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Ensign Hera Kijana - Those Wounds Run Deeper and Deeper

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I feel like @herakijana needs a hug (and maybe mandatory therapy... several times a week....), but this was an excellent read! Well done ❤️ 




((Round Table, USS Excalibur-A))
((Time Index: Prior to the briefing - Also, NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE, but it might be a little intense for someone? Just figured I'd put that out there. Again. Not inappropriate! Thanks))
Hera had just finished giving the counselor some of the background of what she believed to be the thing that started it all for her; the thing that gave birth to this demon that followed her around, and was now more real than ever to her. She was comfortable enough in the moment with the counselor having agreed to meet with her on very short notice, which made her feel like a priority. That alone demanded some cooperation from Hera in terms of the Counselor's questions.
Seta: I imagine that must have been difficult, to be singled out like that. What was it you were ordered to do? 
Kijana: I was to be taken to the Romulan outpost guarding Generax back on Rekar III to service the commander there who ran it. D'Kal...
Seta: Can you tell me about him? D'Kal?
Hera's mind sort of went dark for a moment. She pictured his face. His pale complexion and rugged war-torn forehead. He had a scar that ran the length of his jaw to forehead. She learned at some point where that scar came from, perhaps he himself told her during one of their sessions, but she couldn't remember, nor did she care. His eyes were an emerald green. On any other person they would've seemed inviting. But perhaps that was all part of his sheeps outfit. She remembered him as a hulking man. Hands as hard as stone. Cold. Unforgiving. 
Kijana: He was a soldier. Commander. Had the personality of a rock. :: She was rather flat, and didn't look at Seta when she answered. :: Very demanding. Imposing. :: She sat unmoving. ::
Deep Voice: You're no longer in your own service. 
Seta: And what was it you were tasked to do? 
Deep Voice: You're in service to the Empire now child... and me...
Kijana: I was to serve the empire... and my master.  :: She was curt. Short. Staring straight at the table. :: 
She looked straight up to see D'Kal's face in front of her where Seta's would be. She was stiff. She blinked quickly, and the image was gone. 
Seta: And how does that connect to what you encountered last night? 
Kijana: Child... He called me that often. :: She had a tear come from her unblinking eye. She was still stiff in her seat.  She closed her eyes briefly, re-opening them. The room seemed darker. And there was a figure now behind Seta::
Seta: Response
::Beat :: 
She could see him in the room, moving behind Seta, pacing back and forth staring at Hera with those terrible eyes. In his hands was that awful compliance regulator. It was what Terrans might recognize as a 'whip', or something similar. The scars on her right side hurt as she envisioned the thing. She closed her eyes as she replied to the sentiment from Seta.
Kijana: I don't know. Could be that... or that he is male... I've not a clue... :: She could feel D'Kal seemingly right next to her in her mind; she could feel the weight of his heavy hand on her shoulder, and she let out the last few words as almost a whisper, another tear falling with her eyes still shut. :: 
Her chest was tight. It hurt as she drew in a big breath. She swore she felt a breath of his exhale, opening her eyes, pushing past the hallucination, releasing her own. 
Kijana: ::Whispering:: That's why I need your help...
Seta: Response
She readjusted in her seat. He was no longer there. He was back where he belonged in whatever compartment of her brain in which he resided. She was safe for now. But she needed to figure out how he got out, and how she could get rid of him once and for all. She inhaled deeply and exhaled, an embarrassed smile cresting her face as she let it out. She opened her eyes and wiped the tears away. 
Kijana: I don't know...Some things I do know. That this runs deep. That there are things that I won't talk about just yet. That things are starting to ramp up in my head. That I need to see someone regularly for a while. 
Seta: Response
Kijana: Not a chance. I am more than fit. :: She changed her tone as she realized she was getting a bit edgy. :: Honest. I think that being on my first real assignment after what seems a lifetime of trying to change my future is weighing on me. I'm ready to start facing this thing once and for all. I don't need that strangling any chance of a life in Starfleet. 
Seta: Response

Ensign Hera Kijana
Intelligence Officer
USS Excalibur-A


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