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Lt. Blackwell - Crashing into Bad

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Despite the G-Mail issue that unfortunately meant a re-sim, I want to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed reading this.  I especially like the balance between dialogue and narration, the pacing, and the plot-complication that absolutely makes sense in the context of the the story. Well done, @Prudence "Rue" Blackwell




((Town of Carinth - Market Place))


Being the sort that was normally happy, easy going, optimistic, it was rare that Rue had a “bad” day.

She had days that were difficult. Days that were frightening. Days that were dangerous.

A Bad Day was reserved for just those days where she was ready to toss anyone who got in her way out an air lock.


The Conversation with T’Shreth and the way this mission had gone in a direct downward trajectory was more towards difficult.

However, the trajectory was not promising. 

At least they were getting themselves extricated from a bad situation, and - hopefully- not making an enemy

Blackwell: Then that works for *all of us* ::She glanced to the two, again a sharper look in her eyes:: 

Bailey: Again we apologise for taking up your time and thank you for the information you have provided. 

Renot: Good day to you, Miss Vissan, may the winds be in your favour.

She gave a quiet nod in return to the one she was given.

T’Shreth: May the Prophets watch your back.

She offered a very wan smile and glanced to Renot and Bailey, and mentally counted off thirty seconds; enough time for T’Shreth to get out into the bar, and disassociate herself with them.

Blackwell: Let’s take it slow and quiet. We want to look discouraged, frustrated, but not enough to look anything more than off planet dealers who just got a disappointment.

Renot/Bailey: ?

Blackwell: With any luck, we’ll walk out of here, walk out of the bar, and just be on our way.

Renot/Bailey: ?

Rue just hoped that would be the least of it. She hoped.


She decided to take first in their line, keeping her expression matching her emotions, which for the moment, were grim and frustrated - and started up the hallway. As she peeked out the doorway for a moment, she noticed a quiet in the bar that wasn’t there prior, with the tender wiping the counter, with his expression looking even - more- unwelcoming and tense than it had before. 

And then she saw the problem: three Orion Men.

She was about to back further in the doorway, look for any other option -other- than a fight.

Blackwell: Quiet - We have Orion Syndicate. ::She was making a guess, but right now, she doubted highly these were just random Orions out for a drink::

And then…the one of the more perceptive of the trio looked towards her…and she cursed, saying something that if anyone understood, would likely have made an experienced shady criminal blush, followed by a single word to Renot and Bailey

Blackwell::Hissing:: Back.

Just like that, the Day Crashed Right into Bad.

Renot/Bailey: ?



Lt. Prudence Blackwell


Starbase 118




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