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The Wandering Choir - The Rainbow of Life

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((OOC: I was challenged by Lt. Seta to sim an unusual species and this is my answer.  Please pardon the lack of tags as this would be a tough one to interact with.)) ((The DriftHome, Near Starbase 224)) The Choir had grown fitful and restive as they approached the next destination on their tour of the quadrant and rightly so.  It was rare for so many of them to leave the safe haven of their home and rarer still for them to share of themselves with those from the outside, from the dry and solid and cold.  About them, the choir had mixed feelings in shades of vermilion with hints of deep chartreuse, but those feelings passed, fading like a dissipating rainbow into their more neutral shades. Their slender, fragile vessel attached itself to the great station like a lamprey, dangling in the darkness but holding fast to a great whale that hardly noticed its presence as it swam on.  They would not leave the safety of the Drifthome but that would not hinder their multi-chromatic spectacle.  Great shutters across the skin of the Drifthome began retracting, allowing those on the Station or in the Vessels nearby to witness the Choir in all its magnificence.  It was a matter of minutes, but time had little hold on the Choir and so they waited, rippling and undulating with the artificial currents in their suspended sea, until the proper mood spread across them in a shimmering lash of deepest verdant green.  Then, to all, it was the Beginning.   Composed of more than ten thousand distinct beings, the Choir performed as a singular collective.  There was no leader, there were no authorities, there was only the pureness of their shared emotion playing out in shades of fuchsia and coral and rose.  Their joy to perform was a wave of amber and gold intertwined with a shimmering ivory of purpose and expression.  They sang of unity in saffron and harmonized in cobalt strands that seemed to twist and shiver within their great number, all visible to the strange eyes that had come to view this special performance.   The ecstasy of their performance rippled outward in a thousand vibrant neon greens as the Choir's tempo picked up, waves of color now colliding with one another and combining together like the surf of two vast oceans meeting.  They sang of welcome in vivid yellows that would rival any sunrise and, when at last they sang of departure nearly an hour later, their umber tones were warm and kind and clear.   With a final rhythmic pulse of tangerine, the Choir began to fade back to their neutral tones, exhausted from their efforts but gladdened to have shared with those so unlike them.  A sound, carried from the station and into their Drifthome, nearly startled the Choir into contraction.  Fortunately, it was one they had heard before and, though it sounded like a great storm to them, the Choir knew this was the only way the alien beings could explain that their message had been seen and appreciated.  The shared consciousness that was the Choir drifted off to rest as the shutters closed, safe within the Drifthome and satiated by the applause of their audience.  A final flare of purest silver, their most sacred and cherished hue, was as close as they could come to a bow.   [End] ============================== The Wandering Choir The Drifthome V239509GT0

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