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Lt. j.g. Ar'Gorvalei - A Troubling Call

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((An excellent little bottlesim from Jamie!)) 

((USS Arrow, Deck 3, Room 9 Ar’Gorvalei’s Quarters))


Ar’Gorvalei fastened his collar and settled his dark blue and white coat over his shoulders. Strange, that he now felt more accustomed to wearing his Starfleet uniform than the stately robes of an Efrosian warrior-priest. The thought troubled him, and so he set it aside for later consideration.


The commlink chimed, and Ar’Gorvalei opened the channel. On the screen appeared an elderly, wizened Efrosian, his skin spotted with age. Balding in front, it was worn long in back, and like most warrior-priests, his face was bare.


Ar’Gorvalei bowed his head and pressed his palms together, pressing the tops of his fingertips to his lips in a gesture of supplication to one’s elder. Although the gesture was for himself alone, as Reverend Elder Ky-Thyros was completely blind.


Ar’Gorvalei: ::Speaking in Efrosian:: I stand before you, Reverend Elder, between Fathomless Earth and Endless Sky.


Ky-Thyros: ::Also speaking in Efrosian:: I stand before you as well, Novitiate Seeker, I suspect more literally between Fathomless Earth and Endless Sky than you do. ::Chuckles:: Are you still in the depths of deep space, somewhere in the Alpha Isles?


Ar’Gorvalei: ::Smiles:: Yes, we’ve recently docked at the Raft-One outpost for repairs and shore leave. Which is good, after our recent mission … ::Pauses:: I was hoping you might have some information, about my … condition.


By “condition,” they both knew Ar’Gorvalei was referring to his lack of directional sense, a finely-tuned ability of all Efrosians. The Arrow’s sojourn beyond the galaxy earlier in the year had somehow impaired his ability to form mental maps of his surroundings, something Ar’Gorvalei found more than a little frustrating. Oh, he could rely on technological assistance, but to have to rely on a PADD to do something he had taken as second nature all of his life was difficult.


The elder shook his head, wispy white hair swaying back and forth.


Ky-Thyros: I have shared your neurological scans with some of our most highly regarded specialists in the field, but they have not seen anything comparable. There is no evidence of physiological brain damage to account for it. There is nothing in our records, even in the Great Library of Healing, that is in any way close to this. What has happened to you appears to be … unique.


Ar’Gorvalei closed his eyes.


Ar’Gorvalei: I feared as much.


Ky-Thyros: Perhaps, my son, if I might make a suggestion, perhaps your Time of Seeking should come to a close.


Ar’Gorvalei looked up, eyes widened in surprise.


Ar’Gorvalei: What … no … so soon? I’ve only been here for a little over a year. I’m not ready.


Ky-Thyros: The Time of Seeking is not meant to be indefinite. And has it not already cost you enough? Perhaps in time our healers can find what is ailing you, and treat it. Or perhaps, you need time to truly live between Fathomless Earth and Endless Sky to set things right.


Ar’Gorvalei: But my Seeking is not complete. The answers I’ve Sought, I still haven’t found them.


Ky-Thyros: Perhaps those answers were never out among the stars to begin with. I think … and this is only my opinion, mind you, there is religious debate on this matter, as you well know, but I think that the gods of Efros, their truth, can only be found on Efros. Not out there. ::waves hand:: among the stars. That is the domain of other Powers, not ours. ::Leans forward:: Ar’Gorvalei, come home to us. Take your rightful place among us. Your people need you.


Ar’Gorvalei: I … I will think on your words, Revered Elder.


Ky-Thuros: Please do, and safe travels on all of your journeys, Novitiate Seeker Ar’Gorvalei. May the White Goddess watch over you no matter how far from home you travel.


Ar’Gorvalei: Thank you, Revered Elder.


oO Grandfather.Oo


Ar’Gorvalei cut the connection, staring at the blank screen for several seconds afterward.


NT, End


Lieutenant j.g. Ar’Gorvalei 

Medical Officer 

U.S.S. Arrow 


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