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Klaestron IV to restrict access to latest burn treatment

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KLAESTRON IV — Governments across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants have expressed disappointment that the Klaestron government is withholding an incredible new treatment for plasma-burn scarring from distribution.

The Ministry of Medicine recently announced that the latest iteration of their “Uhaa” technology was successful in facilitating the natural healing of plasma burns across a startling array of species. However, the newly elected government has directed the Ministry to stop sharing anything about the treatment with anyone off-world.

Previous iterations of Uhaa, which burn care experts had long considered a miraculous treatment, were limited in their use to species that share similar DNA profiles to the Klaestron people.

This is an unexpected change in course, as the Klaestron government stated their intentions six months ago to release the new treatment to the Federation, which promised fast and broad distribution to worlds within and beyond Federation space.

The isolationist Handro Party, elected by a razor-thin majority after a no-confidence vote of the previous prime minister initiated a snap election, is driving the decision. Handro Party members often espouse hardline isolationism and advocate terminating diplomatic ties with the Federation.

A’l’e’o’w’o’n’i’c, spokesperson for Starfleet Medical, decried the decision. “This is a clear example of cynical political tampering with medical advancement, and as a result, they will deny the lives of millions of gentle beings in desperate need of the best course of treatment. Medicine should transcend political beliefs.”

Even the Klingon Medical Enclave released a statement, calling the decision a “merciless act of dishonor.” Klingons serving in the Imperial Navy suffer the highest rate of plasma burns among Alpha and Beta Quadrant space-faring species. This is due to the design of Bird-of-Prey warships, which use the light byproduct of plasma conduits to illuminate bridge consoles, an efficient but dangerous design that often results in drastic facial and torso burns when ships are damaged in battle.

Non-Handro politicians from Klaestron IV, who spoke to local journalists, worried that this was the first step of many the new isolationist government intends to take. The opposition fears cutting off relations with outsiders will have a drastic effect on the planet’s recovery from a devastating civil war just 60 years ago. Formalized diplomatic relations with the Federation and Klingon Empire in the last decade have brought vast improvements in quality of life, trade, and technology on the planet. “[The Handro Party] wants to turn back the clock and change the outcome of the war,” said one official.

Representatives from the Handro Party government have declined an invitation from the FNS to comment on this issue.

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