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Earth wins Fedevision Song Contest 2399

Federation News Service

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PELIOS — Latin beats captured the hearts of music lovers across the Federation as Alonso Callabra brought home a record-breaking third Fedevision victory for Earth.

The 14th edition of the annual music festival took place this week in the peaceful Pelian capital city. Out of 40 contestants representing Federation member planets, from Tiburon to Bolarus IX, Earth emerged victorious in a nail-biting finish with the song “Para todos brilla el sol” (“The Sun Shines for Everyone”). Callabra, 29, hails from Copernicus City, Luna, and has been performing since he was a child.

“It was such an honor to represent Earth,” said Callabra in a press conference after his victory. “I can’t wait to welcome everyone across the Federation back home next year.”

Earth is the first planet to have won the contest three times. They previously won the inaugural Fedevision in 2386 and again in 2391. Only two other planets—Betazed and Risa—have multiple victories to their names.

For the second year in a row, Bajor was runner up, this time by a razor-thin margin of just three points. The Tumulna-based folk band The Land + The People were the bookmaker’s favorites with their dramatic ballad, “In the Arms of The Prophets.” Rounding out the top five were Vulcan, Gideon, and Cestus III, the latter on its Fedevision debut.

According to the contest’s rules, the winning planet gets the right to host the next year’s contest. Within hours of Callabra’s victory, several cities on Earth declared their interest in staging the event, among them Harare, Prishtina, and Hue.

“We are tremendously proud of Alonso, who represented us so well in this year’s song contest,” said United Earth Minister of Culture Scarlett Bottomley. “Fedevision is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase to the entire galaxy what makes a planet and its people unique. We gladly take over the privilege and the responsibility of hosting from our friends and worthy predecessors on Pelios. Hosting in 2400 will have extra significance for us, as the people of Earth prepare to ring in the new century of our common calendar in the year 2401.”

Praise for the Pelians’ organization and hosting of Fedevision 2399 was nearly universal. Officials, performers, and attendees alike enjoyed Pelios’ trademark peaceful hospitality while the contest itself was a technical and artistic success.

“I will say that when we won last year, there were concerns about whether we could pull off an event of this magnitude,” said Pelian Tourism Minister Jiff. “But with determination and expert advice from previous host planets, we made our mark on the Federation.”

Jiff was quick to emphasize that opportunities for tourists on Pelios were not going away just because the contest was over. “This event has opened us up to the rest of the galaxy, and we welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to see what makes Pelios great.”

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