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Trovek/Trovek - Path of the Prophets - A Difficult Reunion

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Arys had sent Aaron a message to let him know that she was on Bajor for the festivities and that the location she wanted to meet at was a public park. Private enough to be away from prying eyes, public enough for him not to be able to make a scene. 
They hadn’t spoken in almost a full Terran year. While growing apart was something many could easily relate to, as it was commonplace for two adults leading their own lives, this wasn’t quite the case for the Trovek siblings. There had always been a tangible distance between Arys and Aaron. Even though Arys was only a few years younger, the two children had never played together, and the one time they did, it had ended in an ‘accident’ and months of recovery. 
Leaning against one of the ancient trees the park had been built around, Arys glanced up at it’s crown. According to Aaron and according to Sileah, Arys had climbed a tree and fallen. According to Arys, she hadn’t. But who believed a six years old child with a concussion and spinal cord injury? 
She spotted her brother as soon as he came into view. He seemed to have aged considerably since the last time she saw him. In her memory, he was still the smug adolescent who charmed girls, teachers and parents alike, and who always got what he wanted. In reality, he was almost forty and tired. 
Aaron: Hello my dear sister. I am glad to see you again. 
He inclined his head in the monastic manner suitable for the religious leader he saw himself as, and Arys did her best to ward off the heaviness that descended upon them. The last time Arys and Aaron had met, he had sought her out while she was waiting for the SS Starfarer to take her from Deep Space Nine to Earth. Most of the conversation had been surprisingly pleasant, but he had more than once shown himself in agreement with their mother’s ways and opinions.
Arys doubted that he would react particularly well to learning that his sister was engaged to a Cardassian and had adopted a half-Cardassian child. 
Trovek: ::nodding:: It’s been a while. 
She smiled carefully, conscious of what posture and expression were conveying, and tried her best to not let either of them appear her to be defensive. In turn, he nodded. His charming smile was stamped on his face, but beyond that, no emotion showed. 
Almost Cardassian, Arys thought to herself. The bad kind of Cardassian.
Her stomach was in knots, but Arys decided to ignore it. Aaron hadn’t doneanything. She was being unreasonable. Even Lukin hadn’t at all been opposed to her reaching out to him, and the man was paranoia incarnate. 
Aaron: That it has. How have you been?
Trovek: I’ve been well. I was promoted. First to Lieutenant Junior Grade, then to Lieutenant. I’m also Chief Medical Officer of a huge Starbase. 
She wasn’t quite sure why it felt important to list her achievements, but she was relieved when Aaron’s smile widened, conveying pride rather than the opinion he had previously held - that she was wasting her life in Starfleet. 
Aaron: I am pleased to hear that. You make us very proud.
Trovek: Thank you. 
Aaron: What brings you to Bajor?
Trovek: I am here for the celebration. Our Commodore was invited here, and he invited us to come along to spend some time here on vacation. 
Aaron: You don’t like vacations. 
His voice was calm, but he raised an eyebrow and tilted his head as if waiting for Arys to defend herself after being caught lying. It was patronising, and Arys had to actively tell herself not to get annoyed. 
Trovek: Not usually. But I actually came to see you. 
This time, Aaron wasn’t able to disguise his surprise and he furrowed his brow.
Aaron: Really?
Arys nodded, falling in step next to him as he turned and motioned to the pathway that led through the park. 
Trovek: Yes. I know we haven’t talked after grandfather’s death… but I want to change that. 
The death lay still heavy on her heart, and with it everything that had followed the demise. 
Aaron: And why is that? 
The tone was neutral, but there was a slight hint of resentment. Aaron hadn’t liked their grandfather, and their grandfather hadn’t liked Aaron - or Sileah. 
Trovek: Well, I’ve come to understand that family is… a complicated thing. ::she paused, considering her next words:: Mine grew. 
Once more, Aaron’s features stayed frozen in a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, and Arys wished she could take back the last two words. But what was done was done, and he would find out eventually. 
Aaron: How? 
Trovek: I am getting married. 
With a pleasant smile, he opened his arms slightly. 
Aaron: What a wonderful surprise. Tell me all about him. 
This was, probably, going to be the hardest part of her visit here - confessing to her brother that she was getting married to a Cardassian, and making sure that his reaction did not cause her to turn around and walk away again. 
Trovek: He is… a Cardassian Ambassador. Someone eager to create good relationships between Bajor and Cardassia, and the Federation as a whole. He’s kind. Kinder than many of the humans and Bajorans I have met. ::she paused, then added:: He is someone who acknowledges what Cardassia has done to Bajor.
There was no outburst, no screaming, no insult. Instead, Aaron simply stopped walking.
Aaron: I see. 
Arys sighed, and stood, regarding her older brother. She understood his sentiment, and she hadn’t expected him being accepting, let alone happy for her. He didn’t have to like Lukin, or the idea of Lukin. 
Aaron: You are very aware of my feelings towards Cardassians. ::He looked away and spoke without facing Arys:: Is that why you truly visited? To embarrass me and Mother? 
Arys wasn’t sure if those words hurt because Aaron believed that the universe revolved around him, or because he implied that Arys was interested in embarrassing him, or because he didn’t even consider the possibility that Arys’ relationship to Lukin was anything else than an embarrassment to the rest of her family. 
Trovek: I am not here for mother at all. I am here for you, but it looks to me like you’re deciding that the fact that I love a Cardassian means I am not worthy of your time. ::she took a calming breath, trying to banish the venom from her voice:: I get it. I get what they did, and I get the hatred that you feel towards them.
Aaron: Do you really?
Trovek: I do get it. I am not saying you’re wrong, but my Cardassian, my Lukin, he’s different. 
Aaron turned his face towards his sister, and narrowed his eyes. The smile had disappeared. 
Aaron: They are all different, and yet they are all the same. What he does for political gain does not speak to his true intentions. I didn’t think you were so naive, little sister. 
Arys was at a loss for words. Was this already the end of her efforts to save Aaron from the grasp of their mother and her false teachings? 
Trovek: We… ::she bit her lip:: We even adopted a little girl. A Cardassian-Bajoran hybrid. How many Cardassians do you know of who would adopt a hybrid? An orphan? 
Lukin and Arys had decided that he didn’t need to learn more than was absolutely necessary. He didn’t need to know Geleth’s name, nor who she was, nor what transpired in regard to the bracelet. Not yet. 
Arys was sticking to the plan, but once more she felt like she had already said too much.
He seemed utterly surprised by her words, but at least he didn’t dismiss her entirely.
Aaron: How? Why?
Trovek: She.... was all alone. She was sick, needed treatment, and I just… fell in love with her. 
Aaron looked away again, and for a moment it seemed like he needed to gather his thoughts.
Aaron: That… That changes things…
Trovek: It does? 
Aaron nodded and faced her, the smile once more in place. 
Aaron: Yes. It’s still-… ::he shrugged and smiled at her.:: Well it will require some adjustment, and I doubt that Mother wants to hear anything about the matter. ::he paused:: And I won’t pretend I am pleased with you seeing a Cardassian. But I want to learn more about your child. 
Arys smiled and extended her hand, touching Aaron’s arm. 
Trovek: You will. I know we have disagreements, and I know you do what you do for a reason, but so do I.
He reached for her hand and curled his own fingers around it, a little too firm for comfort.
Aaron: It would be good if we reached an understanding of sorts.
Trovek: The question is, can we be family even if we have different views on certain things? I mean… yes I don’t really… care… for your prophets, and you don’t care for my Cardassians, but… ::she shrugged:: Maybe that can move to the background? 
Aaron: For the sake of us being a family, I can make that effort for you. 
Arys nodded in relief. 
Trovek: Thank you. 
Aaron: Mother will not be so easily convinced of the right thing to do ::he pondered:: She has changed. 
Arys shook her head decidedly. She didn’t care about what Sileah thought, and if anything, it pleased her that Aaron was no longer fully enthralled by her. 
Trovek: I am not here for Mother. 
Aaron nodded, remained silent for a while, and eventually he asked:
Aaron: Are you happy?
He glanced at his sister, who replied with a smile. 
Trovek: Yes. For the first time in years I… really am. 
Aaron: That is all I need to know.
[End Scene]

Lt. Trovek Arys
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Ops
Trovek Aaron
Religious Leader and kind of a jerk



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3 hours ago, Arys said:

Idk why, but @Vitor S. Silveira is just really good at playing jerks :D

Heck, even Sutter pointed that out in our chat! lol

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