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Poll of the Month: Picard - Captain Love

Genkos Adea

Who is your favourite of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's romantic interests?  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your favourite of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's romantic interests?

    • Kamala
    • Vash
    • Q
    • Beverly Crusher
    • Let us know in the comments

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We all know that Captain Picard is a lovelorn captain - he manages to find romance in most missions, whether he wants to or not. But which one is your favourite? There's only one correct answer, but I'd like to hear your opinions anyway!

Let's start with the problematic one - Kamala. There was a very odd power dynamic with this one, and it's aged like an episode of Friends. Kamala was built to be "the perfect mate" (ew) and fell in love with Picard purely out of him being there and spending time with her.

Vash was an archaeologist with her eye on the prize - the Captain of the EnterPrize, as well as all the black market treasure she could sell. Vash was a great character in her own right, turning up in several episodes of TNG and even a DS9. She and JL had a fabulously antagonistic relationship when it came to their conflicting opinions on what to do old relics, until Q came and tempted her away.

Q - whilst I don't think it's necessarily a "romantic" relationship, I'm going to include it anyway - Q was _obsessed_ with Picard, and that smacks to me of love - plus the finale of season two of Picard - if that's not love, what is?!

Finally, the correct answer is Beverly Crusher. The CMO of the Enterprise, Bev had a will-they-won't-they relationship with our beloved captain. The chemistry between the two was palpable, and if they don't kiss in season 3 of Picard, I will riot.

What do you think? Who did I forget? Drop us a line in the comments



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Bev. Wholeheartedly believe Season 3 of Picard will come out with them having been in a relationship for years, ala Grissom and Sarah.

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Nella Daren was a great one. Genuinely touching.

Q is my vote.

But I've also got a headcanon that he was definitely in some sort of relationship with that short haired Ensign. She was with him at Data's poetry reading, appeared with him a couple other times. One of the most frequent background characters in the series, even was on the bridge in the movies.

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4 hours ago, Vitor S. Silveira said:

Vash, no doubt about it.

I second this thought. While the writers clearly meant for there to be a dynamic between Picard and Crusher -- and in All Good Things we learn that they got married at some point in the future, I never personally felt it beyond a sense of regret of what could have been. But when Vash came on the scene I could totally sense the chemistry between them. And who can forget the whole Robin Hood schtick in Q-pid?

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