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Lt. Sheila Bailey - Ooops I’m Not In Charge.

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This was a very interesting response to an IC conflict - well narrated and well done!


((Primary Sickbay – USS Narendra)) 

All the while Sheila evaluated patients she noticed the way Commandar Dal rubbed at his temples. He was clearly unhappy with the way Sheila, a more junior officer, had taken charge. Sheila herself was slowly regretting her previous choices, noting the way her guilt was slowly burning like a flame at her internal organs. Yet, as the second man pushed up his sleeves to reveal only bruises and cuts, Sheila resigned to sigh, turning towards her work. Neither her nor Dal were happy, especially with each other. Nevertheless Dal eventually, in a matter of seconds, picked up the requested dermal regenerator. However, he gave a side glance, one that Sheila was hard to miss, at the nearly dozen or so nurses and other doctoral staff she could have called on instead. In her own efforts to quell the rising inferno of guilt and anxiety within her, Sheila had practically forgotten where she was. This was not like the last mission where her and Dal were on their own. This time the two of them, plus Blackwell, were on board the Narendra, rather than being surrounded by rubble on someone else's ship. No matter, the man in front of her had gazed between her and Dal before making a wise choice, for their own benefit.

Bailey: I can work with that. Much appreciated. Next please.

Evacuee 1: My head still feels funny.

Kollo: And I still think we’re being lied to.

Blackwell: ::She paused and looked towards Kollo, and rather than shying from his statement, she looked towards him:: Mr. Kollo - 

Sheila decided to keep her lips buttoned for the time being. No use saying something unnecessary, not when the Commander was clearly upset with her. Instead she chose to observe the way Dal and Blackwell handled one of the evacuees who was being unruly. And it was perfectly clear that Dal had had enough, what with the way he pushed the man with the cuts, yet his antennae pointed towards the Tellarite not far off.

Dal: Lieutenant Blackwell, I believe it is clear that no one else is seriously injured. Can you move Mr. Kollo and his group out to the habitat area?

Commander Dal was clearly, as clear as crystal, thoroughly done with this particular group of evacuees. Sheila, in her own silent way, agreed with the Andorian. They were beginning to argue, talk back, and question what was going on. It would only spell disaster. A disaster that would slowly leach into the water supply like oil.

Blackwell: Okay everyone, let’s move towards galley, and I’ll get you all settled ::She started to turn until, but was stopped as Kollo seemed to wheel himself around her::

Kollo: Look ::He stabbed a finger towards Rue:: Why don’t you tell me the truth and then I’ll follow you?

Blackwell was more than handling Kollo. Even as he thrust a finger her way she kept her cool. She was calm, hoping it would leach over to the others present. Sheila herself didn’t feel that brave. In fact she was sure she would have flinched herself if she had been the other woman’s position. It was a dam pot ready to boil over here in sickbay. 

Blackwell: ::she was careful with her body language here - folding arms, hands on hips, anything could read as defensive. Instead, she set her hands at her side, stance open, eyes on his:: What precisely do you want to know?

Dal: Doctor Bailey, I think *you* should scan this patient ::he gestured towards the first evacuee, a teenage Trill.:: I am seeing trace amounts of gamma radiation.

At Dal’s words the young doctor came back to a more present state of mind, turning away from Rue as she battled to get Kollo to cooperate. Yet, the fire inside her had yet to fizzle out. For some unknown reason, one that Sheila couldn’t even begin to explain, it only grew more intense. It burned up her internal organs, making a red blush cover the woman’s face. Now she was angry. Angry and irritated by the chaos of the scene in front of them. Angry at the way it had escalated quicker than she had expected, turning her anxiety and guilt into frustration. Frustrated at the way she had spoken out of turn, commanding a small army before she even realized what she had done, that she was in the wrong. Angry at the way her eyes burned holes into Dal and she seemingly dismissed the seriousness of a young Trill being exposed to Gamma radiation.

Bailey: ::In a tone unlike her normal self, a sharp edge to it:: Why don’t you do it yourself?

Dal: Doctor Bailey…you are a trained medical professional.  I am a search and rescue specialist and a command officer.  Internal medicine is not my specialty, and I have just enough first aid capability to move critically injured people out of a dangerous situation and into the hands of doctors like you.  Use your staff resources to care for the evacuees.  Use me for my skills.  Or I will take command here.

With his response she shrank back. Water had been dumped on the fire, enough to leave smoke. The Andorien’s tone had been heart wrenchingly calm. He didn’t seem angry with her, more like disappointed, which was always worse. Worse in a way the nearly made her unwilling to say anything for a long time. And blinking away waves upon waves of intense emotions, she equally had to blink away the images of long lost familiar faces before she felt able to speak again. 

Bailey: Yes Sir. ::her voice was meek and after she turned towards the evacuee:: How do you feel?

Evacuee: Dizzy.  Nauseous.  I don’t like it.

Perhaps what she said next was more to comfort herself than the evacuee she was treating. Yet the sentiment worked both ways.

Bailey: It’s okay. Please take deep breaths, that will help. I will get one of the nurses to get you some medicine. Until then you don’t need to be afraid. I’m just going to scan you with my own medical tricorder. That okay? ::And as she waited for a nod or verbal confirmation from the evacuee she addressed Dal, voice straining to remain calm:: Have you come up with anything about Maxwell?

The Commander had been nodding, she had seen it out of the corner of her eye, as she talked to and treated her patient. It wasn’t in any way a comfort to know someone was looking over her shoulder. Yet in a way she understood why he was doing it. He was making sure she stayed on track, on task, didn't bolt. Not that she was planning to; not anymore.

Dal: I did.  Henry Maxwell boarded at StarBase 118.  Civilian, investigative journalist. And brother to one Commander Arturo Maxwell…

Bailey: I see…I’m sorry I never got your name. ::Sheila had turned back towards the Trill evacuee:: 

Dal/Evacuee: Response

Bailey: Well Pud, it’s nice to meet you. Now can you tell me how bad the dizziness is? Any allergies?

Dal/Evacuee (Pud): Response

Bailey: It’s going to be okay, just keep taking slow deep breaths. Nurse…

Sheila pointed to a small woman, with short red hair. The woman’s name was escaping her thoughts at the moment yet Sheila recognized her face, she was a nurse. Perhaps she could use her resources after all.

Bailey: Could you please grab me a hypospray with an antiemetic and antihistamine. 

Dal/Evacuee (Pud): Response

Nurse: Of course. 

She shot Sheila a sympathetic smile before running off to collect the requested medication. In the approximate 30 seconds to minute it took Sheila asked Dal another question.

Bailey: Anything else about what happened to this Maxwell after they docked at Starbase 118?

Dal/Evacuee (Pud): Response

The nurse came shuffling back over to Bailey, hypospray in hand. 

Nurse: Here you go.

With that she handed the small slim grey hypospray over, then shuffled back into the small crowd of medical personnel until she was needed once more.

Bailey: Do you mind? ::she gestured to the hypospray:: Small pinch.

Sheila injected the medication into Pud’s arm, that being the highest place she could reach while perched on the arm of her chair. Once injected she gave the injection sight a slight rub.

Bailey: You should begin feeling better in a few minutes. And if you feel comfortable I would be okay with sending you to join the others.

Dal/Evacuee (Pud): Response

Lieutenant Sheila Bailey

Medical Officer - General Practitioner and Rheumatologist

Starbase 118 Ops



“We all have regrets. But we can’t undo the things that we’ve done.” - Sara Lance 

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