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Counselor R'Ariel: Psci-dolescence

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((OOC: Just our favorite cat and chief medical officer being a delight.)) 


((Sickbay, USS Arrow))

R'Ariel: It's funny how the telepathic thing works, you hear more, seemingly can sometimes do more, and yet sometimes understand less.  ::she paused lost inescapably for a moment in an old dream before shaking herself back:: but fortunately whether it is cause or result, there often some chemicals left behind to find, and learn from.

Ra: And that's what we're going to look for.

Jacin: So am I… Am I a threat? Could this continue to grow?

The Empath offering one of her best calming-empathic-smiles.

R'Ariel: These scans should tell us something.  How do you feel now?

Jacin :trying to laugh: Nervous. Waiting for the bad news.

R'Ariel: I'm looking for good news.

Ra: The initial scans are complete. Doctor.

R'Ariel offered a smile in exchange for the padd, as she looked over the results.

Jacin: So doctor what’s the news? Am I about to destroy the ship?

The counselor-turned-doctor, turned-counselor again for the immediate moment, interrupting herself from her review.

R'Ariel: I hope this doesn't come off as any kind of conceit, but as high-level natural empath,  ::she put extra emphasis on the next word:: Not ::her tail flicked:: not going to blow up the ship, I don't need a medical scan to get that much from you.

She offered a smile and returned a quick glance to the results.

Ra: What would you like to look at next?

The little Caitian-Deltan looked to Ra and back to Jacin, stirring some contemplations.

Jacin: You’re the experts. What’s the next step?

R'Ariel: There are a lot of baselines in the database we can run these scan results against, and get some further medical perspectives on.

Ra: Will you need assistance doctor?

R'Ariel: I think we will be fine.

She let the words weigh-in, emphasizing her belief in them being fine.

Ra: Aye, sir. Can I get either of you anything specific in the meantime?

R'Ariel: I'm good, and you?

Jacin: Responses?

The little counselor-doctor moved in closer.

R'Ariel: You know what I think?

Jacin: Response?

R'Ariel: Psci-dolescence

The Empath laughed at the sound of her own words, and the kind of reaction it would invoke.

Jacin: Response?

R'Ariel: It's like Adolescence, except for those with a form of psionic gift.

Jacin: Response?

R'Ariel: Well, as I told Ra, I'd like to run our scans across an even greater baseline, but I think we are looking at a pretty simple psionic development.

Jacin: Response?

R'Ariel: If you were a threat, I think I could sense it, so let's get you in for regular scans so we can keep an eye on the developments, and you and I can spend some fun time in the counselor's suite, getting in some good 'control' practice.  How does that sound?

Jacin: Response

R'Ariel: For the moment, I would say the first lesson is simply, practice keeping a reign on your emotions. ::she paused:: Which I don't see any problems with.

OOC: Sorry for the delay team, but I wanted to get some things sorted out in direct ooc first, with that done, here's my part of the sim.


Lieutenant Commander R'Ariel
Chief Medical Officer
Doctor of Psychology
USS Arrow


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