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Captain Morrack- Eye To Eye

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((Two great writers, one great scene- what else could we want? Great job to Arrow powerhouses Maz Rodan and Jacin Ayemet!)) 


((Pankot III - Capital Ruins))


Messoq: You were foolish to come here. In time I will acquire it.


Morrack Are you so sure of that? So certain that allying yourself with the mewling Federation will ensure your ::Beat as he snarls at Messoq:: success? You play a dangerous game, Messoq.


Messoq: No more so than you involving the Breen! Again you disregard the rules of ascension just like the rules of combat!


He stepped forward menacingly.


Morrack: Oh by all means step forward brave Captain Messoq. Step forward and receive your reward for your brazen actions.


Messoq: You are a weak fool, and it will give me immense pleasure severing your head from your shoulders...


Morrack let out a loud guttural laugh. 


Messoq: Brother.


Morrack: Brother?  I have no ‘Brother”, for my Brother would not put his own selfish ambition before duty to his tribe, his people, his planet. 


Morrack stepped forward, his hands tight fists, frustration and anger dwelling inside him.


Morrack:  And how dare you chide me for involving the Breen. I have my army and you have yours. At least I am more honest with my choices rather than your lies and pretence at being civilised, lying to his allies pleading with them to help him. If this is what the Chalnoth truly wanted you would have no need to go to anyone. You want nothing more but power, for our people to be held firmly under the heel of your boot!


Messoq: Do not test me. I will find the Claw, and I will rule our people. The chaos has to end. 


Morrack You speak of chaos, and yet you waste your life destroying all that the Chalnoth stand for, have  stood for for eons. SO desperate to rule, to have others bow to you in supplication, blind to the true will.


Morrack bowed sarcastically and withdrew a small blade, letting the sun glint on the steel. He threw it at Messoq's feet, and the taller Chalnoth warrior didn't flinch as it stuck into the dusty ground.


Messoq: A challenge... ::It was a simple statement rather than a question.:: That is all our people are, now. One challenge after another, one death after another followed by ritual challenges for revenge. It is wiping us out! It needs to stop. Can't you see that?


He never expected his brother to listen to him, for he never did.


Morrack. Your choice Messoq. I give you one last chance. Pick up the blade and return it to me and we can stop this madness. Or leave it there and I promise you, you will die before you can ever use the Claw, if not by my hand then by the hand of all those that oppose you.


Messoq: This fight will not end here or now. Your threats are empty, and soon enough the Federation I will have the Claw. And you will be destroyed.


Morrack: No it will not :pause: But it is not threat Messoq. It is not even a promise. It  is an inevitability. As Shute as the sun would rise on the hunt, there will never be any victory or triumph for you.


He picked up the knife ignored by Messoq, turning it over in his hand as it brought memories flooding back to him. He felt; sad. Sad that it had come to this. Sad that regardless of what happened to him, Messoq would die.


Morrack: Do remember Father giving us our hunting daggers? How thrilled we were on the morning of our first hunt?


Messoq: Response.


Morrack shook his head slowly.


Morrack: Those we’re simpler times, before you were blinded by wanton ambition. It brings me no pleasure in your destruction. But it shall be done for the good of all Chalnoth. 


Messoq: All in good time, brother. But first... ::He narrowed his eyes.:: I must deal with the Breen!


Morrack smiled slyly. He had his own plans for the Breen. Much like the Federation they were merely a tool to be used and then discarded when of no further value. 


Morrack: You needn’t worry about them Messoq. Unlike the Federation they neither have the guile nor the skills necessary to be anything other than a blunt weapon.


Messoq: Response


He stepped forward and put his right hand on Messoq’s shoulder, sighing before he spoke. 


Morrack: This is the beginning of the end Messoq, but not of the Chalnoth. They shall be free this I swear to you.


He stepped back. And tapped his wrist surreptitiously so that Messoq would not notice. 


Messoq: Response  




MSNPC Captain Morrack

Commanding Officer

ICV SDragoon


As simmed by:


Lieutenant Jg Jacin Ayemet

Science Officer 

USS Arrow


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