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[sb118-chintoka] MSNPC Conductor - A duet of Symphonies

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@Toryn Raga always brings such interesting characters to life and I have to say The Harmony are my favorite MSNPCs to read thus far. Hope you all enjoy the read as much as I did!



(( Chorus of Science, Geode Home of the Staccato Singing Star ))


A hailing song was sent, and several measures later the crystalline wall illuminated giving them the first visual glimpse of the Chin’tokans came through. It was so different. Vibrant, if slightly distorted at first before a glimpse to the Chorus of Science gathered around them out of view made adjustments. 


They saw many, some vertical some a mix of horizontal and vertical with strange things in front of them. It took them a moment for the songs from those around the Conductor to clarify. The technology of these outsiders was quite different in some ways from theirs. As they knew their own image would likely seem similarly strange to the outsiders. 


Conductor Rehk ‘stood’ in the center of the screen. The rock and crystal around them as backdrop to their sleek, crystalline features. Sleek features that had the most minute semblance of a humanoid visage at least that of a head where two vibrantly orange glows stared at the wall. These glows were stationary, had a definition to them that was in stark contrast to the constant shimmering light that coursed through their crystalline form. Underlighting the intricate, symmetrical patterns that looked etched or otherwise a part of their body.  


They gestured emphatically with a crystalline limb with defined digits at the screen, then towards themselves. 


Conductor: =/\= / Captain? Ah, you are the Conductor of your Symphony! I am Conductor of the Harmony. Rehk. Conductor Rehk.  / =/\=


The ‘words’ were nothing more than the melodic song emanating from their being, each tone causing their body to illuminate in vibrant pulsing ways as if matching each variance of their melody. Their excitement was shown in the Vivace of their melody. A shifting kaleidoscope of color in neon hues sparkling behind their crystalline exterior that was rapid and curt. Then softening to a calm, lento. 


In the background of their transmission, the song of their Geode Home was just audible, especially to those with keener hearing. Like thousands, or millions of songs all in harmony despite their individual tones. 


Mei’konda: =/\= That is an appropriaate analogy, Conductor Rehk, and it is a pleasure to meet you. You seem to haave developed a great understaanding of our language and communicaations technology. =/\=


Rehk: =/\= / We have had two cycles (years) to learn your song, to fine tune our own and make this possible. Time is but one of the gifts the Staccato Singing Star has granted our Geode Home.  / =/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= Yes, the tiime dialation between us has created problems… but at least it has created that one solution, has it not? Our Federation has developed technology to allow us to traverse great diistances without it. I hope you’ll forgiive me for changing the subject, Conductor, but I believe you know how dire the siituation is for the people on the planet that your… Staccato Singing Star is now approachiing. =/\=


Conductor: =/\= / We are aware. We could hear the urgency and espressivo of your song. During the last four months we have detected the world we endanger. Do you know a way to avoid a catastrophe? / =/\=


They stared at the outsiders, while the song of the Chorus of Science informed them of the carbon based nature of those they conversed with. 


McKnight: Response


Mei’konda: =/\= Yes, Conductor. We have been workiing on a solution. My staff believes that we can use our technology to assist you in loweriing the mass of the star so that it may chaange course just in tiime to avoid damaging the Lanaxa system. Lieutenant, would you explain further? =/\=


Levinson: =/\= Certainly, Captain. ::Facing the viewscreen:: Conductor, seconds for us are hours for you. This means two things. One, we are able to sustain intensive processes, such as those that change an object’s motion, for much longer than you are able to. Two, you can time your processes to match with something external faster than any one of us will ever be able to. If we were to activate a grid of tractor beams, as we call them, timed by you to the Staccato Singing Star’s mass being reduced, it could slow it down or alter its trajectory much more efficiently. You may call it a cooperation, of sorts. =/\=


Their attention focused on the outsider speaking to them, listening to their translated lyrics. Their colors and tones swirled while they grasped at understanding. 


Conductor: =/\= / You wish to join our symphony with yours! Such a duet could prevent the Fine of their song like was nearly done to ours millenia ago. What do you need us to do? /  =/\=


They watched the outsiders sing to one another, sharing important knowledge with one another that they hoped would help save the silencing of a world full of song. Perhaps they could find out later if this outside world was the origin of the near ending of their own song so long ago. 


Cheveyo-Arma: I'll do my best to keep up with course shifts, but could use data from the Staccato Singing Star to help me do so more quickly and efficiently.


Raga: Response


Kiax: We'll be able to emit a single wide-band resonance pulse that your communications equipment will detect. After that, Conductor Rehk, you'll need to activate your propulsion system precisely 13.888889 hours after you detect it. ::Beat:: That'll be five-seconds for us.


Levinson: =/\= Our analysis has come to suggest that your methods of propulsion have, due to the time dilation, an undesired side effect - powerful shockwaves that inflict damage upon the… ::She paused:: Chin’tokan Singing Star. =/\=


Conductor: =/\= / Yes. We can adjust the song of the Staccato Singing Star in time, by making it lighter. We are sorrowful that doing so has caused harm to your Chin’tokan Singing Starship Home. /  =/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= Response =/\=


While the others on the bridge of the outsider home sang to one another some more, they watched. Singing to their own within the Chorus of Science. They would need to begin to move the Staccato Singing Star now if anything was to be coordinated with the outsiders. 


Conductor: =/\= / We have begun the process to move the Staccato Singing Star. It will take more time for us than it will seem for you.  =/\=


A presto litany of songs erupted from the Chorus of Science resounding and being repeated throughout the Harmony as their command was given. The Staccato Singing Star had to move, and move quickly. The melody resounded across the Choruses. They had to move. A Symphony was in danger of being silenced. Outsiders would be helping them to save those at risk. The machinery of their Geode Home added their thrum and hum, whirr and tremble to the orchestra. 


Collectors emerged to absorb more of the power gifted them by their beloved star. Fueling the machines that would in turn alter the star’s mass. A symbiotic concert between the Harmony and the star that granted them life, mobility and protection. 


Mei’konda: =/\= Response =/\=


Cheveyo-Arma: ::looks up:: Everything is set, Captain. Ready when everyone

else is.


Raga: Response


Kiax: I'm charging the deflector to emit the resonance pulse, standby tactical to initiate the tractor beam.


McKnight: Response


Conductor: =/\= / Let the duet begin. We will add our symphony to yours. / =/\=


The communication ceased, the viewing wall dimmed completely as they stood in place. The viewing wall illuminated again to show them the status of the star, their Geode Home and the outside. The Conductor stared at the Chin’tokan Staccato Starship. No. That did not fit what they saw. The shape of the outsider’s home was sleek and beautiful. Legato. Smooth and connected. The Chin’tokan Legato Starship. Yes, that is what it was. 


((Timeskip - Two hours))


Duhk: / The Staccato Singing Star is growing lighter and the Chin’tokan Symphony has begun. /


Conductor: / That is good. Let us join our Symphony to theirs. We must sing. We cannot let so many songs become Tacet. /


(( Time skip - 5.88889 seconds ))


Duhk: / The Chin’tokan Legato Starship’s Symphony has joined ours finally. The Staccato Singing Star slows! / 


The Conductor watched the viewing wall. Many small craft launched by the outsiders were in formation around their vessel and the tractor beams they spoke of had finally reached the star. Rehk could barely perceive any motion at all, such was the time displacement between them. It was as if one was looking at a portrait. 


Duhk: / The star is slowing, and shifting more than we could have hoped. Yet we are detecting issues with their craft. I do not know if they will survive this Symphony. 


Conductor: / They risk their own to save others. These outsiders. Their song is beautiful and strong. /


They could not imagine what these outsiders were enduring to save others, such was the delay. Seconds for the outsiders were far, far longer for them. The suspense was unbearable. But the Staccato Singing Star was moving, more and more with each hour. 



Conductor Rehk

Guide of the The Harmony 

Geode Home of the Staccato Singing Star


As simmed by 


Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/Chief TacSec Officer

USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

Chin'toka Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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