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Lt. Catherine Vargas - Pirates?!

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OOC: I found Vargas' snarky narration rather amusing here.
((Bridge, USS Glenn))
Catherine was fascinated by the modified Galaxy class vessel. What some might consider extravagance was creativity in her eyes - then again she specialized in holograms, the very essence of extravagance for some people. There were even ships that used holographic chairs instead of normal chairs. 
Things were going well, and no one seemed to mind the human-looking hybrid being relatively quiet until an Andorian's voice called for the group's attention. 
th'Zaahlis: Cap, we're getting a message from 118. It seems there's a distress call from a civilian freighter that was en route to 118 and they're asking us to check it out since we're not docked.
Monroe: Must not be too dangerous since they know we have a skeleton crew aboard.
Cat didn't understand the reason behind sending the Glenn to investigate - the Starbase seemed to have a bunch of ships available - and Captain Monroe made a good point. There was barely anyone on board. 
Diata: Some of us are Starfleet Officers.
Oh right. They were on board. 
Diata: We are willing to assist. 
Renot: More than willing. Throw me at anything Engineering.
Vargas: Also an Engineer. ::pause:: but please don't throw me. 
th'Zaahlis: Last message said they were under attack by pirates, Cap.
Pirates? And that so close to One-Eighteen? That was odd.
Monroe: Very well, let's get to it then. Red alert!
The lights dimmed and everything was bathed in red light, and Catherine felt adrenaline rushing through her veins. This was exciting. And terrifying.
Monroe: I need some volunteers. ::pointing to Renot:: Can you man the Engineering console? ::pointing towards the back of the bridge:: We're going to need the warp core up to full speed.
Renot: Absolutely, yes Captain.
The Al-Leyan moved behind the console, taking a moment to familiarize himself with it, before he nodded an affirmation. 
Monroe: ::pointing to Diata:: Can you take the Helm?
Diata: Ready to move out, Captain.
Monroe: Good, since we don't know what kind of ship it is, we may need to move quick in there...as quick as a ship this size can anyways.
Diata: Aye captain. 
Monroe: ::to Vargas:: And you, young lady, you mentioned holograms, but can you run a science station?
Cat blinked, hesitated, and then remembered that she was also a scientist. She could run a science station! It was easy, barely an inconvenience, and she totally remembered how to do that. What could possibly have changed in the past... seven years.. since she graduated from Academy. 
Vargas: Yes, Captain. 
The Captain glanced around, searching for the two that wandered off.
Monroe: Where the hell...?
The doors opened and the two lost humans quickly returned. Cat couldn't help but notice the woman's jacket zipper, and she could make a fairly educated guess as to what they had been doing/ 
Monroe: ::making a zipper motion up the front of her jacket while staring at Aine:: You, tactical, now. ::to Martinson:: And you, you're number one for now.
Sherlock: Yes, ma'am.
Martinson: Sure thing, Cap.
The two seemed to spring into action, dispersing the awkwardness around them. 
Monroe: Helm, set an intercept course. ::taking the center chair:: Engage.
Diata: Acknowledged. Course set, moving out.
Renot: Diverting power from impulse to warp. Powering up.
Sherlock: response
They left the Starbase, and Catherine had to admit that she had never really been on the bridge before - not in this capacity anyway. She was usually hidden away somewhere, and right now she was glad that she could busy herself with the console in front of her. 
Diata: We are ready to go to warp, Captain.
Renot: Warp core at full power, Commander.
Vargas: Up and running from my end. 
Sherlock: response
Diata nodded and worked the controls with ease and grace, coaxing the ship into warp, and a moment later the stars turn into streaks.
Exactly ten minutes and thirty-six seconds later, they dripped out of warp and came in visual range of the Spacefarer's Delight, a large vessel that had sustained significant damage, caused by a smaller ship of Orion origin. The exterior design was hawk-like in appearance, incorporating swept wings positioned at the aft of the vessel, with a beak-like forward section.
Diata: Captain, the distress signal is from the Spacefarer's Delight and has sustained heavy damage. Structural integrity is compromised. 
Renot: ::softly:: Takes a special kind of stupid to attack another this close to a Starfleet base. ::louder:: On standby to divert power to weapons and shields as needed.
Egil looked over, hands poised above the console. He was alert and ready to react quickly.
Vargas: The ship best matches an Interceptor, I am running scans to see if they have friends, so far, nothing. 
It was clear how uncomfortable she was with the situation, but she did not want to be useless when everyone else was being a hero. 
Sherlock/Diata: ?

Lt. Catherine (Cat) Vargas
Holo-Engineer / Photonic Applications
Starbase 118 Ops
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