me threaten Jaran and smile after he went down.

VEDEC KARRIN: Now you two boys go home. Da'Mell, join me in my private study please.

SHOVAN: With all due respect Vedic, I am no leaving without DB. If something happens, I want to be by his side.

VEDEC KARRIN: I need to speak with Da’Mell privately. You two head home and I will escort Da’Mell home. Nothing will happen under my care.

:: The two brothers nodded and turned towards the exit. By now the shrine had emptied out and everyone was on there way home::

(( Vedic Karrins study))

VEDEC KARRIN: You know Da’Mell, with you being half Cardassian the potential for over reaction is very high.

DA’MELL: Yes Vedic, that is why I am so worried. I think I need your help.

VEDEC KARRIN: I think you need more than my help. Come here, I want you to see this.

:: Da’Mell walks over to him. Vedic Karin reaches under his shirt and pulls out a strange looking key. He inserted the key into what looked like a crack in the wall. Suddenly the brick wall opened to reveal an orb::

DA’MELL: Is that…..?????

VEDEC KARRIN: Yeas my son, that is the Orb of Fate. Look inside and get the guidance you need from the profits.

:: Da’mell looked at the Orb as the Vedic left the room. A bright blue light washed over the young man. The next thing he knew is that he was in the Socar Valley. Surrounded by a mob::

MOB: ((Chanting)) Die Cardie Die!!!!!! Hang the abomination!!!!!

:: Then another flash and he was in Jorans hospital room. Joran is in bed with his father by his side. They both look at him::

JORAN: Do not trust him, he will betray you. He will send you down the path of doom and sorrow. Do not trust him.

:: Another flash and Da’Mell found himself in at his ranch on the front porch. His Mother, Father and his two cousins were there:

THE TWINS: We will protect them, but we cannot protect you while you are here. You must go and weather the storm. You must weather the storm away from this place.

:: FLASH!! Da’Mell found himself back at the shrine with Vedic Karrin::

VEDEC Karrin: Well my child, have the profits spoke to you. Was there guidance helpful.

:: Da’Mell looks at Vedic Karrin out of the corner of his eyes::

DA’MELL: Yes they have, now if you will excuse me, I should get home.

VEDEC KARRIN: No my child I will escort you home. Nothing will happen while you are in my care.

DA’MELL: That’s not necessary Vedic, I would not want to trouble you any further.

VEDEC KARRIN: Its no trouble at all, I just need to change. Wait here.

:: Vedic Karrin Exited through a door across the room. As he left, Da’Mell moved toward the door. He heard a faint sound coming from the other side of the door. As he got closer, he could hear Vedic Karrin speaking to someone. He moved a bit closer and was able to make out what he was saying::

VEDEC KARRIN:=^= Yes I have him. No he doesn’t suspect a thing. I am to escort him home. I will lead him through Elgore plain. Have your men ready. I will not let my grandson lye in a hospital grasping for life while this half breed just walks around freely.=^=

DA’MELL: oO I can’t believe a Vedic, he is going to betray me. But I have studied with him for over five years. I can’t believe this, what do I do??? The profits, they were right. They foresaw this betrayal. This shrine was the only place on Bajore, other than my home, where I felt really comfortable, where no one was judging me. Now I don’t even have this sanctuary. I must go with the profits. I must follow there guidance.Oo

VEDEC KARRIN: All set, lets go before it gets too dark out.

:: The two headed out the door and exited the shrine::

((Heading towards Elgore Plain))

DA’MELL: I know a shortcut through the mining area.

VEDEC KARRIN: No my child, I am old. My bones can not handle shortcut like that. Beside, the sunset at Elgore plain is breath taking this time of year.

:: There was no response from Da’Mell, just a slight head nod and a suspicious sideways look::

Da’Mell: oO What do I do, do I run, do I stay and fight?? How many men should I expect.Oo

:: Just as he completed his thought, he heard footsteps behind him. As he turned to see who was coming he felt a sharp pain in his neck, like being hit with a baseball bat. Da’Mell dropped to one knee. The Vedic had hit him the head with something. Before he could get up and run the footsteps were on him. There were six or seven Bajorans. Many from the shrine services he had just attended. They began to hit Da’Mell in the face and stomach. Two men picked him up by the arms::

VEDEC KARRIN: My child, the profits have spoke to me, they said you must pay for your sins. You spilled my family’s blood, I must spill your blood in return.

:: Then CRACK, one of the men whacked Da’Mell with a solid metal pipe. Just as he was losing consciousness he heard a voice yelling "let him go!!!" He thought that for an instant he saw his twin cousins, his father and the Keldorn police. Da’Mell Passed out::

((Keldorn Memorial two days later))

UNKNOWN VOICES: I think he’s getting up

:: Da’Mell opens his eyes and at first sees some shadowy figures. His eyes Begin to focus and he sees his two cousins, his parent and Jarans father standing over him. He looks around and he sees Jaran sitting up in the bed next to him::

DA’MELL: What happened??

SHOVAN: The Vedic betrayed you, he led you into a trap. He was going to have you killed.

DA’MELL: How did you know??

SHOVAN: Telore reminded me of the stories our uncle used to tell us about Vedic Karrin. He despised Cardassians and he would never forgive them for killing his grandchild and you know me, Vedic or not, I don’t really trust anyone when it concerns my family.

DA’MELL: Yeah, I remember him mentioning something about his grandson, I thought he meant Jaran.

TAGORE: He is no relation of ours, he is just a vengeful old man with serious delusions. But I was angry at you when this first happened but not angry enough to harm you in anyway. Beside, I knew it was not intentional.

((Flash forward DS9, Promenade))

BAREIL:oO Two weeks later, Jaran and I were released from the hospital with a clean bill of health. Vedic Karrin was shunned from the Vedic assembly. He was later convicted of a hate crime on a Bajoran citizen. He was accompanied by his seven co-conspirators and sent to serve 10 years in the Septen Penal farm. I followed the profits guidance. The experience made me realize how easily the people I thought I knew could turn on me. If a Vedic could turn on me, than anyone could. I no longer felt safe in Keldorn. I knew the profits would protect my parents and my cousins, but they could no longer protect me. Three months after that incident I moved to DS9 and here I stand at the doorstep of the celestial temple. The profits are right out this window keeping a close watch over meOo

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