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Lieutenant Dekas - The Combadge Chirp


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This is short, but it is clever.  I love the humor.  Such a small idea, that is suddenly big on funny.   A small glimpse at the life of an Aurelian.  I love it.  Little things like this bring a character to life. :D


((Around the Central Plaza, Denali Station))


It didn’t start off as an intentional thing. It started with a moment of boredom. People were so focused on things, that it hit him as a dull span of time. It was a moment where he felt an instinct he’d mostly refrained from for years because people seemed to think it was weird. But he was allowing weirdness in himself again.


So of course he made the combadge chirp sound. Just to make a sound for fun. What most people didn’t know, was that he could do a near-perfect replication of the chirp. It was one of the easiest sounds to make. (Equally easy was the phaser sound, but for good reason, that wouldn’t go over well.)


Five different Starfleet people around him had startled and moved to answer the non-existent communication chirp.


For whatever reason, he decided to stay quiet about the fact that it was him. It was harmless. And it was… a little funny. He didn’t do it again immediately. He waited fifteen minutes before doing it again, seeing if they'd fall for it a second time. He barely had to move his beak to do it. And once again multiple people moved to answer. This happened about 6 different times during the shift before someone realized he himself hadn’t moved to check his badge even once.


(He was probably lucky he had a good rapport or they might have been mad.)


However, now, two days later, he wanted to know if it would work on people who worked a little closer with him sometimes. It could have been anyone. But it was John Kendrick that he saw first. Besides, he could only imagine Security was a stressful job, it was time for a laugh.


Dekas: Good morning, John!


Kendrick: Response


Dekas: Oh, just marvelous. Went for a nice flight a little earlier, and I feel exhilarated. Do anything interesting yet today?


Kendrick: Response


As Kendrick started talking, Dekas very subtly made the perfect combadge chirp. But this time he was prepared. He'd practiced this. He checked his own combadge, too.


Dekas: Lieutenant Dekas, here? ::a pause:: Hello? ::another pause and a raise of his head feathers:: Hm. Weird.


Kendrick: Response


Any: Response


Tags / TBC…



(ooc: I’d apologize for this, Jon, but I’m not sorry lol.)


Lieutenant Dekas

Head of Infrastructure Development

Denali Station


Pronouns: They/she (player), He/him (character)


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If you've ever met a bird with the ability to sound mimic... this is an accurate representation of avian mischief caused by the mimicking. Dekas just decided he was going to use this technology sound mimicking power to attempt to playfully dunk on John Kendrick with a silly lil bird prank and we do love that for him. 🤣 

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