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[2005: APR-MAY] Full moon


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(( Betazed – The house of the aunts of simon Rocket – Simon’s room ))

:: It was past 12 and Simon tried to fall asleep, but somehow this was a difficult task for him. He was worrying about stuff he didn’t had anything to say about. He nodded as he looked at his alarmclock. The young boy turned around in his bed, while he was trying to get some sleep. It didn’t take long anymore before he felt asleep.

At the same time his aunt stood before his door, she opened the door and looked at the sun of his sister. She smiled as she slowly walked to his bed. The young Simon had been tuning around and around in his bed and as a result the bed sheets where on the ground. She smiled and picked up the sheet of the ground. She softly placed it over Simon’s body. She kissed the kid on his head as a goodnight kiss. She looked around his room and noticed a little picture standing on a little clauset. She walked toward it and picked it up, she was standing on the picture with her other sister that lived in this building along with her. A level lower on the picture stood Simon who was standing proud next to his aunts. ::

VIOLET: o0 I hope he gets more control over his powers… 0o

:: Violet put the picture back on the clauset and silently left Simon’s room. She took one last blink at him and than closed the door.

As she closed the door she walked towards the living room. Vesta stood next to the table who was standingt in the middle of the room, she nodded as she turned the page of the Book of Shadows, Violet nodded to her and took walked to her.

Vesta looked up at her while she approached her.::

VESTA: Is Simon asleep?

:: Violet looked at her and nodded yes. ::

VIOLET: Sleeping like a baby.

:: Vesta smiled as Violet took her place next to her, both woman turned their eyes to their Book of Shadows. It has been in their famelie for then generations. The book had some scars on it, it looked old as it already went trough alot. Violet nodded and looked at Vesta. ::

VIOLET: Have you found the spell already?

VESTA: Nope, not yet, but I’m looking for it, you have to remember that it’s already over the threehudred pages long.

:: Violet nodded yes to her and looked down while she was standing almost above her. ::

VIOLET: We must hurry up with this Vesta, you know there’s a full moon over a weak and we need that spell.

VESTA: I already know that.

:: Violet nodded and walked towards the couch that was standing on the left side of the room. She let herself drop on the couch and grabbed a pillow. She healt it against her chest as she was staring at the dark room. After some minutes she couldn’t help falling asleep in the couch.

Vesta looked at her with a nod in her face, she yawned as she turned the next page of the book. She was tired but she had to find the spell that they needed.

As Vesta was looking trough the book, time passed trough the room. Before she noticed the sun shining trough windows she finally found the spell they needed. She placed a little bookmark on the right page and closed it, she nodded and looked around in the room.

Violet was still sleeping in the couch that was standing behind a white wall. Vesta nodded and walked to the replicator that was next to the couch. ::

VESTA: Coffee black.

:: The small computer bleeped and a hot cup of coffee was made for her, she reached out for the cup of coffee that was filling the little replicator cabin. She quickly held the cup against her chest and walked away from the little replicator. She quickly walked to the sofa that was standing in the room and sat down on it, she lifted her legs and let them rest on the soft and long side of the sofa. She than held the cup of coffee in her left hand and let her right be the support of her head, that was now leaning against the head of the sofa. It didn’t take long before she dozed of and felt in a little deep sleep. ::


(( Simon's room ))

:: Simon was peacefully sleeping in his bed. It didn't take long before he woke up. He sleapfully opened his eyes as he stretched his body a little. He turned his head around and noticed that it was 08.00 am in the morning. He nodded and turned his head back to the ceiling. It wasn't much of a vieuw as always, but he didn't want to come out of his bed. After 15 minutes he let himself drop out of his bed. He still felt sleepy as he walked to the big window on the other side of his room. As he approached the window he let his hands taking the weight of his body as he rested on the casing of the window. It wasn’t a big and yet not a small window, he didn’t had to open the window as it was already open, a summerbrease went trough his face as he stood their. ::

ROCKET: o0 Nice… 0o :: He closed his eyes as he relaxed on the breeze of the wind. Simon opened his eyes again and started to walk away from the window and towards the bathroom to take a sonic-shower. He quickly left the room and after 15 minutes he left the bathroom and walked back into his room. He always walked quickly to his room.

As he walked into his room he walked to the big clauset thatv was standing in his rrom and which was filled with clothes. He opened the big open windows and picked out a black shirt and some dark/dirty colered jeans. After a minute he was ready for a fresh new day filled with new chances. He smiled as he walked back to the bathroom and did brushed his hair downwards. He smiled as he looked at the shape of his hair, it was always dark, but this week his aunts dailed his hair. It was now a dirty blond colered hair. He nodded with a smile and put the brush back on the table. He quickly turned around and walked to the livingroom.

As he entered the big room he noticed that his aunts where sleeping on the couches. He nodded and walked to Aunt Violet. ::

ROCKET: Auntie V…

:: Violet didn’t respond to Simon the first time but after Simon called her name again she opened her eyes. She was staring at Simon with sleepy eyes. ::

VIOLET: (softly) Hey is it morning already?

:: Simon smiled and nodded yes to her. She blinked with her eyes as she took a sitting position on the couch. She moved her hands over her head and rubbed her eyes a little, before she got up.

After a minute she was standing and walked to the replicator. ::

VIOLET: Coffee, with milk.

:: The replicator bleeped as the cup of Coffee appeared in a blue haze. She quickly grabbed the cup and started to drink it. ::

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:: After some seconds she lowerd the cup of coffee and walked to Simon. ::

VIOLET: Do you need have any plans for today?

:: Simon smiled to her. ::

ROCKET: Well yes I do, I’m gonna skate with some friends of mine.

:: Violet nodded and grabbed a pad from the table. ::

VIOLET: Okay, anything else?

:: Simon looked up to her. ::


:: He turned around and picked up his skateboard and wanted to walk to the door. ::

VIOLET: Simon can you please get something from “The place”?

:: Simon turned around and nodded yes to her. Aunt Violet smiled in return to the boy while he walked further to the door. ::

VIOLET: Wait!!

:: Simon turned around confused to her. ::


VIOLET: Aren’t you forgetting something?

:: Simon nodded no to her and wanted to continue. When suddenly Violet opened her mouth to her. ::

VIOLET: You haven’t eaten yet now have you?

:: Before Simon answerd to her he already left the door and took of to his friends house, where both of them would go to his other friends and go skating in Skia. That was the hottest place to skate, at least it was for Simon. ::

(( Aunts house – Living room ))

:: Violet nodded and returned her face to her sister who was sleeping on the sofa. ::

VIOLET: o0 Looks like she is tired. 0o

:: Violet nodded and walked to the Book of shadows which was still lying on the table. The big book was closed, it was really a thick book to read. It was filled with potions, rituals, a list and discriptions of the goddes who ruled over Betazed, Demons and other things. She approached the book and saw that there was something sticking out of the book, she opened the book on the exact page where here sister was looking at. She smiled as she started to read the spell aand the ritual on the page. ::

VIOLET: o0 Sha has found the spell plus the rirual that belonmgs with it. 0o

:: She started to read trough the page and noticed the ritual was like three pages long. ::

VIOLET: o0 Looks someone had a big interest in writing this ritual. 0o

:: After vifteen minutes she finnaly readed like óne page. It was amazing there was so many info about this ritual althought it was a dangerous one and had to be performed every hundred years. ::

VIOLET: o0 I hope we can perform it the right way. 0o

:: As she started to read the second half she saw that they needed some rare ingredients, of course they could get this at the local wiccan shop. There where earth type ingredients mixed with Betazed’s ingredients. It was strange how two planets could get ingredients so identical to this religeon.

At that moment Vesta started to wake up, Violet noticed her waking up, she smiled as she opened her mouth. ::

VIOLET: Goodmorning sunshine.

:: Vesta looked back towards her sister, her head was filled with sleep, but she had to get up. Her cup of coffee was standing on the sofa next to her body, it was strange that it didn’t fell over her while she was sleeping.

Vesta got up from the sofa, she walked silently towards the replicator while she was holding the cup of cold coffee. As she reached the replicator she placed the little cup into it. ::

VESTA: Recycle.

:: The computer bleeped and the cup of coffee dissapeared in a blue haze, it didn’t take long for the computer to get rid of this order. But before Vesta turned her head. ::

VESTA: Computer a cup of coffee black.

:: A new cup of hot coffee appeared out of a blue haze. She quickly grabbed this new cup of coffee and walked of towards the couch. She took sat down on the couch and stared at Violet for several seconds. ::

VESTA: I told you I could find it, I just needed some time.

:: Violet nodded yes towards her sister while she kept reading the third page. ::

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:: Vesta nodded to her while she tooks a sip from her coffee. She didn’t like to be ignored but there where times that she had to get used to it.

After Vesta finished her drinking her coffee, she placed it on the little table which was in front of her and stood up again, she walked to her sister and saw that she finished reading the ritual and everything that belonged with it. Violet turned her head towards her sister and nodded. ::

VIOLET: You know we need to get some ingredients for this ritual. We have some but most part we need to get from the Place and than there are some items that just needs to be picked up in the forest.

VESTA: Agreed, listen if you take a shower now I will write it down on a padd and than when your finished I can go under the shower and you can finish the grocery list.

VIOLET: And then we can get the grocery’s together.

:: Her sister nodded yes to her. ::

VESTA: Exactly

:: Violet Smiled at her sister and quickly left the room.

Vesta looked at her sister when she left and than she walked back to the replicator. She asked for a padd and after some seconds a blue haze created the little device, it was strange how such a small thing could function for a long time. But this wasn’t Vesta’s concurne yet, she quickly walked back to the book and started to record the grocery list they needed for their ritual. It didn’t took long before her sister returned and Vesta had almost recorder the whole list. ::

VIOLET: Don’t tell me you finished it already?

:: Vesta grinned at her sister. ::

VESTA: Of course not, I would never wanna snatch your work.

:: Both sisters laughed at this remark, for a second. Violet walked to her sister and in return she got the little black padd from her. She nodded as Vesta left the room and walked to the shower to get herself cleaned up. ::


:: Vesta walked into the livingroom again, she was wearing black clothes as always. She nodded at Violet who just finished their grocery list. Violet smiled as soon as she saw her sister enter the room. Vesta looked gorgoes in those clothes. ::

VIOLET: Where you hoping on some discount from the manager?

:: Vesta nodded at her sister and finally smiled. ::

VESTA: Well we do have some expensive stuff on that list.

VIOLET: You don’t know that Ves.

:: Vesta turned to her sister with a ego looking blink in her eyes. ::

VESTA: Well it’s always good to be prepared for it.

:: Violet grinned at this remark and turned back to the black little pad which was covered with some celtic markings on it. She had everything recorded in her list. She stopped the recording and left the padd on the table for several seconds. ::

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:: Violet than turned around and waited for her sister to move her way to her. ::

VIOLET: It always is, sis.

:: Vesta grabbed the pad from the table as soon as she reached it. She smiled to her sister and gave it a quick read. ::

VESTA: We must go act quickly, we can’t afford to loose any seconds.

:: Violet looked at her sister. ::

VIOLET: Don’t worry we have like four days.

VESTA: Yes I know we have, but if something goes wrong with the preperations?

:: Violet looked at her sister, she knew that they could make a mistake with making the potion, she knew from experience that they had made several faults with making other potions. Faults that they couldn’t use this time. ::

VIOLET: Don’t worry, but you are right, however we still need a third power for this.

:: Vesta looked at her sister and nodded. ::

VESTA: Well normally we would have Liana to help us, but you know she isn’t here to help us now.

:: Violet nodded to her sister and knew she was right on this matter. ::

VIOLET: We can use Simon…

:: Vesta looked at her sister with disbelief in her eyes. ::

VESTA: You know that boy is to unexperienced with magick or his thelaphatic powers.

VIOLET: Come on sis, you know how strong he can be, he just need some help wih controllling his powers.

:: Vesta looked at her sister with a sarcastic look in her eyes. ::

VESTA: Yeah I know he is strong, but you know exactly he wouldn’t be able to control it and we need full control.

:: Violet nodded, she knew her sister was right, but it didn’t matter she needed someone from their bloodline and the only one they could use was Simon at this moment. Of course they could call her other Sister Lianna but before a starship could drop her of on Betazed, the week would already have passed.

With that they didn’t had any other options than to use Simon and hope for the best. ::

VIOLET: We don’t have any other options.

:: Vesta nodded and looked down to the floor. ::

VESTA: Your right.

:: Vesta moved her hand trough her hair and moved her head up to the ceiling. ::

VESTA: You know only one of us can make the potion while the other can train him.

:: Violet looked at her sister. ::

VIOLET: You know training thelaphatic powers like he has takes years, how do you expect to train him in like four days, before we need to perform the ritual.

VESTA: Well I’m not the one who is gonna train him, you know to well that you are the best option to train him. I will be the one who’s gonna make the potion as that’s what I’m good in.

:: Violet nodded to her, it was true that Vesta was better with making potions to her, but than didn’t mean that she was bad at making it. However Violet realized that it was the best option for them. It would be the only one they got a chance for. ::

VIOLET: Your right, I’ll try to teach him as quick as I can.

:: Vesta smiled at her sister. ::

VESTA: Good, know come on and let’s get some grocery’s for the potion.

:: Violet noded and with that they both grabbed theit little purses. Vesta put the little padd in hers and with that both sister s left their home and made their way to “The Place” for they ingredients for the potion plus the ritual. ::


(( Skia ))

:: Simon had just picked up his friends, it wasn’t a big group but at least it was his little group.

This little group existed out of five kids, Simon, Ashlee(Ash), Jamie, Twister and Jeroen. The whole group where on skateboards as they where riding trough Skia. ::

TWISTER: Hey Simon!!!

:: Simon turned his head around while he was skating. ::

ROCKET: Yeah what’s up?

:: Simon looked at Twister, but didn’t get a response back from him, instead Twister let himself roll of the halfpipe, the wheels on his board went crazy as it rolled down from the hill. (half-pipe) Simon nodded as he saw his friend perform a little stunt in the air and landed perfectly on the half-pipe again. As Twister got halfway he stopped his board and jumped of it, he kicked with his feet the edge of the board and it flipped right up into his hands. Twister looked at Simon with a smile. ::

TWISTER: What do you think?

:: Simon nodded with a smile as he approached his friend while he was riding his board towards him. :::

ROCKET: Looks very good. :: Simon gave a smile at Twist. ::

TWISTER: Thanks, but can you do the same?

:: Twister looked at Simon with a little ego look, he knew that Simon would always say yes to a little challange like this.

Simon looked back at Twister with a smile of confedince in his eyes. ::

ROCKET: No problemo.

:: Simon got of his board and walked to the upstanding half-pipe. He quickly walked up onto the platform that was on top of it. He let go of his skateboard and let it fall on the ground, the board bounced as it hit the metal floor of the half-pipe. Simon put his left food on it and pushed it to the edge of the half-pipe. The board was standing up on the edge, the back of the board and the wheels holded the board up, while Simon’s food was still standing on the edge of the board, he quickly moved his other food onto the board and let lett his weight go to the forside of his board, the board itself slided downwards and as quick as it went, Simon was coming downwards with his board from the left side of the half-pipe, it only took some seconds before he reached the other side and was let into the air, he performed the little stunt of his friend while the board was reaching the end of as far as he could go into the air, Simon turned around as he went back downwards to the edge of the Half-pipe, the wheels of the board quickly touched the hard steel of the half-pipe and made it’s way downwards. The wheels of the board where spinning madly as Simon went down into the Halfpipe, unlike his friend Simon didn’t stop and made another air jump.

Twister looked at his friend and looked with a big smile of wonder to Simon. After some minutes Simon stopped his board and got of it, he looked at Twister with a sadisfied face. ::


:: Twister looked at Simon with a big smile. ::

TWISTER: You where great!!!

:: Simon grinned at his friend, he already knew he was great, but it felt good for his ego and Simon was a kid who was getting a big ego. Simon liked to be good at things and he didn’t liked it if he sucked at it, normally if he couldn’t be number one he didn’t like it at all.

At this moment Liana walked over to Simon from the back side. ::

LIANA: Looks like someone is boosting up their ego.

:: She smiled at Simon while he turned around, he smiled back as a response. ::

ROCKET: I know I’m great.

:: Liana grinned as she looked at Simon. ::

LIANA: And your ego is also great.

:: Both kids grinned at this comment. Twister nodded at them with a smile on his face, he quickly walked over to the couple. ::

TWISTER: Guys are we moving along again or can I wait untill it’s night again?

:: Simon nodded at his friend as did Liana. ::

ROCKET: Twist chil, where already moving on again.

:: With this the three kids hopped on their boards and started to skate around the park again. As they where skating some of Simon’s friends arrived at the park.

Ashlee just walked trough the entrance and saw Simon, Twister and Liana skating on their boards, she smiled as she noticed that Simon looked at her quickly.

Simon was just performing a railslide over some pipes as he did this he saw Ashlee walking trough the entrance of the park, he gave a little smile towards her, in return he got a smile back from her. Simon reached the end of the rale and made a little jump with his board. The board jumped up as it changed it’s position. As quickly as it went the board touched the ground with his wheels in the right position. Simon quickly used his foot to peddle on the ground. The board kept it’s speed as he did this. It didn’t took long before he reacher Ashlee. With a rough turn the board stopped it’s movement. ::

ROCKET: Hey Ash.

:: Ashlee nodded at Simon with a smile on her face, she was used that her friends called her Ash or Ashie, she didn’t really mind that people called her like that. ::

ASHLEE: Hey Rocket boy.

:: Simon smiled at her. ::

ROCKET: Hey where’s Jamie?

ASHLEE: Well last thing I know he was behind me, but I kinda lost him. :: She looked at Simon with a little grin in her eyes. ::

ROCKET: Right… Don’t tell me he crashed against something?]

:: Both have a little grin at this comment. ::

ASHLEE: Maybe that was the crashing sound that I heard behind me.

ROCKET: You know we really should teach him the art of not falling on your face.

ASHLEE: Yeah, it’s to bad for your ego.

:: Both kids laughed at this joke, at the same time Jamie passed a high building, he nodded as he saw Ashlee talk to Simon. He quickly went with his board over the road towards the main entrance of the skatepark.

From Simon’s eye coner he saw Jamie appearing on his skateboard. He pinched Ashlee a little and nodded to her. She quickly understood the sign and turned her head around, she saw Jamie walking trough the entrance with his skateboard in his hands. ::

ASHLEE: Don’t tell me you couldn’t keep up with me?

:: Jamie nodded at her as he quickly walked up to them. ::

JAMIE: I could have keep up with you, if I didn’t crashed against some baskets who where in my way a little.

:: The three kids grinned a little. ::


:: The two grinned at each other. Simon looked at Jamie and put his hand around his neck. ::

ROCKET: Just remember to watch out that you don’t crash into us.

:: Simon said this with a playfull sound to it. Jamie smiled as he knew Simon was only joking with him. ::

JAMIE: Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep the crashes to a low level.

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:: The three kids grinned a little, now the team was fully complete it was time for some skating. The five youngsters skated the whole morning, around lunchtime the five stopped with skating and decided to get some lunch before they whould starv from hunger. ::

ROCKET: Anyone for the Kelis?

:: The four kids looked at him. ::

ASHLEE: Naaah, I don’t feel much for that kind of food today.

:: The others nodded yes. As they where talking they moved their way out of the skatepark that they have been skating in. As they passed trough the exit they decided to go to the Bunker, it was a local restaurant that served as a bar.

The youngsters dropped their skateboards on the ground and went all skating to this place to get some food. It didn’t take long before they orderd something. They payed their food and left the place, the young groups skate trough the sity while eating a little. ::

JAMIE: So what do you guys wanna do this afternoon?

:: Simon thought about it for a second and turned around to the group. ::

ROCKET: Anyone up for some surfing?

:: Ashlee smiled at him while she was eating, she quickly opened her mouth. ::

ASHLEE: Sounds good to me.

JAMIE/TWISTER: Me two. (together)

:: The group grinned and turned around to Liana who didn’t said anything yet. She looked at the group while she lowered her milkshake. ::

LIANA: I’d love to, but we need to get our surfing gear from home first.

ROCKET: Yeah, I know it’s not like we can use ask a starfleetgeek for transporting it to us.

:: The group grinned a little. ::

ASHLEE: You know we could ask them, but they will probably say no to us.

JAMIE: Yeah they probably say something like “The transports aren’t kids toys.”

:: Simon grinned and opened his mouth. ::

ROCKET: Imagine we would bump into some Vulcan who will probably say “Your need for the transporter is unloggical and our needs outgoal het need of the few.”

:: The group laughed at this joke and didn’t notice a Starfleet officer walking by. The officer word heard every word of what the kids where saying even the words that they said while they where eating. The man nodded and walked away. ::

ASHLEE: Well I suggest we meet somewhere while we get our gear from our homes.

ROCKET/JAMIE/TWISTER/LIANA: (all together) Yes ma’am.

ROCKET: Beach house?

JAMIE: Which one ther are like twelve beach houses.

LIANA: Well let’s go to beach house seven, as far away from the first beach house as those stupid starfleet guys like hanging around there and can’t keep stop themselfs from interfearing with our fun.

TWISTER: Yeah your right, those guys really are iretating. Think they rule the place.

ROCKET: Well there is only one thing that would be cool about starfleet.

ASHLEE: And that is?

ROCKET: Those ships, I think those intrepids are a wicked design.

:: The group grinned a little. ::

TWISTER: Don’t tell me you have been reading the starfleet model book?

ROCKET: Of course not, but I heard there was a intrepid ship in the space station above us.

:: Liana looked surprised at Simon. ::

LIANA: There is?

ASHLEE: Yeah there is one, I think they called it the USS Spectrum or something like that.

TWISTER: You know it would be cool if we could get the chance to sneak aboard and take a little sight seeing.

ROCKET: Right, but that would be to boring we could have a better time with getting into trouble on that ship.

:: Simon turned his head around to the group with a little naughty smile on his face.

Ashlee grinned and looked at Simon. ::

ASHLEE: Yes it would, but how do you expect to sneak aboard onto a ship like that?

:: Simon nodded and turned his face around while he held his hands up against his head. ::

ROCKET: I don’t know.

:: The group nodded and splitted up as each one went to his home to get his gear. Finnally Simon was the only one left and quickly started to make his way home, he jumped on the skateboard and took of for his home. ::


(( Simon’s aunts house ))

:: Violet walked towards the litle door as she was holding some shopping bags in her arms. She approached the door it quickly slid open for her, while she made her way trough it. It didn’t take long before she reached the kitchen, she quickly let her newly bought stuff drop on the diningtable. ::

VESTA: Violet can you give me a hand please?

:: Violet nodded and quickly walked to her older sister. Violet looked at her and nodded. ::

VIOLET: Come on you can carry those on your own they aren’t that heavy you know.

:: Vesta nodded to her sister and grabbed the bag from storage compartment. Violet saw that her sister had some trouble with holding the package up, Violet nodded and rolled her eyes, but than decided to help her sister. She walked to her and silently grabbed the other side of the package and tried to hold it up so that the weight would be lesser for Vesta.

The both of them walked with the heavy package trough the door of the house and made their way to the kitchen where they let it drop on the table. With a loud sound the package landed on the table, Vesta nodded and thanked her sister, she quickly went back outside and grabbed the other stuff they needed.

As quick as it weant they got all the stuff from the shuttle that was parked into the driveway. ::


:: Vesta and Violet sat behind the table, they sat there for a minute. ::

VESTA: I think that was all.

:: Violet nodded with her head yes as she kept staring in front of her. ::

VIOLET: You know we still gotta use the big celtic steel type pan, like the ritual said it has to be cooked.

VESTA: Yes I know, I think we have to use the one that’s up in the athic.

:: Violet nodded yes to her sister with a nod. It meant that they needed to carry the stuff upstairs, she nodded with her head. ::

VIOLET: You know we could transport it upstairs.

:: Her sister smiled at her. ::

VESTA: You leazy dog.

:: Both woman started to laugh for a minute or so, as the laughter stopped they got up and grabbed the stuff and moved it up to the athic. ::


:: As all the stuff was upstairs they moved it to the table and opened all the packages, but on that exact moment Simon arrived. ::


:: Simon came rolling down the hill to his aunts house, as he got to the door he jumped of his board and started to run inside, he quickly wanted to get to his room and grab his surfing gear and made his way back to the beach, but before Simon could reach his room he was stopped by Violet.

She came walking down the stairs and quickly grabbed simon as he cam running trough the hallway to his room. Simon looked up with a smile to his aunt and waited for a response as he looked to her face. ::

ROCKET: What’s up auntie?

:: Violet smiled as she held his hand tightly. ::


:: With that she started to walk her way up onto the stairway pulling Simon allong. The young boy nodded and walked with her. Violet was the first to enter the large athic, as she stood on the ground she saw Simon looking at her and pulled him further up into the athic. ::

ROCKET: Why do I need to come to this place auntie?

:: The woman looked at the kid while she now pushed him into the room, as Simon was standing on the floor of the athic he took a look around, the room was filled with a little white smoke as his Aunt Vesta was making something in a big jar.

Simon looked at his Aunt and turned his head around the Violet. ::

ROCKET: What is aunt Vesta making, aunt Violet?

:: The woman looked at her sisters kid and nodded, she took a seat and looked to Simon. ::

VIOLET: She’s making a potion Simon, now please listen to me. :: Simon nodded yes as he looked at her with big wide open eyes. :: You came to Betazed to controll your thelaphatic and emphatic abilities and we have trained you for some time now. But do you also know those powers you have.

ROCKET: Powers?

VIOLET: Yes powers, the abiltiy to read people’s mind and feel what they are feeling are gifts created by the ancient gods and are given to people who deserves it. :: She nodded and than started to talk again. :: Those powers that you got are linked to a old religeon which is still beeing used by several humanoid lifeforms, including us.

ROCKET: What religeon? :: The kid looked to her with a puzzled face. ::

VIOLET: Our religeon is called wiccan or in other words witchcraft.

ROCKET: Witchcraft?

VIOLET: Yes witchcraft, in old times Betazeds used the power of nature for healing, teaching and other things.

:: Simon nodded as he tried to absorb this information into his head. He quicly nodded yes to Violet. ::

VIOLET: Simon before I talk further, are you afraid of witchcraft or the unown?

:: Simon nodded no.

Violet smiled to the young human. ::

VIOLET: Good, you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

:: As Violet and Simon where talking, on the other side of the room stood Vesta.

She was making the potion for the ritual. As she steard with a huge spoon trough the big yar, she garbbed a bottle of cat’s thoes, she opened the bottle and grabbed two pieces and let it drp into the big yar, which she was cooking in. As the cat’s thoes fell into the big yar, the steam of it changed into a purple colered fog, it didn’t smell bad. She silently nodded as she threw in some more ingredients of the potion.

It was hard for Violet to talk about her religeon and try to get Simon on their sides, so she told things so that the young man would agree with her.

As time passed trough the room Violet go trough to Simon’s head and the boy nodded yes to everything she said to him, he didn’t wanted to dissapoint her in any way.

Violet nodded and petted his little nephew on the head. ::

VIOLET: Good boy.

:: Simon smiled to her as he smelled the stew that his aunt was making, he wonderd wherefor she was making it.

Violet looked at the little boy, he was pretty clever but if he was clever enough to help them, that would be a question she couldn’t make a answer for. Still she hoped he had enough strength within his heart to help them and make it safely out of the ritual. ::


:: Violet had spend the whole day trying to teach Simon, it was a preperation for the ritual that he had to help them with. Hopefully he would survive it, but that chance was just one they had to take.

On the other side of the room, Vesta was working the whole day on the potion that she had to create, unfortunatly for her it was a really long one that had taken her the whole afternoon to make and maybe she had to work trough the night to finish it.

As the clock strook 7 pm, Violet got up and left Simon alone on the floor while she walked to Vesta. She approached her and saw that her sister was tired from working obn the potion. ::

VIOLET: How are you?

:: Vesta turned her head towards her sister and nodded. ::

VESTA: Good, but it will take me some more time to finnish this potion.

:: Violet nodded yes to her sister, before she got the chance to leave, Vesta turned her head once more to her. ::

VESTA: How is it going with the training?

:: Violet nodded with a sad smile. ::

VIOLET: Good he is learning quicker than I thought.


VIOLET: Well, do you think he would survive it?

:: Vesta nodded and turned her head back towards the big boiling stew. ::

VESTA: I don’t know, but we must risk it.

:: Violet nodded once more. ::

VIOLET: Do you think our ancestors would agree with our decision?

VESTA: I don’t know, but we don’t have the opertuniy to ask them now can we?

:: Violet nodded no to her sister. ::

VESTA: All we can do for now is prepare him and hope for the best.

:: Violet nodded yes to her.

Simon sat on the floor as his aunts where talking, he nodded and let lyed down on the floor with his head. He stared at the open roof, which was staring up into the sky. His mind dozed of a little as he was staring into the beatifull blue white sky. As he did he realized that he let his buddy’s down. Simon’s head rolled towards his aunts and silently got up and tried to leave the room. His aunts didn’t pay much attention to him and he was quickly downstairs, as he came to the mainground he started to run towards the starfleet designed laptop and opened it. ::

ROCKET: Computer open a link towards Twister Riga.

:: The computer bleeped and the lack screen changed into his friends head. ::

TWISTER: =/\= Hey Rocket boy!!! Where were you this afternoon? =/\=

ROCKET: =/\= Yeah sorry about that but I had to do something for my aunts… =/\=

TWISTER: =/\= O okay… Well I’ll spread the message to the rest, can you come tommorow btw? =/\=

ROCKET: =/\= I’m sorry I don’t think so. Anyways chat to you later. Bye bye. =/\=

:: With that Simon closed the link with his friend, he walked away from the laptop and back to the attic.

As Simon arrived he saw his aunts working on the potion, he had no idea what it was for but how his aunts acted it must be for something important. They didn’t ntice that he left the room.

Simon nodded and walked back to the place where he was sitting. ::


:: As the day neard it’s end, Vesta was finished with making the potion and set it over into small bottles. She already made like 12 bottles for the ritual and it could never hurt to have more than you need.

Violet however already brought Simon to bed and walked back to her sister, when she arrived Vesta she noticed that she already was making some progress. ::

VIOLET: Think we have enough.

:: Vesta nodded no to her while she was filling another little bottle with the potion. ::

VESTA: You can never have enough, you know that.

:: Violet nodded yes to her sister and helped her with filling a new bottle. ::

VIOLET: You know we still have like three days before the full moon, we might as well train Simon fully, I could really use your help with him.

VESTA: Yeah of course I can help you tommorow.

:: Violet smiled at her sister. ::


:: With that she walked to the window who was near her, she nodded and stared outside. It was a cold and dark night, she looked up to the moon which shining coldly towards the surface. She nodded and turned her face again towards her sister. ::


(( Simon’s bedroom ))

:: Simon was sleeping on his left side, his face was halfly covered by the pillow that he held in his hand. The blanket was covering his whole body while he was sleeping tightly. He made a little nod and turned around in bed.

As he was sleeping, the first rays of sunlight went trough his window and started to cover the room with golden rays of light. As the light touched Simon’s eyes he blinked with it a little and finally waked up. He got up from the bed and left it, he quickly went trough his daily routine like he always did.

After a hout he came walking into the livingroom, to his surprise his aunts where already up and working on something, he didn’t know what but he could tell that they didn’t had much time for him. He nodded and walked to the replicator that was standing on the other side of the room, he silently walked to it. As he stood before the black little hole in the wall he turned his face around to his aunts. ::

ROCKET: Computer one piece of pancakes with banana’s.

:: The computer bleeped and it a blue haze started to form on the black plate. After a minute it was completly materialized and Simon grabbed the plate with pancakes out of it, he walked to the dining table and took a seat. He nodded as he saw his aunts where trying to put something together, they didn’t really where good at it but it was a funny thing to see. ::

ROCKET: What are you guys doing?

:: Both sister looked a little shocked at Simon, they didn’t notice that he was already downstairs. Violet got up from the floor and whiped some dirt of her skirt and walked to Simon. ::

VIOLET: Nothing honey.

ROCKET: O okay…

:: He looked at her a little confused while he was eating his pancake. ::

VIOLET: You know you need to train again today.

:: Simon nodded yes to her. ::

ROCKET: Yes I know, I idn’t forgot about it.


:: She smiled as she left Simon to eat his breakfeast. ::

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