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Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn - Echoes

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I love when there is a bit of worldbuilding around alien spacies we barely have two hints about. Couple it with some insight of a character a mystery unfolding and i'm here eager for more. Good job @Bryce Tagren-Quinn


((Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon))

Getting lingering to do’s checked off the list was a great feeling.

The long-awaited counseling session with Doctor Randall via secure subspace transmission went without a hitch. They talked about his transition to the Gorkon and how he felt about future sessions with the counseling team on the ship. While Bryce had shared his reservations, Randall had indicated what he felt was normal; which, of course, they both knew.

Before he could dwell on the conversation even further, another one blinked for his attention as he sat at the edge of his bed. Glancing at the PADD, he pressed the key to accept in the incoming call and quickly adjusted his hair, knowing the woman on the other end would pick up on infinitesimal details.

A few seconds elapsed before she appeared on the screen; her eyes, an unnatural vibrant green, and her hair a fiery shade of red. Her skin was pale and smooth. Long earrings dangled from her dainty ears; a bold, banded agate necklace hung in a 20 inch drop. Her clothes, airy and almost robe-like, made of silk and chiffon, floral and loud.

He put on his best smile; not too forced, though, or else she would ask probing questions right out of the gate.

She was an eccentric woman, a deeply insightful one. It was almost… scary.

Lelian: Bry, you are looking well.

His grandmother, a full-blooded El-Aurian and survivor of the SS Lakul. She was likely over 500 years old but didn’t look a day over… 25? She was a mystery to him, even if they have had some interactions over the years.

It was… just still mind-boggling to him sometimes.

Tagren-Quinn: Thanks, so are you. How have you been?

And they chatted about little things, nothing in particular. He figured she was just checking in on him but he also knew that Lelian wasn’t one to call without purpose. Maybe she genuinely wanted to see how…

Lelian: You have another El-Aurian on the ship, don’t you?

Bryce blinked, confusion etched across his features.

Tagren-Quinn: Um, what… why would you ask…

Lelian: Oh, nevermind. It’s my mistake. But tell me… have you found your place to exist?

Her intense, penetrating gaze locked onto his eyes as she said it, and Bryce could have sworn—his abdominal muscles clenched violently, and he had to turn his head and blink back tears as stomach acid reached up his esophagus and burned into his throat.

He coughed into a balled up hand.

Tagren-Quinn: Ex-excuse me?

Blinking rapidly at the screen, he saw her eyebrow arch.

Lelian: On the Gorkon, I mean. Have you settled in?

Tagren-Quinn: Yes…

Lelian: So, you’ve found your place to exist?

And again, it happened but this time Bryce was able to reach for his wastebasket. It took him a moment to compose himself, wiping the back of his hand along his lips before his gaze reached Lelian’s on the monitor once again.

That look.

She had the smuggest look on his face. Like she knew a secret. Like she was on the cusp on some grand discovery.

What the hell did…

Lelian: I knew it.

Tagren-Quinn: What… what are you talking about?

Lelian: Af-Kelt1.

Tagren-Quinn: Half Celt? What… what does that mean?

All she did was smile and shake her head.

Lelian: We’ll talk again soon, vea-nevra2.

And that was that. The communication ended abruptly.

The doctor just sat there, blinking and staring at his floor, processing the exchange in total, utter confusion. He dumped the contents of his wastebasket into the recycler before setting his PADD on the nightstand, brushing his teeth, and moving into the living space where Ensign Martin Watson was.

Tagren-Quinn: Hey Martin, how was your day?

Bryce strolled over to the replicator but made sure to offer a small smile, even if his mind was preoccupied.

Watson: Response

Tagren-Quinn: Sickbay was busy but… you know, a day in the life. Just had a few calls I wrapped up on.

He threw a thumb over his shoulder.

Hence the sequestering in his bedroom.

Watson: Response

Tagren-Quinn: Crackers, saltine. Ginger tea, hot, lightly sweetened.

The order was placed in the replicator and, in a matter of seconds, the items appeared before him. He took a nibble on a cracker and sipped on the tea, planting himself at the table in the process.

Tagren-Quinn: How… how have you been settling in?

This time, with the cracker and tea easing his raging stomach, Bryce’s smile was a bit more clear though the fact, the irony that he had been asked the same question by his grandmother was not lost on him.

Watson: Response



1af-kelt a form of time sickness unique to El-Aurians, often because of a time disturbance or an echo of their own future.

2vea-nevra unknown; believed to be a term of endearment, perhaps between a grandparent and grandchild. 


Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn, M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)


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Thank you so much @Alieth! I’ve really had great examples to follow and look up to (yourself included!) - Bajorans, Tellarites, Andorians, Vulcans and etc. Our crew is way talented with this. I love it!  I was admittedly tired beyond recognition when I wrote it, but I’m super glad you enjoyed it. I’m super stoked to explore this using what information is out there! :) 

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