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Lt. Trovek Arys - Misunderstanding

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After my week started out bad and ended in just plain awful, I was very grateful for this community.  Why?  Because I get to write with awesome people.  And sometimes I come across posts that just make me laugh like this one.


((Evac-19 – SS Belladonna))
Some people had an odd timing, and a flat-out weird way to prioritise one thing over the other. Arys noticed that Alora wasn't exempt from that rule - the woman seemed oddly interested in Engineer Lowel,l and Arys... wasn't quite sure why. They were here to help people evacuate, not make friends. 
Perhaps Alora was eager to date someone who wasn't reporting to her, in one way or the other. Looking for potential partners outside of Starfleet wasn't a bad idea... Arys just was unsure if this was really the right point of time for that. 
DeVeau: So, Engineer Lowell, like my colleague indicated earlier, you really seem to know your stuff. How long have you been with the Belladonna?
Lowell glanced at Alora, who smiled at him in return. 
Lowell: Three years now. It’s a good crew.
Trovek: Fascinating. 
She sounded very Vulcan saying that. Perhaps she didn't really care because the man barely even seemed to look at her, and much preferred to speak to Alora. Why? Who knew. Maybe teal just wasn't his colour.
DeVeau: Oh really? ::Alora’s eyes lit up a little and a smile accompanied the piqued interest.:: What did you do before that?
Was she really that interested? He was an engineer, and probably did engineering things before — something with screws. 
Lowell: I grew up on Mars, worked on a freighter as an intern with my uncle for a few years, worked up the ranks until I was chief engineer on a couple of big freight rigs, and landed this job three years ago. It’s really a step up.
Trovek: It is. 
Just not a particularly big one. 
Maybe they could set her up with a handsome Cardassian. Or maybe Dal - Arys had heard them use first names and all, so evidently, they were close. 
DeVeau: I see. Always on the go, sounds like it can be hard to settle down. 
When they came to a junction marked ‘staff only’, they didn’t stop and Lowell led them straight to a room marked ‘maintenance’. 
oO And now he's taking her into a utility closet. I think this is the point where I should go and do something else. Oo 
Lowell: Actually, I’m engaged. Getting married after this trip.
DeVeau: Really? Congratulations! Arys here is getting married soon too.
Trovek: Sure am. 
Poor Alora. And it had been going so well. 
oO Guess we'll actually have to concentrate on the assignment now. Oh no. Oo 
He unlocked the door and it opened to another room. Within contained modern equipment, a diagnostic scanner, controls to access various maintenance information and coordinate repairs, tools that could be used to fix any problems around the ship. 
Lowell: There we go. What do you want me to scan for?
DeVeau: We’re looking for passengers who haven’t congregated at the evacuation points. There seem to be quite a few missing. 
Trovek: Is that possible with the equipment here? If not, maybe the Narendra can initiate the scan. 
Lowell: response
Suddenly, Alora peered at Arys, and Arys peered back. She was about to ask what was going on, when Alora handed her the triPADD and glanced pointedly between the device and the Arys. 
oO Woman. What? Oo 
Evidently unable to read Arys mind, DeVeau turned to step a little closer to Lowell. 
DeVeau: According to what we’re seeing, a few hundred people are missing, if not more, and we need to figure out where they are. 
Lowell: response
DeVeau: Are you?
Lowell: response
Arys glanced at the triPADD, deciding that at least one of them would have to be useful - and froze. She read the displayed message once, twice, a third time. 
The Doctor swallowed hard and looked at Alora. Why had she allowed Lowell to lead them here? What was her plan? Was that why she had pretended to be so very interested in him?
Lowell: response
Trovek: That is... helpful. ::she caught Lowell's gaze and sighed:: Sorry, this is my 'I just found out my Doctors are spreading chaos in my sickbay'-face. 
DeVeau: response 
She handed back the triPADD and nodded.
Trovek: Let's finish this quickly before it gets any worse. I would very much prefer to return to the Narendra and take care of it from there. We can't do much from here. 
DeVeau: response 
Lowell: response

Lt. Trovek Arys
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Ops


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