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PNPC Sarek - It's a bird, it's a plane....


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(( Cetacean Labs, USS Constitution-B ))

If anyone who didn’t frequent Cetacean Ops happened by, they would think the ship was at red alert or something was wrong given the gray blur that darted up and down the length of the tanks. A blur of dolphin energy that barrelled past fish, coral, kelp, and other dolphins alike and one traumatized eel that had spent two solid minutes in a vortex of dolphin excitement as Sarek zoomed around the tanks. 


Eventually the gray streak settled in one area upon spotting a familiar face and he bumped his nose up against the transparent aluminum and wiggled his left fin at a confused and amused looking Tann. 


Ilix: Well someone’s excited. ::He smirked::


Sarek: Sarek excited! Sarek got to speak to Zindee and is invited to visit planet! Sarek gets to swim in another ocean!! Being Ambassandoor is the bestest!


The Tandaran’s brow raised slightly and his smirk only widened at the exclamation from his aquatic friend. 


Ilix: Ambassandoor?


The dolphin nodded his head rapidly and swam in a loop before settling to stare at his best friend with his right eye. 


Sarek: Yes! Pod mother knows Sarek and is letting Sarek go to mating ritual!


He couldn’t help but chuckle. 


Ilix: Wedding. Mating rituals are something different for most people and rarely involve spectators. ::He said dryly:: I’m glad you’re happy, Sarek. And that you get to go on an away mission. 


The dolphin was swimming in slow circles and bobbing up and down until he heard his friend say that last bit. He pressed his snout up against the tank and stared at Tann. 


Sarek: Wait…only crew go on away missions. Is Sarek part of crew?


Tann couldn’t help but give the dolphin a confused look. 


Ilix: I suppose so. If you’re an Ambassandoor now that would make you part of the crew.


Sarek just stared at his best friend for a moment then the speakers were filled with a cacophonous wailing of excitement. He swam up to the surface, for air and breached quite high, startling a researcher before diving back down to his friend. 


Sarek: …of crew! Today is second bestest day of Sarek’s life!! ::He squealed:: 


Ok, he just had to know. 


Ilix: Second? What’s the first?


The dolphin looped around and looked at him with his left eye this time. 


Sarek: Meeting pod mother is bestest day and always will be!! ::He pressed up against the tank:: Because pod mother already knew Sarek! 


Chirps, pops and other excitable dolphin noises flooded the other side of the tank causing Tann to chuckle. 


Ilix: I’m glad you’re so happy, Sarek. 


Sarek swam up and wiggled his tail at Tann a moment. Around the tail, snuggly wrapped was a small band that was fitted to his tail in such a way that even his swift swimming couldn’t dislodge it. 


Sarek: Sarek finally got a shiny!! It’s only for Sarek to go to planet, because Sarek was told this helps crew keep track of Sarek. ::He looked at Tann:: It is only tempourairy! But Sarek don’t mind, cause Sarek is finally special like crew and has a shiny!


He swam slowly in circles bouncing and bobbing around as he gleefully showed off the transporter armband that had been modified to fit on him and for underwater use. 


Ilix: I’m proud of you, Sarek. I have to report for my shift, but I’ll drop some tuna up above before I go. 


Sarek squealed and nodded to his friend. 


Sarek: By bestest friend Tann! Sarek will tell you all about wed-ding! ::He waved a fin at his friend:: 


((Timeskip- A few minutes))


Several minutes passed before another one of the crew sought him out. One of the Cetacean Ops friends approached the glass. 


T’Ral: Greetings, Sarek. ::He gave the dolphin the customary Vulcan greeting:: Are you prepared to beam to the surface?


The dolphin swam up to the Vulcan and nodded playfully. 


Sarek: Yes!!!! Sarek is ready to be Ambassandoor!!!


A brow was raised as one would expect.


T’Ral: Fascinating. ::He nodded:: Very well, we are beaming you down along with our Xindi guests. So you are aware, we are unable to beam you directly into the water as of yet, so we will be required to beam you in the air above the surface. ::He looked at the dolphin:: Or you can wait until we have deployed the buoys to facilitate a more accurate beaming. 


Sarek: Sarek not want to wait! Can you beam Sarek way in the sky!!! Sarek hasn’t been in the sky before!


The Vulcan shook his head slightly. 


T’Ral: We are going to beam you as close to the water as possible. We cannot send you down to high above, without potentially injuring you. 


Sarek: Sarek want to be beamed as high as possible!!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..


As he exclaimed his pleading he swam back and forth in circles. 

Sarek: ……eeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


There was an audible murmur from the Vulcan as he raised a hand. 


T’Ral: I shall inform them to beam you as far as is safely possible from the water’s surface. Will that suffice?


Sarek: …..eaassseeee….Oh, yes, Sarek is okay with that!!! Thank you, TeeRal! TeeRal Bestest Vulcan!!!


T’Ral: As always, your praise is appreciated if unwarranted. I am merely doing my job. ::He tapped the shiny on his chest:: =/\= Cetacean Ops to Transporter room two. We are ready here. As per request, please transport Sarek as high as is safely possible above the surface of the target area. =/\= 


Sarek scooted up against the tank staring at his bestest friend and waited impatiently. He had been told before that for them to beem him down to the surface he would have to remain still. 


Transporter Chief: =/\= Understood. Standby, I’m locking onto the transporter band now. Setting transport coordinates to several meters above the target site. =/\= ::There was a too long pause:: =/\= Energizing. =/\= 


Sarek bobbed a little in place and then he felt this strange, funny tingling sensation along his whole body. The water lit up with a blue shimmering light. It was like what he’d seen when the guests had come aboard. He was doing it! He was boldly going where no dolphin had gone before!!!


((Several meters above the ocean surface, Daaka))


The weirdest sensation he’d ever felt concluded with that blue shimmer fading away and the first thing he noted as the last bits of that light disappeared was the lack of buoyancy. Sarek saw sky, all around him and water everywhere as far as he could see below him!


Sarek: Sarek is in the sky!!!


Sarek had been told that the shiny they gave him would also let him still communicate with his shipmates attending the wed-ding. 


Gravity of course was instant the moment the transport cycle completed and the dolphin dropped out of the sky many meters above the water. 


As graceful as he was in the water, out of it in the sky all he could do was flail around while he flew. 


Sarek: Sarek can fllllyyyyyyy!!!!!! ::He exclaimed with his mouth open wide and fins and tail flapping wildly yet majestically:: 


The pops and clicks that rambled from him were but a drone in the air as he fell straight towards the water and hit the surface in the most exquisite of splashes. Bubbles rushed up from the impact and his exuberance before he darted back up to the surface and breached as high as he could.  The happiest dolphin in the universe at that moment!


Sarek splashed back into the water, which felt strange. It was hard for Sarek to describe how it felt. Thicker and almost itchy. It felt like how the water did sometimes whenever the eels in the tank got all upset. 


Efluvian/Nimo/Fyen: response (optional)





The smartest Dolphin/Ambassandoor


As simmed by


Lieutenant JG Lystra

Tactical Officer

USS Constitution-B NCC-9012-B

SB118 Podcast Team 

Writer ID: A239410TR0



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