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Dr Ivin Zumagi - Path of the Prophets - Hands That Heal, Hands That Hurt

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I very much loved this @EgilRenot 




((House by the Lake, Bajor))


An uneasy silence settled over the lakeside, save for the screaming of insects and the gentle lapping of water against the shoreline. Ivin moved low and silently in well practised movements. Their targets painfully stood out; white robes in the low light was a blessing for the infiltrating party.


Normally, Ivin would find solace in such a scene, finding comfort in the dark from his time in labour camps and mines. The dark and night was when he took up arms against the Cardassian occupiers. He still preferred to be up at night, much to his husband’s ire.


Ivin fell into practised, old movements of his time as a resistance fighter, though, this time he was with and for Cardassians and he was going against Bajorans. Ivin had the phaser rifle butted against his shoulder firmly, eyes locked onto the forms on the pier. He could see Ferri and Geleth were drugged out he could tell, Ferri being dragged and Geleth carried like some bag of cargo and not like a child. It just added more fuel to the raging fire that was fueling the doctor’s actions. His eyes darted to Tito and Zorkal, watching for a signal.


And there it was. The three men leapt up out of the bushes and charged, making their move. Ivin gritted his teeth and let out a faint growl as he leapt up and charged, rifle raised and in position as his feet pounded through the underbrush.


The figures turned in surprise. He fired off his rifle as they turned, his feet hitting stone. Flashes from their phaser rifles illuminated the darkened forest, shimmering on the lake’s surface. Ivin ignored the shouts of surprise from their targets. He paid no attention to how many people he felled.  He heard two splashes, but didn’t have a chance to look or investigate. 


A fist connected squarely with his nose, causing the Bajoran to reel back and swear profusely. Ivin raised his rifle with both hands. His opponent grabbed onto his rifle and started to shove Ivin towards the edge of the pier. Ivin dug his heels in and snarled almost feral at his opponent, blood running down his face from his now broken nose. He used the man’s momentum and force against him. Pivoting, Ivin turned and hurled the man and his phaser rifle into the lake with a splash.


A fist connected soundly with Ivin’s jaw sending the doctor reeling to the side, knocking his earring off. His earring fell into the lake with a little splash, though Ivin didn’t notice. He recoiled quickly and raised his arms defensively into a boxer’s stance. He strafed left, swung right, dropped down and followed through with an uppercut. His opponent staggered back and Ivin finished off the fight with a swift kick to the man’s chest, knocking him over.


It disturbed him that he had to fight Bajorans. He heard a splash swiftly followed by another. He didn’t have time to react or turn to see who went into the drink, as he got tackled by two people at the same time. Ivin hit the ground, the wind getting knocked out of him. The doctor reacted quickly and lashed out with his limbs, knocking back his attackers. 


He was running off of adrenaline and instinct now, not paying any mind to where he was hit, if he was hit. His only focus was subduing his foes and rescuing their targets.


The doctor staggered to his feet, spitting out a mouthful of blood from his broken nose and split lip. The doctor looked around at the damage done. Taking assessment of injuries was an instinct of his and it brought Ivin down from his rage induced violence. He turned and noticed Zorkal knelt down with a soaking wet Ferri and Geleth. Ivin looked behind him hearing more people approach. More Starfleet officers. Relief flooded the doctor momentarily.


The two girls were his priority, screw the Bajorans. He lurched forward and hurried to the Ambassador’s side, dropping down to his knee. He quickly did a visual once over of the two.


Zumagi: We need to get them indoors and warmed up, stat. Will work whatever drug is out of their systems and check for physical traumas. The older girl, we will have to clear her lungs. Let's get them out of here.


Ivin watched the Cardassian male pick up Ferri. Without question, the doctor went to pick up Geleth with a silent incline of his head signalling he got her. He rose to his feet, turning just in time to witness Tito kick some bloodied man into the lake, covered in blood himself.


Ivin perked a brow. He was curious, but he wasn’t going to ask. He had a feeling it was whoever was responsible for this. He nodded towards Tito grimly and turned to follow the Ambassador, pretending he didn’t see a thing.


Doctor Ivin Zumagi
Trauma Surgeon and Doctor
Formerly Bajoran Militia 


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