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5 More Things to Do in Kendra Province, Bajor

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5 more things to do in Bajor’s Kendra Province

Last week, we gave you a list of five unique experiences in Kendra Province, Bajor’s best kept tourist secret. This week, we’re back with even more activities in this gem of Bajor’s southern hemisphere.

Watch the moons rise over Baggas Lake

Not all five Bajoran moons rise at the same time, but you have a good chance of seeing six moons if you spend the night by Baggas Lake, a few miles from Adarak. The three moons visible from Kendra Province and their reflection in the calm waters of the lake are stunning. Some say that there is no sight more beautiful to be found on all of Bajor – it certainly is a popular spot for couples to spend a tranquil evening stargazing.

View the cosmos at Hes’manak Observatory

Speaking of stargazing: if you’re interested in taking a closer look at the Bajoran system and its history, the Hes’manak Observatory and its adjoining museum are the place to go. The museum is home to Bajor’s oldest extant telescope: it is still in use, and upon request a museum guide will show you how to use it to look at the stars. Don’t forget to take a look at Deep Space Nine if you can!

See a play at the Milintis Theatre Festival

If you’re lucky enough to be in Kendra Province during the month of Ilrani, check out the Milintis Theatre Festival’s program: chances are you might be able to catch a play, an opera or a klaviata (a short story told by two singers accompanied by a klavion). This festival is renowned for its daring program and its willingness to give new, rising artists the chance to perform for large audiences, and most of Bajor’s popular musicians and actors have performed there at least once in their career.

Shop the markets at Adarak

Adarak is a smaller town in the Kendra Valley and it is home to a bi-weekly market famous in the entire province. Vendors from everywhere sell their wares there–from food to clothing to arts and crafts–and visiting the market will easily fill an entire day. Looking up from the marketplace you’ll see the Adarak monastery, one of Bajor’s oldest religious buildings still in use: parts of the monastery are open to visitors, including the ceremonial service hall and the gardens.

Relive the past at Lortos City Provincial Library and Museum

The provincial library and its adjoining historical museum are places for all to learn, not just about Bajoran and Kendran history, but also about Bajoran faith, languages and customs. They also offer free access to communications consoles and databases, assistance with administrative requests and paperwork, and cooking classes. The building itself is remarkable too: it combines local Kendran architectural techniques with decorative elements favoured in Hedrikspool Province, as it was commissioned by a Head of Council whose family was originally from Hedrikspool.

Kendra Province is full of treasures, and you might find yourself wanting to see more after spending a day there. Every big city has its share of lodgings and accommodations that can be rented for longer stays – don’t forget to apply for temporary stay if you decide to stay for longer than a month.

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