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LT Aine Sherlock - Asking For Trouble

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This is absolutely adorable and so so awkward :D Love it!!



((Personal Quarters, USS Narendra))

Aine had returned to her quarters once again.  For not having anything to do, it seemed she had a lot to do. Getting a dermal regenerator run over her face and sitting for water with Sera was about the most rest she'd gotten in the last forty-eight hours. And now, she hoped she would finally have time to at least lay down and take a breather.
But it was not to be. Her combadge suddenly chirped. Which likely meant she was about to receive orders to run off somewhere else...again. "No rest for the wicked." She gave the silvery badge a quick tap.
Sherlock: Go for Sherlock.
Emlott: It’s Ferri. I… want to know if you are repa-… recovered.
It was not the voice she was expecting. But she didn't really know who to expect. Part of her was happy to hear Ferri's voice. And the other part of her was nervous.
Sherlock: ::awkwardly:: Um...yes. Sickbay got me taken care of.
There was a pause. Or at least it felt like a pause.
Emlott: I am watching Geleth. She sleeps. Maybe you can come?
Now other things began setting into her thoughts. Some good, some bad. Mostly just was she allowed to. And if not, what would happen if Arys or Lukin were to find out? She knew what she had to do.
Sherlock: I'll be right there.
Aine gave another quick tap to her combadge without waiting for a response. She began looking around the room, for what? She didn't know. Next she swallowed hard and gave an uncharacteristic tug at the bottom hem of her uniform, a common practice by most officers, but not her with her slightly oversized jacket. Her hands ran over the sleeves and then down the front as if they were irons laying flat any wrinkles before running over her hair, smoothing out any stray strands. But something in her mind told her to pull out her hair tie, which she did. Her hair fell down over her shoulders and she quickly ran her fingers through it, shaking it out.
Sherlock: This is ridiculous.
She pulled her hair back and wrapped the tie back into it, this time just into a long tail. And then she grabbed the zipper pull of her jacket, pulling it up slightly. No, that wouldn't look right, so back down it went, a little further than she normally wore it. She was overthinking things...and she zipped the pull back to its normal resting place. All in all, she looked basically the same as she did a minute ago. Some things never change. One last deep breath before she would set out for Arys and Lukin's quarters...sans Arys and Lukin.
((Arys and Lukin’s quarters, USS Narendra))
When she arrived, she'd pressed the signal to let Ferri know she'd arrived. As she waited with her hands crossed behind her back, she realized she looked like she was there reporting for duty. She quickly whipped her hands in front of her, crossing them. But then she thought she looked scared like that so she rested them at her sides. But now she felt like she wasn't standing right. Like she was cocking her hips sideways. "How do I not know what to do with my hands!?" she thought to herself. And then, the voice came over the comms.
Ferri: ?
Sherlock: ::looking up and down the hall to make sure no one was within earshot:: It's Aine.
Ferri: ?
Aine stepped through the now open door and waited for it to close behind her. Ferri had said Geleth was sleeping, but she didn't know where and it made her even more nervous that the child might tell her parents that the "Romulan" had come for a visit.
Sherlock: ::speaking just above a whisper:: You wanted to see me?
It was a stupid question, of course she did. Ferri had asked her to come over.
Ferri: ?
Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Tactical Officer
StarBase 118 Ops





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