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Ensign Obsius Sill-con - not even stepping past the starting line

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Sill-con's player is still very new, and I am impressed with his desire to improve his sims. While Brikar as a species are definitely not easy to play, his narration explains thought patterns and cultural values, making them understandable for those whose knowledge about the species doesn't extend past 'they look like rock-guys' (myself included). Keep it up, @Obsius Sill-con ❤️ 




((Shuttlecraft Seijin, Rakalla Province, Bajor))


Everything felt unfocused at this moment in time, the voices muffled and the movement at the edges of his eyes, insignificant compared to his feeling of weakness, his hard muscles struggling to pull himself up to even sit down and let himself breath a few times, it wasn't until tito looked at him has he realized he was being conversed with, his eyes lighting up again and trying to sit more straight.

Tito: And ours. We can have some transmitting data, and others blocking or clustering comlines, maybe just saturating frequencies.  

Tito: The Azuminga got your tongue Ensign? Are you feeling worse?

Sill-Con: I'm not sure what you mean by that, how is my current state insinuating such claims? 

Tito: You have been too quiet, so before you start thinking nonsense I was just checking in.

Sill-Con: I am… disappointed in being unable to fight off the creature, and 

De-escalate the situation by… by showing dominance over the creature- as absurd as that concept seems now that i am speaking of it with words…

He blinked in confusion as the Lieutenant chuckled, he… the Lieutenant chuckled? A moment ago Sill-con was met with the familiar glare of disappointment, but not a few minutes after he chuckled and did not persist with his scolding disappointment. This was… sill-con genuinely felt thrown off by that.

Foster: Don’t worry, all of us start thinking nonsense from time to time.

Tito: Anything I can help with Commander. ::he pointed to the pilot’s seat:: And if I could do something from there, I wouldn’t mind sitting a bit.

Foster: Does it hurt?

Tito: I am not feeling worse, but this field does hamper my movements.

Foster: Good, then it’s working.

Such a legend in the field of medical care. The way he casually approaches and deals with the injuries shows nothing but raw experience oozing off of the blue man. Sill-con felt he was unworthy of being in the presence of two capable individuals… it almost made him feel like a burden disguised as a giant man of stone with strength to spare…

Foster: I got it activated.  You’re the intel guy, you should be able to adjust it to transmit something appropriately confusing for our friend out there.

Tito: ?

Sill-con blinked twice when he realized that the commander was speaking. He would immediately crush the habit of wandering thoughts and listen closely to his superior.

Tito: ?

Foster: Could you lift your leg, please, Ensign?

Tito: ?

Sill-con blinked a few times, not sure if the commander understood the level of strength it took to do such a simple action. As his anti gravity was destroyed with the creatures teeth sinking into it… he trained for years to exceed his peers, to go beyond his natural strength to be beyond other brikarians, to be the mountain that peaked higher than other mountains, and that was the reason he was able to lift his leg to fight against the crippling weight of gravity… it made him wonder how creatures of his king had so much natural strength and yet what is considered normal gravity took that away from them.

Tito: ?

Foster: Nasty, determined little things.  They’ll shoot venom covered bone spurs to take down a threat.  ::He held it up in the light before dropping it into a quarantine case:: According to the med banks the locals call these ‘Cardassian killers.’

Tito: ?

Sill-con: then… let us hope my career doesn't end early from a titled beast-

Tito: ?

Foster: You, Ensign, have a very thick hide, so fortunately it won’t be a ‘Brikar-killer’ – but this stuff is caustic, so let me neutralize the venom so you stop feeling the discomfort.

Tito: ?

He kept his silence as he looked upon the masterful work of the great medic. To be treated with such care made him question what consequences he was going to face if he lived long enough. Was he being relieved of pain because the punishment would be worse? 

Tito: ?

Trovek: =/\= Trovek to Foster. What’s your status?

Foster: =/\= We are secure inside the Seijin, with no major injuries. =/\=

Trovek: =/\= We’ll be there shortly. Unless you have other plans I’d like to evacuate you and get out of here before our new friend makes up his mind on whether to flee or to fight.

Foster: =/\= I’ll get everyone ready—

Tito: ?

Sill-cons face winched… he never showed any pain or discomfort when the beast sank its teeth down his leg, yet the idea of abandoning the mission when they havent started gave him this spike in his chest they went through him with ease. And then the roars… it was like a call of duty, the world was moving and they were going to leave it. They have… failed spectacularly.

Tito: ?

Foster: =/\= You OK?! =/\=

Trovek: =/\= No, we're fine. ::pause:: Make yourself ready to be picked up, I am not spending a second longer here than I have to.=/\=

Foster: =/\= We’ll be ready. =/\=

Foster: ok, I’m neutralizing some venom.  You’re ::He pointed to Sill-con:: Standing still until that’s done and then getting us ready for evac.  Tito, if that probe is ready to launch sent it – Trovek might need the help.

Tito: ?

Sill-con: to not even trek out and commit to our mission… i have failed star fleet-

Tito: ?

He closed his eyes as he felt the end of the mission, it felt… disappointing. He would have objected to leaving this mission even if he lost an arm… but as he is at this moment? Could he even lift a finger? It happened so quickly and yet sill-con felt it dig deep into his pride as he displayed such… incompetence to those who are more than him.

Foster/Tito: ?



Ensign Obsius Sill-con

Security Officer

StarBase 118 Ops




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