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Shevon Sherlock and Aine Sherlock - She said I could + New Two

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I really love how @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock makes use of this rather relaxed mission and weaves in bits and pieces of her B-Plot back on One-Eighteen. This is from PNPC Shevon Sherlock - She said I could and LT Aine Sherlock - New Two



((Apartment 302, Kowloon Block Apartments, Hong Kong Subdistrict, StarBase 118))
Shevon took Aine up on her offer to stay. She wasn't sure if it would be permanent or not, but the way her sister spoke and the offer, sure made it sound like it would be. Aine had left for Bajor, and that was about all Shevon knew for now. Here she was home alone in a mostly empty apartment. Her small quarters on the Delight didn't exactly have room to keep much, but she swore she had more than Aine did and this apartment was big. And what little was there Shevon just did not understand. Plain. Bland. Boring. How could she be related to someone with such bad taste in furnishings? If she had to guess, Aine was born with a combadge and uniform. There was no personality in her possessions. She would have to change this if she were going to live there too. And Aine did say that she had given her full access to her Federation credits.
Shevon sat in one of the bland plush chairs of Aine's. She accessed her PADD to find out what places would be best to start the search for redecorating their apartment. Eventually, she found an area that sounded interesting. She didn't know what the name meant or even what language it was. All she knew is it wasn't Federation Standard.
Sherlock: ::aloud to herself:: Pizza day tree?
She felt embarrassed for a moment. She wasn't the most well read person, perks of growing up on a freighter. But she tried. What she did know was that the place looked lavish, and so did the furnishings in the images of the store. Much more so than anything she'd ever owned before. The specific store was another language she wasn't familiar with.
Sherlock: Dole...ban...bana...dole ban nan...and ::long pause:: gash.
That was it, she had a destination and mission.
((Timeskip, Dolbanna and Gache, Nuovo Eleganza, StarBase 118))
Shevon had seen nothing like Piazza di Tre before. Upon entering the area, she was amazed that, like the habitat dome in which Aine lived, it appeared to look like a planet. She wondered what kind of technology exactly created such environments. Going from area to area felt like magically being transported to a whole other world.
There were shoppers, entertainers, and diners. People moved in and out of the shops that faced the three walls facing into a square with a fountain surrounded by an oddly milky looking stone that was polished smooth. Nothing about the experience made her feel particularly comfortable and she wondered just how much of what she knew of living was real. She always assumed everything was dirty, but not this place. It took a little bit of time for her to find the shop she was searching for. Not because it was hard to find, more that she kept getting distracted and the fancy writing in strange words were difficult for her to read.
Eventually someone had asked her if she needed assistance. The young man had spots down both sides of his head and neck. She'd heard of these people, Trills if she remembered correctly.
Kalog: Good day, madame. Is there something I can help you find.
Sherlock: ::with a suspicious look on her face:: What's a madame?
She'd been called a lot of things in her life, but never that.
Kalog: It's like saying ma'am, but nicer.
Sherlock: Ok. ::long pause:: I...need to buy furniture. My sister's apartment doesn't have...anything. She said I can buy whatever I need.
Kalog: Very good. So I presume you're new to the station?
Sherlock: Yes. I used to live on a ship. A freighter.
Kalog: Oh, you probably didn't have a lot of space there. And you had nothing back home?
Sherlock: That was my home.
Kalog: Oh.
She felt like he was judging her, though she couldn't be sure. Was it odd for someone to know nothing else? She couldn't be sure of that either. There was little anymore she was sure of.
Kalog: Well, we can help you out. We have a variety of furnishings. Do you know what you would like?
She silently shook her head. All she knew was that she didn't like the boring drab colored chairs her sister had. And that awful table in-between them...metal? Really?
Kalog: ::leaning in closer and giving Shevon a wink:: We'll figure out what you like, don't worry.
Her eyes dropped to the floor as she smiled timidly. Maybe he wasn't judging her like she thought. Between her sister offering to help and this man, she'd never met so many nice people. Freighter crews were close, but not in the nicest of ways and people she'd met on their travels were mostly rude. She wasn't sure if this was the place for her or not, and the difference was scaring her a bit. But she also had little other choice.





((Officer's Quarters, USS Narendra))
Having been ordered to a grand gala of some sort, and informed it would be formal, Aine had made her way back to the Narendra to get ready after spending time at the market with Sal and Ensign Sill-con. She was absolutely thankful the event was formal attire, which meant her favorite: dress whites.
She couldn't remember the rules for donning one's ribbons they'd earned. It was never that common save for a very few special events. She decided not to, this was an event for Bajor, not Starfleet officers. But there was one thing she would definitely be lax on tonight, she was letting her hair down, literally. It would be a nice and subtle contrast to the perfect fitting uniform.
There was one last thing she wanted to do before departing for the planet's surface again and that was to check in on her sister. Grabbing her PADD and just about to open a comlink to 118, she noticed a notification. Opening it she recognized it was from her Federation credit account. It was normal to receive receipts, just as she had with her purchases on Bajor. But this one was substantial!
Sherlock: ::aloud to no one:: That's like three months of my pay!
Aine looked around the room in frustration for a place to throw her PADD without cracking the screen. The chair? No, it'd probably bounce off and hit the floor. The bed? No, not hard enough. Instead she just gripped it tightly before letting out a grunt of frustration. Yes, she'd told Shevon she could buy anything she needed for the apartment, and no one needed to spend that much.
She took a deep breath and eased her grip on the PADD.
Sherlock: No. ::shaking her head:: This is fine. I'm not going to lose it. I'll just politely talk to her about it when I get back.
She set the PADD down, gently, and gave her uniform a couple strategic tugs before making her way out of the room and to the nearest shuttle.



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