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LtJG Dakora - What I Need...

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This is absolutely stunning and beautifully written @Talos Dakora and Adri’s relationship really jumps off the page and you can tell how much he cares for her. Love this ❤️
(Chief's Office - Intel Suite - Deck 16 - USS Excalibur-A)
It had been a few days since the Senior Staff's return from... wherever CloQ had sent them and Talos' sleep schedule had improved marginally. The random bouts of anxiety that the rogue Q would appear and reveal that this was all just one more layer in their game had become less frequent, but weren't gone entirely. He was sitting at his desk with his nose buried in a report when someone barged through his door unannounced. Halfway through an annoyed head-raise-to-scowl maneuver, he felt her presence and immediately replaced it with a warm smile.
She stopped on the other side of his desk and he had the distinct impression that he was about to be roped into some mysterious errand for the second time in as many days. That said, the last time had turned out rather enjoyable and he hadn't ever found himself regretting a moment spent with Adriana Morgan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
A.Morgan: Talos. Let's go.
It was clear that he wasn't being asked to join her, rather he was being informed that he was now going with her to... wherever. He cracked a wry smile and quirked an eyebrow.
Dakora: Am I allowed to ask where we're going?
There was a sense of urgency to her thoughts, but for the most part, she seemed keen on keeping her intentions to herself.
A.Morgan: You'll see. Come on.
Even if he'd wanted to argue, and he didn't, the grin and the look she hit with would've brought him on board anyway. He set the padd he'd been using down and rose from his seat to follow her out the door. 
Dakora: I guess, I'll just follow you the-
Just as the doors to the Intel Suite closed behind them, she took his hand and tapped her badge, cutting him off before he could finish his sentence.
A.Morgan: =/\= Computer, initiate site to site transport, Morgan Alpha Nine Seven Tango.=/\=
He laughed and shook his head, as he prepared to let himself be transported to wherever she had planned. After all of his paranoia and anxiety that CloQ would appear and maliciously take him away from everything that was familiar once again, he found it odd how unconcerned he was about letting her take him wherever she pleased. It made sense though, considering that wherever she was, was exactly where he wanted to be.
Dakora: ::Smirking.:: See you on the other side...
Still holding hands, he met her gaze just before they disappeared into shimmering light.
((Observation Deck, Deep Space 224))
When they reappeared it took him a moment to get his bearings. The surroundings were familiar; The walls were dominated by large windows and the black floor was polished to a reflective sheen. This was one DS224's observation lounges, but rather than facing the docking area, like the one where he'd met Adri, this one faced out towards the black void that was the ever-present backdrop of their lives.
Clearly, some kind of event was happening as there was a larger crowd than the usual gaggle of people that congregated in these spaces and someone had set out a table of refreshments and hors-d'oeuvres. He turned to Adri curiously, wondering if she was ready to reveal why she'd brought him here yet.
A.Morgan: It's about to start. Watch.
Right on cue, a magnificent spatial phenomenon began to blink, flash and dance sending long beams of colored light pulsating away from its center. From their position, right in front of the big picture windows, it looked like the universe itself was putting on a show for them.
He put an arm around the woman next to him and pulled her in tight by his side as they watched; only taking his eyes off the spectacle to commit the memory of her face, dressed in wonder and contentment, bathed in the light of the pulsar to his memory forever.
Dakora: ::Quietly:: Holy strokes. This is... ::He let out an involuntary sigh of contentment.:: Amazing.
A.Morgan: Response?
He nodded towards the phenomenon- Pulsar? Quasar? He wasn't sure, what exactly this type of anomaly was called, but it was undeniably gorgeous.
Dakora: How long is it going to last? 
A.Morgan: ?
As their emotions intertwined and tried to imitate the dance of the cosmos in front of them, he wondered why he hadn't come to her sooner. As their relationship progressed, he was still occasionally finding old holdouts within him, little seemingly innocuous habits that were like tiny barriers to letting himself accept that he was in a relationship and he was happy. After the traumatic experience of being thrown through time, he'd sort of retreated into himself. He'd tried to internalize what they'd been through and work through it on his own. Realizing how much better he felt already after only a few minutes with Adri was a rather stark reminder that he wasn't alone in the universe anymore.
He took advantage of their telepathy, so that they didn't disturb any of the other viewers.
Dakora: ~I don't think I realized how much I needed this. ::Beat:: I needed you. The fallout from the stuff from CloQ has had me in a kind of bad place, lately.~
A.Morgan: ~?


LtJG Talos Dakora
Acting Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Excalibur-A
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