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Garret & Kevin: "Random Campout"

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When your BBEG are called Garret and Kevin ❤️ Loved this intro @Alora DeVeau



((Poachers Camp))

The man they had encountered was not a particularly courageous person.  No, he was far too interested in living rather than dying, so when the women made it clear that his life was forfeit if he didn’t lead them to ‘him’, he elected to go the safer route.  Safer in the short term.  There would be hell to pay, but he would deal with that after the fact.  Once he got back to the camp, he would make the best of the situation and fin a way to leave before too much attention was put upon him and he had to suffer the blow he knew would surely come. So, he led them on into the depths of the trees.  

The forest provided perfect cover for the men and women who temporarily occupied Bajor.  They were there for one reason and one reason only - a job.  They were set up in temporary shelters, milling about as they waited for the word to move out.  As one of their own walked into the camp, his head hanging, eyes turned not only toward him, but to those who trekked behind and those who were seated rose to their feet.  The man didn’t flinch, but walked on until he came to another, a human who wore a frown as the group approached. 

Garret: What’s this?  

His chin jutted toward the trio of women behind him, taking in each one before falling back to the man who still hung his head.  It was shameful behaviour, but for the moment, the focus was on the women. 

The man looked up, then glanced at those behind him. 

Kevin: Didn’t have much choice Garret. 

Garret: Is that right?

Emlott/Noxwyn/Sherlock: Response

Garret: Really now.  

Garret shifted and hooked his thumbs into his belt as he studied the trio a little longer.  His brown eyes held no warmth or welcome for the little group. 

Garret: And what exactly might that be? 

He glanced around and a couple of the others shook their heads.  Most looked on, but with a heightened wariness at the women clustered behind Kevin.  None of them seemed particularly thrilled at the ‘visitors’.  

Emlott/Noxwyn/Sherlock: Response

One hand unhooked from the belt and reached up, running over his chin as he eyed all three of them.  He half chuckled, as a sardonic smile made an appearance.  

Garret: And who told you that we were involved in that sort of sport, huh?

Emlott/Noxwyn/Sherlock: Response


Garret & Kevin
Some random guys in a random camp deep in the woods for a random reason


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