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5 Things to Do in Kendra Province, Bajor

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Kendra Province, located in the planet’s southern hemisphere, is Bajor’s second most populated province, yet it is mostly disregarded by the millions that visit Bajor each year. Few Bajoran travel books aimed at off-worlders even mention destinations other than the capital city of Ashalla and Musilla Province, which draw the majority of travellers to this day.

If you want to avoid the crowds, here are five things to see or do in Kendra Province, Bajor.

Hike the B’Rula Mountains

The B’Rula Mountains, and particularly Mount Jern, Bajor’s third-highest peak, are popular among Bajorans but not so much with visitors from other worlds. Several hiking trails have been planned out (these maps can be purchased in any city near the mountains), including some that will take you all the way to the top of Mount Jern. To make your journey simpler, you may rent a lopp in various regions.

Give thanks at the Peldor Festival

While this may be done everywhere on Bajor, each region has its unique customs surrounding this holiday. The Gratitude Festival is celebrated in Kendra Province by dancing all night, and street artists offer music for everyone to dance to in all major cities. The Festival’s local presider is expected to dance until the early morning hours, and stimulants in the form of beverages are frequently offered to the dancers.

Explore exotic flora at Lortos City Botanical Gardens

The Kendra Botanical Gardens are located on the premises of the Science and Agricultural Academy in Lortos City and are free to the public. The Botanical Gardens do not try to exhibit a curated selection of local flora and trees; rather, the Gardens serve as a vegetable and flower garden for everyone to enjoy, and it is maintained by Lortos City residents. Sign up for a horticulture lesson if you’re a Bajoran: the Academy’s students provide them for free as part of their curriculum.

Sample the local hasperat

Bajor’s most popular meal is interpreted differently in each location. Kendra’s hasperat is a spicier version of the Bajoran original, and the brine is created from kava roots, which are found across the Kendra Province. A glass of nekata juice on the side goes wonderfully with the Kendran hasperat.

Float the Yolja River

The Yolja River runs through the whole Kendra Valley, from its headwaters in the highlands all the way to the Mireil Sea. It is broad and deep enough to allow small ships to transit it downstream from Lar, and Lar Harbour serves as the starting point for regular boat cruises. There is no better way to see Kendra Province’s gorgeous and varied scenery than to float along the Yolja River with a chilled glass of kava juice and a comfy seat.

Stay tuned next week for more exciting activities in Bajor’s best kept secret.

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