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Holonovel Soap Opera “All the Quadrants Species” set to take holodecks by storm

Federation News Service

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MARS, SOL SYSTEM — Broadcasting interactive sessions live, Lunarsphere Interactive Holo Producers are set to bring the first holonovel soap opera to the holodeck in real-time.

“All the Quadrants Species” is the newest brainchild of creator Gree Edybon R’ne, famed for his concoctions of reality holo-novelisation and social experimentation on audiences throughout the galactic region. Diverting from R’ne’s non-traditional approach to the medium, the holo-soap opera promises enticing and interesting characters, living together on a small asteroid.

Taking part in an introductory preview into the space opera, the central theme running throughout is the inclusion of multiple prominent races from the Alpha Quadrant into a small area and follows the lives of the colonist inhabitants as they develop and grow. Included among those are a family of Terrans from a non-denominated planet, Andorians, Klingons, Vulcans, Ferengi, Cardassians, and Rodulans, all customisable and determined by the user when implementing the conditions of the program.

“Not wanting to give too much away here, but we have included a fair few surprises in the first episode, to really get you involved with the characters from the offset,” stated R’ne, in the interview given at Lunarsphere Studios. “The first episode includes a character by the name of Gotram, recently fertilised by his Andorian lover, while his Klingon mate Lat’eth hunts in a new gargantuan hunting spot on a nearby planetoid.”

Other plot lines include Terran householder Mick “Mucky” McGuire planting evidence of a parasitic infection in the local Vulcan water supply, the Ferengi at Subdome Seven B sell Subdome Seven A and watching as a family of Cardassians are besieged by the “new” owners – a family of Rodulans – moving in beside them.

However, not all critics are impressed with the increased popularity of the holonovel soap opera. Raising important questions about viewers’ involvement with the genre, Professor Raadress Ror of the University of Betazed has complained about the realism of the relationships viewers can develop with the interactive characters, increased escapism, influencing identity construction, the emotional experience undertaken by the viewer, and the value this provides for entertainment.

“The issues raised in this genre are not limitless,” Ror expressed during the last broadcast lecture. “However, what we are seeing is an increase in the plot’s realism design, involving the viewer at a fundamental level, through which some viewers can struggle to separate the contextual fantasy from reality itself. This is dangerous for adolescents during their formative years, who can develop attachments to characters, viewing the written lives of the interactive personalities as positive influences, when the reality might be entirely different.”

Regardless of the critical response, Lunarsphere Interactive is throwing its weight behind the title and is urging early adopters to judge the fully customisable series for themselves.

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