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Ferri Emlott - Cat and ~~Mouse~~ Cat

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I'm enjoying reading this scene unfold, not just because of the action, but because of the feelings between the characters involved!  ❤️
((Poacher Camp, Bajor))
The situation with Umadi and her poachers had escalated. Garrett, Umadi’s second in command, had been killed, and Ferri and Aine had fled into the forest.
They had found refuge in a ditch - at least for the time being, but the footsteps of those Umadi had sent after them were steadily getting louder.
It reminded Ferri of one of her training scenarios, where her aim had been not to be found until sunrise. She had failed twice before actually succeeding, and she had succeeded because she had decided to attack rather than stay hidden.
Emlott: Aine, I think we need to shoot.
Sherlock: I think we just need to hide. Wait it out.
She shook her head. Time wasn’t on their side, and the poachers had already showcased extensive equipment available to them.
Emlott: They can get devices to see temperature.
Multiple footsteps were getting closer and closer.
Sherlock: Ok, do you know what an ambush is? ::beat:: Nevermind, of course you do.
Aine's tone was almost scolding, and Ferri blinked. Yes, she knew, but why was Aine mad about it?
Emlott: Yes… what is your plan?
Sherlock: If you get up to that ridge on the right, I'll move back in this grove a bit. When they get to here ::pointing to the ridge above them:: I'll shoot at them from cover and try to draw them down here. Then, you let them have it.
Emlott: And what about a better hiding place?
Preferably for Aine. Ferri didn't want Aine to get hurt.
Sherlock: We'll worry about finding a safe spot once we eliminate the immediate threat. Ready?
Emlott: Ready.
Aine made her way deeper into the shallow grove, and Ferri made her way to the ridge Aine had pointed out. When it came to natural night-vision, Ferri had a clear advantage over most other species, but the dropped temperature made it exceedingly unpleasant to move.
Ferri waited for Aine’s signal, and it came in the form of phaser fire impacting on the lower ridge. The three poachers - Ferri was sure that a fourth one was missing - pointed into the direction Aine has hiding, and two of them hastily made their way there. The third stayed back, saying something about ‘guarding their rear’, but didn’t actually seem eager to guard anything.
He knelt down to tie an open shoelace, and that’s when Ferri - how had Aine said it? - ambushed him. The poacher didn’t turn around until Ferri had closed the distance between them and thrust the phaser into his chest before she fired. He didn't even get to scream.
Emlott: :to herself:: One down.
Ferri hated this. She didn’t want to be like this, and she was grateful that Garo never sent her on these kind of assignments. For a split second, her sense of self-preservation kicked in, and she considered to flee while she had the chance. She liked Aine, but she was fairly sure that Aine didn’t like her back. The two of them barely talked since her return.
But Ferri didn’t want to leave her behind. As a matter of fact, as stupid as it was, she decided that she didn’t want to leave anyone behind. Ever.
Quietly she followed the other two poachers, who were just a few feet away from Aine’s hiding spot. There was no sneaking up quietly on those two, and so Ferri did what was reasonable - she fired.
The phaser fire was bright and blinding, and the woman crumbled to the floor. Her companion howled in rage and began to charge towards Ferri, whose phaser - just at this moment - decided that it had worked long enough.
Ferri Emlott
Ambassador Zorkal’s Aide
Starbase 118 Ops
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