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LT Aine Sherlock - Broken Glass

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This is a really neat plot twist from @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock and a great ending to a personal storyline I really enjoyed ❤️ 



((Observation Lounge, USS Glenn))

Aine escorted their guest to the Observation Lounge and she couldn't help but notice the similarities between this Shevon person and herself. Their hair was clearly a different color, though with the tones she saw it was likely Shevon colored it. Her eyes were a naturally darker shade of green. Did Orions have green eyes? But the most standout features, their height and build. They were one for one the same height. Their shoulders, the same slope and width. She was willing to bet if you cut out a silhouette of the two, they'd be the same. And how does an Orion end up with the name Sherlock? And on a ship that Aine was familiar with via an altered timeline?

Monroe: Miss Sherlock, I presume?

The rest of the crew had gathered at one end of the long table forcing Aine to sit in a seat across from Shevon. She tried her best not to make direct eye contact.

Monroe: Thank you for joining us. I'm sorry for the loss of your ship. We'd like to ask you a couple questions.

Shevon nodded in agreement. Aine sat back, trying to look relaxed but she couldn't help but cross her arms defensively.
Monroe: This is my acting First Officer Mel Martinson. Commander Diata. Engineers Egil Renot and Cat Vargas. Tactical Officer Aine Sherlock. And I'm Captain Monroe.

There was no avoiding eye contact at this point. The look on Shevon's face felt familiar. It was probably the same one she herself made on the bridge when she heard her own name over the comline.

Renot: Miss uh… Sherlock.. A pleasure…

Diata: My condolences on the loss of your ship and your captain.

Vargas: ?

Monroe: First, do you know why these pirates attacked your ship?

S. Sherlock: I'm sorry, but are we just going to ignore ::gesturing towards Aine:: THIS?

Monroe: We'll get to ::gesturing towards Aine:: THAT later.

THIS!? THAT!? Aine rolled her eyes. Why were they referring to her as a thing instead of a person?

S. Sherlock: They were after my father. They have been for some time.

Renot: I know the Captain said later… but… ::beat:: What are the chances you two are related. The whole name thing is a little weirding me out.

The Ensign thought he was weirded out?

Diata: This is not the time.  As the captain said - *later*. 

Vargas: ?
Martinson: Look, I know we want to get to the bottom of all of this...

Renot: Hear me out for a moment; you two look… kinda similar in parts of the face and body. That sounded weird but I can't be the only one who sees it.

Diata: Ensign…

Vargas: ?
Aine put her hand to her forehead and began rubbing her temples as she let out a sigh. She didn't know what to say. Should she tell them what she'd seen previously?

Renot: And the whole name thing is a little too weird to ignore if you ask me.

Diata: Ensign Renot, may I remind you that the Captain has already said that the matter will be discussed *later*.  Currently we are trying to establish a timeline of events that led to the destruction of a vessel and the death of another captain.  If you can not contain yourself, then I will escort you from the room and make sure that you receive remedial training as befitting your behaviour.  

S. Sherlocks: I'd like to know what the hell this is about too.
There was one difference between them, Aine wouldn't think of speaking that harshly to her seniors.
Renot/Vargas: ?

Diata: I agree that it should be addressed, but first thing is first.  The health and well being of your crew remains of utmost importance, as does a proper accounting of what occurred so that proper action can be taken. 

A. Sherlocks: I agree. Let's just stick to the timeline for now
Timelines, timelines, timelines. This all started with timelines!
Renot/Vargas: ?

Diata: Miss Sherlock, if you would please continue your recounting of what occurred, we can move on to other matters once this particular subject has been satisfactorily broached. 
Shevon looked to Aine as if she needed help. Aine wasn't sure why or what she could do to help alleviate the situation. They all just had to go through the motions.
S. Sherlocks: My father, he used to work with that particular pirate crew. He used to do some smuggling for them. But, that was a long time ago. He doesn't ::long pause:: didn't do it anymore. They've been after him for a long time, I don't know why, he never told me.
Renot/Vargas: ?
S. Sherlock: Yes, my father was the Captain of the Delight. Well, he's not my real father.
Now Aine looked to Mel as if to ask for help. Of course, he had no clue what was going on. She was going to have to say something sooner rather than later.
Renot/Vargas/Diata: ?
S. Sherlock: I don't know my real father. He left before I was born. I don't think he ever knew my mother was pregnant. All I know is he was from Earth and she gave me his last name.
A. Sherlock: Ok, see, this doesn't add up. I think this is just a coincidence. My father's never been off Earth.
Martinson: That you know of.
Aine shot a sharp look at Mel. He wasn't helping any.
Renot/Vargas/Diata: ? 
A. Sherlock: There is another possibility here.
Monroe: Go on.
A. Sherlock: About a year ago, the Resolution encountered a Q.
S. Sherlock: What the hell is that?
Aine looked at Shevon disapprovingly for interrupting her.
A. Sherlock: I was in an alternate timeline briefly. I was on the Delight, and so was my father. But she ::pointing to Shevon:: wasn't there. It's possible that she was created as a result of a disruption of the timeline.
Renot/Vargas/Diata: ?
Monroe: I'm no expert in temporal mechanics, but I guess that's all possible?
Shevon suddenly stood and slammed her fists on the table, drawing everyone's attention.
S. Sherlock: Wait a damn minute! That's bullshit! I've been here for twenty-six years and there's not a damn thing any of you can say to that!
The Captain raised both her hands in a gesture asking Shevon to sit back down and calm down.
Monroe: Miss Sherlock, no one is saying that that is the case. Merely hypothesizing.
Martinson: We can check Federation records, names, dates. And Aine, you may want to contact your father, just in case.
Renot/Vargas/Diata: ?
Aine couldn't believe this. All her pre-Starfleet life, her father had told her that space was dangerous. How she shouldn't go out into the dark because of that. There was no possibility, in her mind, that her and Shevon were related. But as she began remembering things he'd said, it occurred to her that there was something he never did say, that he'd never actually been out there.
((OOC: If you all want, feel free to wrap this scene up. Or keep going, I'll leave it up to the next person. There will be an epilogue sim that explains more later.))
Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Tactical Officer
StarBase 118 Ops


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