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Lieutenant Commander Etan Iljor - The Guardian Of The Gate

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This is a really nice ending to a conversation between @Etan Iljor and @Vitor S. Silveira, which was awesome to read ❤️ 





(( Sil’s Quarters, Deck 4, USS Excalibur ))


The two friends had made a concerted effort not to dwell on recent events but Iljor still felt compelled to reach out to Sil.


Etan: I know we’re keeping it light right now- but I’m glad you’re still here.


Sil accepted Iljor’s words with a nod, as a smile curled the corners of his mouth.


Silveira: Thank you. And sorry.


Narrowing his eyes, Iljor cocked his head ever so slightly to the side.


Etan: Sorry? What for?


Sil’s brows knitted together into a frown. Then he leant forward, the remanants of his hasperat and his glass of wine seemingly forgotten.


Silveira: Because this beast again jumped into action. I really thought CloQ wouldn’t let any of us be killed. I was wrong. If it wasn’t for Kali… :: Vitor shook his head waving his hand in front of him, as if he was pushing away his thoughts.:: It wasn't a good call. ::he leaned back and smirked.:: Probably annoying them wasn't either. But damn it felt good.


It took a moment for Iljor to realise that he was talking about the Hirogen jungle. He had been furious that Sil had been willingly to die on a nameless planet so far from everything familar. And all to prove a point.


Etan: Sil, ::he replied with a soft and ethereal sigh:: I don’t need an apology. What’s important is we got back to the Excalibur. We survived.


Vitor shrugged and leaned forward once again.


Silveira: Trust me my friend, I ain't playing it easy. All the nightmares are back. But I admit I would tell CloQ the same thing again. It really got to them, and he let us go. ::Vitor raised his hand in a dismissive gesture.:: If getting old trauma back was the price to have CloQ leave us alone, I would pay it all again.


Again, Iljor felt the hints were tantalising morsels into the mind of Vitor Silveira. He wanted to press for more but with everything being so raw he knew that now was not the time.


Etan: Sometimes I feel like I will never fully understand you. ::he said with a light chuckle.::


After a breath, Sil downed the remainder of his spring wine. Then he set the glass aside, joined his hands together and turned from Iljor. He looked as though he had the weight of the four quadrants pushing down upon him.


Silveira: You know me, I feel responsible to keep the ship and crew safe. ::He looked back at Jor, eyes glowing in determination.:: Our home and family. For them… ::He uncrossed his hands, pointing at Jor.:: For you, I will kill if I have to. And die. ::He shrugged.:: It’s just something I can’t really change in me. Sorry.


Now it was Iljor’s turn to look away. He got to his feet and took a few steps towards the portholes. From that vantage point he could see the exterior hull of DS224 where the Excalibur remained berthed. He searched for the right words- but they did not come to him easily. Eventually, he turned back to look at Sil.


Etan: I think we all sleep safer in our beds knowing that you are the guardian at our gates, Sil. But don’t do yourself a disservice. We all know that when we put on our uniform, we might be asked to lay down our life for it. ::beat:: You are the bravest man I’ve ever met. Even if you do rush in head first. But nobody’s perfect and that still doesn’t detract from how committed you are to your duty. If there’s one thing you should hold on to- it’s that dedication.


He crossed the room and put a hand on Sil’s shoulder.


Etan: You’re a good man, Vitor Silveira. And your also my best friend.


End Scene For Etan


Lieutenant Commander Etan Iljor

Chief Science Officer

USS Excalibur

NCC - 41903 - A




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