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Recent surge of centuries-old video games cause violence in the Shoals

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KETAR — A string of violent behaviour in the Shoals has increased among teenagers. The long-standing debate of the late 20th and early 21st century is back in the public eye as a resurgence of violent video games has caused the question, do such games cause violence?

Terran games are back as popular as ever among young generations of multiple cultures. Parents are unable to prevent children from exchanging these games and underground distribution networks are in full force.

Mekyo Glaghes, a Bajoran psychologist, who recently treated a few youths, has said, “Impressionable kids who play these types of games are still questioning what is right or wrong.” When asked if their behaviour changed, she said, “Time is relatively small but statistically reliable. The effect does exist. These types of games award the player on how many people they killed.”

There are even reports of Klingons implementing these types of games in their fighting techniques. With the help of holographic technology, they can “live out” missions within the games and they will sacrifice an unwilling participant as an achievement. A string of serial murders on Karakka has not gone unnoticed, as the planet is closest to the Klingon Territory.

Gran’an Woch, a Klingon diplomat, has come out and expressed his anger toward the accusations. “To say Klingons are just as weak-minded as your children brings no honour. The House of Ortolt will seek justice.” When asked to further explain himself, he huffed with enlarged eyes and stormed out of the interview.

However, analysts performed thorough studies of such games and their effects to great length, especially prior to the nuclear winter of Earth and World War III prior to 2079. Psychologists have examined ancient and new evidence, reaching the conclusion that video games and holographic games do not incite violence.

“We didn’t find any proof for it, across multiple games and multiple platforms,” explained Doctor Tikin Kea, from the University of Betazed. “Subjects appear to define realism from fantasy in such a way that the effects are negated.”

Parents and authorities are seeking to ban the exchange of such video games in the near future. The Federation has yet to comment.

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