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​Lieutenant Lena Josett - The Goodness of Her Heart


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I always adore when people introduce scenes by catching the characters in the middle of something, as if we're looking through a little window and suddenly discover them in the middle of their chores. Also, I've always been a fan of missions that have long-term effects, that what happens, the events and the people that weave themselves into the tapestry of our characters have lasting repercussions and we are able to explore what comes out of it.

This is a prime example of this, by the hands of @Quinn Reynolds , which is always a source of admiration and a standard to be achieved.

Besides, why deny it, I've always liked Lena.

Great work Vice Admiral!


((Intelligence Suite, USS Gorkon))


There were no windows in the intelligence suite, but that had never bothered Lena. She’d lived on starships for longer than she hadn’t, none as luxurious or thoughtfully designed as Starfleet vessels. Going about her days without a sign of the outside was as normal to her as wearing socks. And what was there to see anyway, other than distant stars and looming planets? Balls of flaming gas and hunks of rock were not what interested the former pirate.


And certainly not today. In the suite’s modest conference room, Lena stood opposite the large screen on the wall, her rump resting on the edge of the table. A middle-aged Tyrellian man looked back at her, the lights in his office catching the rainbow of markings underneath his skin. Pictures around his office marked him out as a family man, and a genuine one at that—the goofy pictures were too candid to be there solely for show. His desk was neat and ordered, an organised man at work, and he had spoken kindly to the colleague who had popped in earlier during their conversation to ask for help.


A decent man to handle Jiran’s case, she’d decided. Not least because he tolerated her ongoing barrage of questions and demands for updates with the patience of a Bajoran Vedek.


Yasri: We’ve sent his DNA profile to the Cardassian government, to see if he has any family in the Union.


Josett: And when they come back and say no one’s going to take him?


With a frown, the Tyrellian man inhaled a breath and opened his mouth. But whatever instinct had intended for his first reply, his higher brain tossed it aside. Perhaps he knew, as she did, the chances of an orphan finding a place back in the Union were slim to none. Cardassian families were wont to toss aside the orphans they knew; ones born half a galaxy away to people who’d gone missing nearly twenty-five years ago? Not a hope.


Yasri: We’ll offer to find him a foster family here. ::He paused and then exhaled a quiet sigh.:: If there’s one thing we’ve had too much practice at, it’s finding lost and abandoned children a home. We’ll make sure he has a good one, Lieutenant. You have my word. Until then, if you and Commander Marshall need any more help or support with him, let me know. Day or night.


Josett: I will. Thanks, Yasri.


He nodded and flashed a quick, warm smile at her, and then the channel snapped off with a blink, briefly showing a Tyrellian logo: Their Majesty’s Department of Family Services. Lena drummed her fingers along the underside of the table, lost in her own world as she pondered the toddler’s future. Before she could get into his teenage years, the door chimed. She stood and walked out into the main suite, grateful for the distraction.


Oded: =/\= Anyone home? =/\=


Josett: =/\= Depends on whether you’ve brought bribes. =/\=


Oded: =/\= I’ve been asked to look into what the effect on Senya has been and, well, we can hardly send a shuttle down there to ask them, so… =/\=


Redirecting herself toward a console, the hybrid cast an eye over the consoles to ensure no sensitive data was on display. Once satisfied, Lena leaned across and tapped her fingertip on the screen. The door opened, and she waved the other hybrid inside. It had been a while since she last spoke to Lojah; their paths didn’t cross too often aboard ship, especially given Lena dedicated so much time to escaping it.


Josett: Not even a raktajino? ::She sighed, melodramatically.:: You need to up your game, Lojah. Surely you don't expect me to help just because it's my job?


Oded: Response


The hybrid chuckled, and gestured toward one of the larger displays, inviting Lojah toward it. She tapped on the display, and Senya appeared, centred on the screen. A series of orbits encircled it, each with a tiny speck highlighted and marked with an ID. Updating in real time, the satellites whizzed around the moon, information scrolling along either side of the image.


Josett: Starfleet’s already got satellites in orbit to keep watch. Some are sensors, others monitor their communications or media. In here—::she idly waved a finger around the intelligence suite::—we’re mostly looking for any sign of space launches. The rest of the data we shunt toward the scientists and first contact specialists.


Oded: Response


Josett: I don’t think they noticed much. There wasn’t the upswing in comms you’d expect from an emergency response, especially a global one. ::She leaned forward, peering at the data.:: Looks like the algorithms pinged some interesting chatter from their science communities. You want to get one of the blueshirts down here to take a look?


Oded: Response


Josett: While we wait, you want something to drink? ::She thumbed toward the replicator, taking a first step in that direction.:: I’m in dire need of stimulants. 


Oded: Response


Lieutenant Lena Josett

Intelligence Officer

USS Gorkon


simmed by


Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds

Commanding Officer

USS Gorkon


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