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LT Aine Sherlock - Four Right Turns Is A Circle

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I've really been enjoying this building scene between @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock and @Arys - it feels very grounded and real, and I'm enjoying watching the friendship unfold!  Great work!

((CMO's Office, Sickbay, Starbase 118))


Aine felt like she was in Confession. When she was younger, religion wasn't a thing her parents had pushed but the area she grew up in, it was still common. To the point it was a part of the local culture. She didn't necessarily believe in it, but it seemed the guilt part was always there and she could never shake it. Her encounter with a Q while on the Resolution definitely did much to open her eyes to other possibilities, but habits are still habits.

Sherlock: At the time ::beat:: of course I didn't think he was right. I was...
Trovek: Heartbroken? 
Sherlock: I hate that word. But yes. ::long pause:: In retrospect, and from a completely objective viewpoint, it makes sense.
Arys nodded.This was the first time Aine had openly admitted it. Those who knew about Aine and Mel's past usually saw things from younger Aine's perspective, giving her the benefit of the doubt. But over time, she herself, learned it was selfish.
Trovek: I personally... don't quite agree with the reasoning. I've thought about marriage and the likes a lot lately, and there are always going to be challenges and complications, especially when both partners have a career and do not solely exist for the other. 
Aine took another bite of her food, this piece almost looked like a honeycomb, but definitely did not taste of the sweetness of honey. She pondered where Arys was going with this.
Sherlock: So you think it's possible to balance?
Framed as a question, it really wasn't as much as a statement.
Trovek: Yes. ::she nodded. Seemed like Aine could read her thoughts:: And, being in my mid-thirties, I think I would be able to make it work. Somehow. But in my early twenties... ::she shook her head:: Breaking up is never pleasant, but look at you contacting him despite all that. 
Sherlock: ::eyes shifting:: You don't think that was juvenile? Last time it felt juvenile...
Trovek: Well, the good thing is you're a grown-up now. ::she smirked:: You can have grown-up conversations with him, or do grown-up activities. 
Grown up activities?
Sherlock: oOGrown up activities?Oo Yeah ::eyes shifting again:: ::beat:: maybe...
Trovek: Would you want it to last? ::she paused, rephrasing:: Or rather, would you like the option of it being able to last? 
She had no clue what she wanted in the end. When it came to her personal life, Aine was about the worst planner there was. Evidenced by an apartment with only a couple chairs, a single desk, and a twin bed that were all akin to Starfleet issue. Such a grown up here.
Sherlock: The option...option. Right now, I just want to be able to talk to him. I don't know what it is, call it a comfort in an old familiarity?
Trovek: ?
Sherlock: ::attempting to change the subject again:: So, this thing with Lukin...
The mention of age and marriage didn't go unnoticed by Aine. And with all the other news circulating around the "little station..."
Trovek: ?
Sherlock: Yeah, that...
The look on Aine's face went from being a smartass to serious yet happy.
Sherlock: ...does it mean I'll have to be nice to him?
No matter the answer, she'd try. For the sake of her friend. For the sake of her friend's child she hadn't even met yet.
Trovek: ?
Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Tactical Officer
StarBase 118 Ops
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